Choose the Best Mascara Primer

Who does not want long eyelashes and thick? Discover what are the best primer to sublimate the effect of your mascara.

The mascara is a key product in make up. Even the most beautiful makeup loses definition and beauty without well-groomed eyebrows and volumizing. It is not easy to find the right mascara to match his own type of eyelashes, not to mention that the choice on the market is really very wide. To assist your mascara to give the best of themselves you can rely on the primer.

The primer, a little ‘as the primer eyes or face, creates an ideal basis on which to go to work more easily. The white-based primer must necessarily be used with black or colored mascara while those based brown or black can also be used alone for an effect of the natural eyelashes.

Let us see the best mascara primer for an intense look and untangle eyelashes and volumizing.

  • 3D Dior Diorshow Maximizer (reformulation 2016)
    A primer with a creamy and smooth texture. Volumizzandole Wraps lashes from the root to the tips giving a beautiful fan effect. It is a white base product and has been reformulated to be even more efficient and effective. It contains special ingredients that help nourish the lashes.
  • Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer
    The primer shows a brownish color, perfect to wear even without mascara. The Beautypically helps to comb the lashes giving him too much length. The also leaves them soft and supple. The product goes divinely with Benefit mascara of the same line, but also works perfectly with any other mascara.
  • Laura Geller Primer Lash Fortifying Lashes
    seems in effect a real mascara. It has a soft, creamy texture and can also be used alone as colors the eyelashes of a beautiful deep black. The formula is lengthening, volumizing but also nutritious, for a real beauty treatment.
  • Primer and Top Coat Kiko
    Kiko include in its permanent line a series of primer and top coat lashes designed to emphasize a specific feature of your mascara. It is available, for example, the primer Building Base Coat Mascara white base, to be used before the mascara for a decidedly volumizing effect. There are also some top coat of the same line to add to their mascara to a curling effect, waterproof and stretching.
  • Estee Lauder Little Black Primer
    A primer from the black base, is studied to be applied only from that under the own mascara. Used as a primer it helps to amplify the volume of eyelashes and adds a water-resistant finish to the same, which avoids the formation smearing making the perfect mascara to be worn on the hottest days.