Chongos Casual for Summer

Sometimes think of the perfect hairstyle for this season can be a bit complicated, but a bun makes us look beautiful, it’s fast and saves us from any situation, so here we leave some simple choices!

6. twisted Chongo

Comb your hair making a ponytail and divide it into two parts, then make two braids, wrapped one around the league and secure it with pins, then do the same with the other and voila !

5. Chongo toupee

This is a bun classic and simple, just divide your hair into three sections, with the bottom beam a bun and secure it with a rubber band, with the middle part beam toupee with the help of a brush and comb back, with the front of your hair make a parted in the middle or side and combed back so that you cover chongo league, in the end secure it all with pins.

4. Chongo with French braid

This hairstyle is easier than it seems, you just need to put your head down and do a French braid from the neck to the middle of the head, then do a high bun, rolling up your hair and atóralo with a rubber band.

3. Top Knot braiding

For this hairstyle just need to make a high ponytail, put a donut sponge bun and drop your hair, if you do not have one, you can use any medium or sock rolled to help shape then fixed with a rubber band; excess hair divide it into two, make two braids and roll them around the chignon with fixing pins.

2. tousled Chongo

Tousled chignon is a different hairstyle, just do a little hairpiece in your hair, lifting a hand and secured with pins, the rest can fall around and if you have bangs hairstyle can complement very well.

1. Top Knot

This casual hairstyle is very quick and easy, you just do a high ponytail, wrap your hair around the league and secure with pins.

Remember that the most important thing is to have fun in the process, you feel comfortable with your look and choose the style that suits your personality!