Choosing Sunglasses in Her Complexion

You can sunglasses to wear for all occasions. Or on the beach to show the eyes from the sun, or at night to protect their friends. The sunglasses give a touch of whimsy to a swimsuit. But how to choose sunglasses according to their skin color? To answer this question, we will give you some tips to learn how to choose your sunglasses to your complexion.

They have dark skin

If you have dark skin, sunglasses with yellow frames are perfect for you. You can also opt for the orange-red frame, khaki, navy blue or ivory. If you have a preference for metal frame, you should such gold metal, copper or bronze metal metal. If you are a sunglasses covered with scales frame, choose golden brown or blond shades. The bright colors go with brown.

They have clear skin

If you have fair skin, you can venture the glasses with a blue frame and all variations of blue. Frames pink, purple, magenta, plum or made know to clear your complexion. If you love metal frame, prefer those that tin, brushed or shiny silver painted. If you selected the frame scales amber them rather dark. Green frames are perfect for redheads.

Tips to choose his glasses

Verify that the branches of your sunglasses perfectly rest on the ears. If the frame is bent branches. You need to follow the shape of your ears and the shape of your ears and behind. The nose of your sunglasses should fit perfectly to the shape of the nose, with no markings or pinch to make it comfortable. Finally, make sure that the weight of the frame is not too heavy.