Choker Turns It-Detail of Dresses, Sweaters and Sweaters!

Learn the tendency to wear a choker with a look that is already doing well in the faamous closet.

Absolute success in accessories – is the trend most sought on Google!- chokers have fallen into the taste of fashionistas and are also influencing clothing.

The fashion has caught on in such a way that, now, blouses, dresses and sweaters already comes with chokers “inlaid”:in the same texture and fabric, always combined with cutouts that give a more modern and sexy look.Marina Ruy Barbosa , Olivia Palermo, Selena Gomez and several other celebs have already adopted the trend – and we teach you how to use it here.

Choker dress

Ideal for a fan of shoulder-to-shoulder neckline, this summer’s hit, choker dresses can be more sophisticated, such as the one presented by Ralph & Russo in their Paris Fashion Week parade last January …

… or more bare and short, like what Selena Gomez used to go to the ball of the research institution City of Hope

Sweater choker

Good choice for the days when the temperature varies, the choker sweaters abuse the cutouts and give a sexy air show-no-show for any production.

Style icon and fan of overlays, Olivia Palermo sported her choker sweater with a poncho on Zimmerman backstage during the NYFW. Here, it’s worth the hint:as this piece is usually larger, combine it with a very skinny pants show!

Choker Blouse

Although not exactly a fashion novelty, the choker blouses have come back with everything and are great options to get away from the obvious in looks more bare and full of attitude.Look how Ellie Goulding and Olivia Palermo (always she <3) used:

Another way to use it is with a more gypsy vibe, with round sleeves and some cute print. What about?