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missing signs, confusing intersections, not a passenger as a pilot and then jams it can cost nerves. But a satellite navigation system takes its horror one-way streets and interchanges. COMPUTER made by mobile pilots lead the way up. «The facilities with a storage warning function is rare in this price range and not always Europe maps on board.

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In the picture gallery you will find navigation devices which has tested COMPUTER image in complex test procedure for you. See all products in the COMPUTER screen leaderboard will be updated regularly. ««The leaderboards are the perfect shopping guide for new acquisitions: in addition to the detailed test results, you will find the cheapest prices in the price comparison for almost all products

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26 models Leaderboard: navigation equipment the main Navi-functions :
Maps: comprehensive maps is the basis of every good Navis. There are completely different types of cards: individual maps, regions, like Scandinavia or all maps of Europe. Almost always applies: the smaller the supplied map region, the cheaper the Navi. But beware: Only the main streets are often included in a map (major roads). Such maps benefit you in cities or on country roads nothing at all. Therefore when purchasing, ask exactly after the coverage of the map data. Consider also costs for future map updates that every two years are advisable. The costs for this are quite different. Info via TMC or TMCpro FM TMC traffic detector: integrated receiver for traffic information. The Navi evaluates these messages and calculated alternative routes, which (should) lead to the target faster. The new TomTom models named live (TomTom Go 740 and 940 live) have HD traffic. This traffic jam warning system provides better information about road conditions or Traffic so far exclusively in Germany. The location signals are evaluated in collaboration with mobile operator Vodafone Mobile phones, even better to represent the density of traffic. Large display: screens from 3.5-inch (about 8.9 cm diagonal) are useful. But: The size alone makes it s not. In the tests, COMPUTER also rated image how much space is actually used for the map display. Touch-sensitive display panel: only a few devices require a cumbersome input via stylus. Comfortable working the sticky keys. On-screen buttons and letters must be big enough, otherwise it hails Falscheingaben. Helligkeit/anti-reflective coating: the brighter the display, the better you can read it in bright sunlight. : That s not dazzles at night, a Navi should offer but Also a muted night lighting. Lane assist: Especially in large cities with much-lane roadways helpful. The lane not only shows when you turn and which lane you need to take you. POI: Thus find an ATM, restaurant, or the nearest gas station in a strange city. In many Navis, POIs as so-called POI (points of interest) or POI (points of interest) are stored, often with phone number. Important: Depending on the cards are older, the less you can be confident that the displayed addresses still agree. Text-to-speech: In German: text to language. The Navi it speaks the street names. This helps at confusing intersections in the right road to find.
learning navigation: tailored to your personal riding style or based on number of users data, some navigation systems from TomTom (IQ routes), NAVIGON (MyRoutes) or Falk (learning navigation) to calculate better routes, taking into account the day of the week and time of day. Some systems even learn to do this. «

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Which traps lurk when buying Navi?
Devices are often offered with the same name, but different card facilities. And: instead of complete maps for Europe s are often only motorways and major roads. The supplied cards are often obsolete for suspiciously cheap offers. Brand new devices, the cards should be not older than half a year. ««S is often lacking even in the Accessories: missing so many bargains of the jam Warner (TMC), sometimes there are no charging adapter, or the suction cup mount is missing.

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