Charming Decoration for Bathroom!

Hello my fellow Brazilians! Let’s do one more week lit! Here on the blog has always room for one more little tip of what’s filling your eyes and that has your touch of charm. Decoration is always a subject that yields many creative ideas and, if you like, it’s like putting a piece of themselves in that environment. Love give life to every small space our House with that particular touch, isn’t it? And the bathroom, one room which is usually our corner to relax, take a bath very very time consuming, where we take care of the skin and hair, make that make special … In this environment so people could not be different.

According to, there are times that bathrooms and toilets are no longer as supporting cast in time to plan the “decór. People search for well-being also reached the scope of architecture and interior design, being these environments increasingly valued in a House. Just one click on the internet and we can find muuuuitas references, from the most luxurious to simple tips to give a charm without spending a lot. I selected some inspirations that ameeei to share with you. The better the onslaught are the charming accessories, shelves, supports different plants and cool rugs. Have ideas for all tastes and pockets, just use the creativity that you can give a “up” on your too!

What I find really funny is that when we’re in a different place, the women run to the Loo, I don’t know what this is, and the funny thing too is that when the environment is cozy, pretty soon they start to advertise and call everybody to go see kkkk not This is so?