Cheap DJ Headphones for Sale

DJ Headphones would buy Beats Mixr for 200 euros?

If you are starting in the DJ world surely you’re getting serious with headphones. We discussed it in our review of DJ Headphones, but first to deny that Djs need headphones with much bass, this simply is not true. In fact even in an interview with Tiesto this commented that he liked a response balanced in your headphones, even while DJing. If you want headphones that fit well in a sound professional profile, stay with the Sony MDR-7506 100 euros that they outweigh the Mixr both in price and in sound.

Best price found: €99

If we compare the Sony with the beats headphones, we found that can not be compared to a level of hearing. Buyers have commented that the Mixr do not conform well to the head, something important spatially when we are spoken of a product we want for professional use. You will need to use them during hours and need to be comfortable.

Best headphone cable. Buy Beats Studio by 180 euros?

If you want the best headphone cable that money can pay without going over the 300 euros, it is likely that you consider the Beats Studio, however there are better choices for a similar price as the Sennheiser Momentum in which often offers make them even cheaper than b still best helmets.

Best price found: €120

If you buy these you think that you are spending money more intelligently, because that really can’t buy these two models of equal way. That if, if what you want is some DJ headphones to edit music, or working in sound, then change. First to say that there are a lot of career choices in the market. For the work that we have we have spent many hours in studies and we have never seen a professional working with Beats.

I even have some friends who work mixing and composing for films and TV series, music, theatre and others. She is clear that this issue has come to the air and none of these gives his vote of confidence to the Beats. Clear, remembering that we are talking about the professional sector. These are for example with the Sony MDR-7506 that we talked about earlier.

Best price found: €99
Cheap and durable. Some have more expensive models but many have told me about these Sony and after testing them I support it. Others prefer them ranges of Sennheiser (winners of the comparative of headphones wireless to see movies and cinema), but what I want to is that understand that there is best alternative that them Beats for each occasion and that also can be more cheap.