China Glaze Gelaze Nail Polish

How many times have you put the glaze without first applying a base? And then when you delete it there repented bitterly because it is stained fingernail?

The primary basis of any color is important for the life and for the yield, but above all to protect our nails. For this reason the novelty of China Glaze revolutionize the way you apply the semi-permanent gel polish as described in top-medical-schools thanks to the collection Gelaze, which combines enamel base coat, 2 in 1.

China Glaze knows how important it is for the health of nails do all the steps during the writing, from the base to the top coat, but he also knows that the gel manicure with nail polishes and semipermenenti often is very long, so he found a solution to reduce time!

The new glazes Gelaze China Glaze have been created with a base in allowing us to have the same effect with a single product. This way you save time to create a perfect manicure or nail art with one application!

How to apply? In 4 simple steps:
-1: Lucidar the nail with a classic buffer;
-2: Apply a coat of enamel Gelaze Chine Glaze and leave 30 seconds fingernails under a lamp or LED 2 minutes under the UV;
-3: Apply Top Coat and drop under the lamp for the same duration of the step 2;
-4: Always with a buffer to remove residual gel.

Grace to technology Gelaze Gel-n-Base in One with one stroke we can have excellent coverage without having to wait and then wipe.

The range of colors for this collection  of China Glaze nail  Gelaze are many and are divided into 3 different lines: theExpressive Naturally, the Brilliantly Daring and Passionate for Life.

Three different collections of enamels with different textures to form a range of colors covering all the needs and tastes of lovers of China Glaze.

Among the three sets of shades proposed by China Glaze This is definitely the most sober, where we find colors like white, nude, taupe, gray and pink:
– Fifth Avenue;
– Spontaneous;
– Fairy Dust;
– Avalanche;
– White on white;
– Dress Me Up;
– Liquid Leather;
– Awakening;
– camisole;
– Black Diamond;
– Bellow Deck;
– Coconut Kiss.

Brillantly DARING
Perfect for the summer season 2014 is the range of brillantly China Glaze, with sparkling and bright colors ranging from blue to green tiffany, the must-coral orange, fluorescent pink, orange and shocking pink:
– Turned Up Turquoise;
– Pink Voltage;
– Flip Flop Fantasy;
– Pool Party;
– For Audrey;
– Splish Splash;
– Dorothy Who?;
– Shocking Pink;
– Purple Panic;
– Re-fresh Mint;
– Hang-Ten Toes.

Passionate as the title are these tones Gelaze of China Glaze, perfect for those who love the reds and fuchsia, as many as 12 different shades of pink, red, magenta, maroon and orange, each will find its color of passion :
– Seduce Me;
– Long Kiss;
– Innocence;
– Salsa;
– Rich & Famous;
– Caribbean Temptation;
– Coral Star;
– Exceptionally Gifted;
– Red Pearl;
– Ahoy!;
– Make An Entrance!;
– Sexy Silhouette.

The 36 new colors of enamels Gelaze China Glaze for next summer will soon be available from specialized beauty centers, authorized by the brand in stores and online. You draw this news? Let us know what you think!