Chanel Necklaces Reviews

The Chanel necklaces are beautiful and fashion, so we offer a roundup of the most fascinating models and glamor of the latest collections. Necklaces we see together are part of the pre-winter 2012 collection, the line autumn winter 2012-2013 but also of equzhou, in short I took the best of the best of the proposals Chanel in recent years. I’ve already seen some of which is impossible to resist … you will see that you too will be tempted not cheap!

Choker necklace Chanel

If you are looking for a stylish and glamorous necklace for that special occasion this is the one for you, is made of metal with woven tweed.

Chanel necklace with butterflies

Necklace metal glamorous decorated with the leaves of ginkgo in metal and hand-glazed, the effect is very charming and these leaves seem elegant butterflies in flight.

Wire Chanel necklace

This necklace is composed of many strands chain thin and small facts in black and gold metal, a triumph of style that can be worn in all seasons.

Chanel necklace with green stones

Necklace Chanel bib made with braided chains in anthracite gray, we have the part in front of pendant maxi effect done with the green stones aged look.Chanel necklace with colored stones This Chanel necklace is made with strands of glass beads colored that alternate with the classic white. The necklace is decorated with two medallions of baroque inspiration.

Chanel necklace strands and pink pearl

beautiful necklace made with various blacks metal wires which are pink glass beads and black. On the one hand we find a jewel in baroque style made with glass noodles and rhinestones.

Chanel logo necklace with

very simple and minimal Necklace made with a golden metal chain and embellished with bianch pearls and black and covered with rhinestones , here and there is also a charm with the Chanel logo.

Chanel necklace pendant

necklace with a tie pattern and then with a central pendant it is made of hand-enameled metal and is decorated with rhinestones, glass beads and small logos with double C.

Chanel necklace with bows

necklace with two wires sautoir style made of enameled metal by hand and decorated with charm in the shape of little ones logo, white and black glass beads and pretty bows in fabric with vicky print in black and white.