Choosing Down Sleeping Bag

Down is the element that will keep you warm on cold and rainy nights in the green. If you want to avoid spending your night shivering in the fetal position trying to warm up, it is advisable not to choose her down lightly. Out today there are dozens of features on down, shape, volume, composition … Here we will attempt to guide you in choosing your sleeping bag so you can spend nights comfortable.

  1. The cold and felt temperatures

There is a difference of temperature, which is given a concrete, measurable and therefore objective, the cold feeling that it is a clean subjective given to each. Various factors influence the thermal comfort and the feeling of cold. According to itypeauto, a down sleeping bag has much higher temperature.

External factors:

-The wind: it tends to lower the perceived temperature. For example, at 5 ° C winds of 25 Km / H, the temperature felt on exposed skin is -5 ° C, a significant loss of 10 ° C

-Moisture: moist atmosphere, the feeling of cold is increased tenfold. The cooling capacity of the water is 20 to 30 times greater than that of air

-Position: if you wake up on a south or east side, the sun warm you quickly. In contrast, a north or west side is sunny later, the heat will be less

– The floor carpet: the floor will always be cooler than you, and at night, your sleeping bag is compressed under your weight and loses its insulating power. A mattress or mat is essential to preserve the thermal insulation

individual and personal factors:

– Metabolism: to build or equivalent anatomy, all individuals do not emit the same body heat. Women, because of their anatomy, cool more rapidly than men (although this is not a generality). Older people are more sensitive to cold because fatty tissue atrophy with age.

-Fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold

-Hunger: to fight against the cold, the body has to expend a lot of calories, it is necessary to have a diet

-Hydration: cold exposure increases the need for water, and dehydration promotes fatigue and hypothermia.

-Physical fitness: endurance exercises allow vasodilation resulting in better resistance to cold

-Alcohol: contrary to what some may believe, alcohol has no calorific value or quality moisturizing and is instead a toxic agent. It is unthinkable in the mountains and high altitude advantage.

  1. Temperatures

The choice of the support temperature sleeping bag depends on several criteria:

-The geographic area

-The season


-The type of bivouac tent, tarp, shelter, under the stars

-Weather: wind, humidity, weather, temperatures.

It is essential to determine your needs depending on the destination and time of your trip. Educate yourself before going on the temperature and variation (day / night), it will save you many surprises.