Check Out Apps to Keep Your Secure Android Mobile

When compared to the system iOS, Android is still recognized by your security more fragile – perhaps one of its biggest drawbacks. According to experts, about 18 million devices with Android will be infected by some kind of malware even in 2013.

Many times your smartphone or tablet contains important and personal information and, therefore, you should prevent any kind of threat. In addition to follow some simple tips how to install only applications available on Google Play and perform downloads at suspicious sites, you can keep your device safe with security apps.

With that in mind, we select 3 applications that will make your mobile devices with Android less vulnerable.

1. Lookout Security & Antivirus

With about of 30 million users, the Lookout offers a number of security features for your device, such as GPS location in the event of loss or theft of a device that works through the official website.

Like most security applications, your free version is still limited, but highly efficient, bringing an antivirus that scans your device in real-time threat and recently downloaded apps automatically Czech looking for malware. The paid version of the application also contains a function of data backup, contacts, documents and photos on the site, in addition to an option of safe surfing on the net.

2. Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

Completely free, he is able to analyze your device for malware and viruses and to track a lost or stolen device, indicating your exact location via Google Maps. In addition, the Avast! can analyze network usage statistics and filter text messages and calls.

One of the best and most downloaded Security applications for both mobile and computers, Avast! also enables the scheduling of scans and manages programs to check the data traffic, install firewalls and anti-theft has options. Is available for Android 2.1 or higher.

3. Droid Wall

Available for Android 1.5 or higher with Root, Droid Wall is great for those who want more control over the data stream as it creates a customizable firewall to control the sending and receiving data via the 3 g network and Wi-Fi mobile phones.

To ensure more privacy and conserve battery power and megabytes on your carrier’s data package, the program Terminates applications that consume beyond the necessary and just keep some of them connected to the network.

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