Check out Tips on How to Wear Clothes

The Metal came to stay and to demystify that as brightness is only to be used at night. This trend allows women of diferentesa styles on the streets the parade looks composed of metal parts.

We can identify the tone metallic nails, accessories, makeup, shoes, among others, there’s no shortage option for women Gamble, since more extravagant items decrestos items.

Split up some tips for you who want to bet on that trend but are afraid of making mistakes. If you get inspired to compose looks mara and which have everything to do with you according to lawfaqs.
In shades of silver, gold and bronze, for example, the metallic shirt exudes style. Choose a jeans or pieces with dark tones to compose a look, that you can’t miss.
If you want to encrementar a simple production, metallic pants may be the right choice. With a cropped or that jump to dare look stripped.
The skirt is the darling of the digital influencers. It can be combined in various ways, and can form looks for day and for night.
Nothing better than abusing of this trend in the fall/winter. It serves to give that broken in look, becoming the point of light. Can be combined with jeans to most productions baph.
Moccasins, oxford, shoes are the shoes that are plunging in this trend. They make look stripped and can make part of your visual for the day to day and also to a ballad.