Child-Friendly Tablet Ready for the Danish Market

Many kids want a tablet, but there may be certain risks associated with children’s internet use. It takes new tablet into account.

Tablets are for most children a wish, and more day care centers and schools have already taken the tablets into everyday life. But the digital life can result in concerns with parents.

Now launches Kurio, which is the first child-friendly tablet on the Danish market. Kurio is specifically designed for families with children, and gives parents the ability to monitor kids ‘ digital lives.

-“One cannot just consider the tablets to be nanny – such as any previously seen on children’s relationship with television. With children and tablets, there are several challenges. Challenges which partly consists in the fact that we have no ability to control what the kids are doing, unless we are sitting on the neck of them all the time. And, for example, is not only comes with the Tablet’s output, as the kids can sit and passively consume. They are also open to input, as our children therefore need to learn to control. And interaction – with anyone, “said Néné La Beet, writer and lecturer on children and digital media.

Kurios built-in parental area can manage, what things the child has access to via the tablet. There can therefore be only surfing the pages already have allowed parents, as well as games, applications and the like there is approved.

Kurio is an Android-based tablet (Android 4.0.3), which has a seven-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 4 GB internal memory, built-in camera and video recorder, which also makes it can be used for video chat. Just as there is also Wi-Fi, HDMI output and a 1.2 GHz processor with 3D graphics chip.

You can see more specifications here.