Choosing a Luxury Watch

The luxury watch is one of the main external signs of wealth among men. Whether discreet and elegant or bling-bling, it carries the message that its wearer seeks to pass. She does not speak but reveals many things. So at the time of choosing your luxury watch, you must take into account five essential criteria so as not to be deceived.


Like most accessories, a luxury watch must above all please you and attract attention. The colors, the quality of the materials used and the needles offer added value. That said, in the case of luxury watches, it is the dial that is under the spotlight. Give particular importance to it, especially its size and shape.

Style and usage

You need to select a model that matches your look and lifestyle. If you are rather rocker and you only move by motorcycle, you should opt for a leather strap. If you’re more reserved, bet on a discrete model. If you are a sports enthusiast, let us know by buying a sports watch.


Aesthetics is a key factor, but as you know, in watchmaking, it is primarily the inner beauty that counts. Two main types of shows are offered to you: the quartz watches and mechanical watches. The former are more precise, but the latter require much more know-how, which is why they are more appreciated by watchmakers and collectors.

The price

Secondary criterion in the eyes of some, but far from negligible: price. Even if you have a limited budget, do not make the price your first choice criterion. Remember that a luxury watch is a long term investment, so treat yourself!

Place of Purchase

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