Choose Shoes Properly and Hit Happy

The Right Shoe For You.
The right choice of your shoes is one of the details that collaborate for processing of a woman’s shoe that will use. The best model for your type.
In fact we have to have a pair of shoes for every occasion, because depending on the site that let’s a jump doesn’t sit well.

Step Perfect
Many people have one foot larger than the other. You can make adjustments with a sock.
The order of the day is the best time to buy your shoes, is the time when feet are most swollen.
Tight models don’t extend miraculously overnight.
The material of the shoe should be soft. The many hard can cause discomfort and bubbles.

The Shoe According To The Activity.
If you’re going to walk more than 20 minutes straight during the day, prefer sneakers or shoes low and let the heels at home, suggested by A2Zgov.
There’s no way up the jump, take him in my purse or in a bag, putting the feet only when you reach your destination
Time to buy their peers …
The Balance
There is a basic rule that works for any look: shoes should complement the clothes, not compete with it.
If you are wearing monochromatic pieces, you can knock a shoe full of personality, colorful or with details. To innovate the dual jeans-a good t-shirt wearing dresses printed fell well with a basic sandal.

The Villain
The models that more damage the feet are pointy, which, combined with high heels, contribute to the appearance of Bunion (bone deformation on the sides of the feet).
Combine The Elegant
See, what colors of clothes look better with some of the more traditional shades of footwear.

Caramel-gets better with earthy tones, light blue, beige, ivory or white.

Gold–Use with green, red, Brown, black and even white.

Ivory-white, offwhite and pastels.

Brown-Go beige, caramel, ivory, earthy tones, Orange and green.

Silver–pastel colors, white, black, gray, blue and purple.

Black–despite match everything, should be avoided along the pastel clothes, unless the black is inserted in some detail.