Cheap Cult Phone

Nokia has slimmed down his successful 7650 camera phone, souped up, repackaged, and lowered the price.

The successor of the 7650 offers a camcorder function, supports Bluetooth hands free headsets and memory thanks to MMC slot contains nearly 20 MByte already included.

For this you need to get used to a new keyboard: Nokia has placed the number keys in the form of a dial under the display. To learn why the 3650 despite this limitation the currently best mobile can be considered one, in the test.

Equipment: Upgrade To The Camcorder

Although not as it looks from the outside: in the 3650 Nokia has operated above all model maintenance. The futuristic-looking mobile offers the functions of its predecessor, plus useful additions.

This includes as the triband function, the 3650 will spark in the GSM networks in the United States. And of course the absolute highlight: the built-in camcorder brings movement into the pictures. Can extensively use the multimedia functions, a MMC card 15 MB is available memory under the battery of the 3650. Nokia has integrated additional 3.4 MByte in the device.

Contacts, messages (SMS, MMS, email), Java downloads and programs, sounds, videos, and photos share the lush store.The easy-to-use Nokia PC Suite, which also helps with the configuration of the phone, supports file management. So walk MIDI-files, which are plentiful on the Internet, no time on the phone and install the 3650 call individually to the ringing. Games – also for the Nokia 7650-can be easily transferred to the mobile phone. You end up in the message input and installs with a push of a button.

Data functions
Data Services supports the Mobile GPRS and HSCSD (maximum 40.2 kbit / s or 43.2 kbit / s in the downlink). Via HSCSD, we could easily send E-mail and receive, via GPRS, we mailed photos and sound clips on a Sony Ericsson P800. However, the sending and receiving of short videos via MMS wanted to not work. In addition to the infrared interface the Nokia 3650 offers also the wireless connection via Bluetooth wireless technology. Officially, the mobile phone should support the Bluetooth profile.But the coupling of the phones did in the test with an Ericsson – nor with a Motorola headset. The exchange of images with the Nokia 7650 was no problem. To the WAP browser (2.0) must be tightened, however, still: just one of many defined access profiles stood in the WAP settings to choose from.

Camera Features: Simple Twist

Who wants to make calls only, must do to himself the long Larbi. Who but like to take photos and films, enjoys with the 3650 completely new possibilities.

The integrated camera shoots images with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Three different quality levels are available. You can also simply choose a portrait-format, as well as a night mode. However only the Siemens S55 has to offer a Flash: too dark party cellars that shoots 3650 very murky images. We know the quality of photos from other camera phones. For snapshots, it is always enough, it captures the 3650 reliably: the display that serves as a viewfinder, is also fast movements, the camera throws pretty fast.

Even more pleasure the camcorder function. The movies succeed just like photographing. Your friends need not fear lengthy video nights ago. Nokia has limited the size of the recorded video to 100 Kbytes. It was a silent film by about 15 seconds in our test device length. Now comes the 3650 with a software, which records the movies with sound. The length of the films will be shortened this somewhat. Terms of MMS size limit makes sense, as a multimedia message may be already no larger than 100 kilobytes. The problem: Anyone who would like to send the recorded video via Bluetooth, infrared, or email to a PC, the size constraint are also subject to.

Additional restrictions: at ten frames per second, the films are somewhat choppy. The movies is fun anyway. However, it is really annoying that the built-in real player one time and again refuses to play movies. It lacks memory, says the error message even if there is still enough space. It helps sometimes only a reboot of the device.

Practice: The Menu-Infinite Distances

Who’s used a conventional mobile phone, must with the 3650 tremendously confront around: that goes off when the size and ends in the depths of the menu.

Facts & figures
After all, the phone with 132 grams weighs less than its predecessor 7650 something, but with a length of 129 x 57 x 24 mm, it ends up in the test category “Mobility” in penultimate position in the current Xonio ranking. The size is however good the color display (35 x 41 mm, 176 x 208 pixels, 4,096 colors). The battery lasts 200 hours in stand-by mode according to Nokia and creates a continuous talk four hours. In the Xonio battery test the 3650 held nearly three hours the connection to the call partner upright.
The manufacturer’s recommended price: 429 euro.

The processing is not particularly high-quality, but alright. We could cover right trust only the thin battery cover, which comes off even on light pressure and the unprotected camera lens on the back. In contrast to the keyboard in Rotary design. It requires certainly a some getting used to. Yet on the round one way then but quickly.

Who wants to exploit the many features of the 3650, must repeatedly access to the owner’s manual. Although intuitive, you will find the basic functions, but the menus are extensive and complex. What’s in the menu “Tool”, what the “Tools” menu? The clearly designed manual sheds light on such issues quickly.

The 3650 on your mobile phone as well as the interlocutor in the fixed network sounded quite well in the test. Both conversation participants could understand well to noise only a faint noise was heard. The integrated handsfree is practical. The 3650 owners was too far from the 3650 away (about 50 cm) there were misfires when the intercom on the phone quickly.

Conclusion: Even More Fun For Clippers

Nokia suggests itself: the 3650 thats simply better 7650 – smaller, lighter, cheaper.

Otherwise Nokia has added important points: the memory can be retrofitted by means of MMC, frequent travelers will appreciate the triband function.

The best for last: The unmatched functionality plus Digicam is there a relatively low price. For this, only minor inconsistencies in WAP browser and Bluetooth in purchase must be included.