Chameleon Cell Phone

A lush interior, modern design and various removable cover-the extravagant Nokia N79 is a candidate for our mobile-top-10 in all respects.

Nokia’s Nserie grows and grows. According to the new ideas of N96 and N85, Nokia casts still the N79 in the race shortly before the end of the year. The successor of the series colleagues N78 surprised with his white user interface and the various Wechselcovern in the scope of delivery.

The equipment can be more than Wi-Fi, GPS receiver, HSDPA, 5-megapixel camera, MP3 player, 4 GB memory and extras such as FM transmitter. But the N79 has also its weaknesses: our test reveals which are exactly and what place occupies the phone in our leaderboard,

Equipment: Used Lush

Everything in there, everything on it – with its equipment must the N79 also compared to other Nserie models do not hide.

Phone functions
Usual ease expects the mobile phone users in the telephone functions. The latest S60 interface in version 3.2 provides extensive features ranging from voice dialing and voice command to a huge contact database and almost 20 different user profiles. Controlled by pressing a key on the 5-way navigation or by simple finger turning the Navi wheel. The integrated position sensor automatically sets the display when turning. If desired, can this function but also turn off.

Data functions
The N79 in the Mobile League plays in the data pane. Via USB and Bluetooth interface, you can transfer files to your mobile phone, the N79 is easily detected as external hard drive from the computer. Our 3 MByte large test-MP3, landed a solid value in just two seconds in the music store of mobile phones – via USB (full-speed).You can also quickly surf the Internet via Wi-Fi or HSDPA. A 4 GB is one large microSD memory card included. Maximum that swallows N79 memory cards with a size of 8 GB.

Multimedia / navigation
The N79 is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera (Carl-Zeiss lens) with auto focus. For night shots, a LED help light located above the camera lens. The quality of the camera shots in our test lab, as well as for exterior shots was perfectly acceptable.See all test images of N79 in close-up shots in our photo gallery.

The MP3 player of the mobile phone can not only handle ID3 tags, but can be manually adjusted via equalizer. The sound via the supplied earphone into the iPod-style can be heard. Alternatives to the own MP3 selections are also available with FM radio (RDS) and Internet radio. Who would not renounce his songs in the car, can play them back via FM transmitter through the speakers. Also on board: direct access to Nokia’s music store as well as the Nokia N-Gage gaming platform. You can enable one of the 15 test versions free.

(Roof) can try three months free voice-guided navigation for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For any use you must shell out $70 for a year. As well as the other new Nserie models the Navi software Nokia maps 2.0 to use comes at the N79. All information to Nokia’s navigation software in our Practice test.

Practice: Weak B Score

Although the modern design of the N79 total scores, but there are smaller deductions for processing.

Facts & figures
Dimensions: 110 x 49 x 15 millimeters and 97 grams, the N79 in the category of Pocket cell phone can be classified via Photionary. Such as already for N96 and N78 the lubrication-prone plastic back of the phones is striking but negative us. The many different coloured back cover are the special extra of the phones. The choice of the colour of the cover is equally crucial for the display. The N79 recognizes the color via a sensor on the inside of the cover and turned the display background in them.

Knows not everything that glitters is also handling. The stylish keypad in modern white appearance looks really cute, has also its problems. The number keys are very slippery and the below star and pound key arg small. The keypad can be also difficult reading in the dark. It’s nice, however, the bright and high-contrast 2.4-inch display.The Navi-wheel, which is located around the Navicursor, reacts very sensitively meets but its purpose of easy navigation through the menu.

Battery, acoustic
In our battery test, the N79 under full GSM power reached a talk time of 3:40 hours of talk time. Thus the phone scores the serial mate N85, for example, significantly better. The battery was only 2.5 hours. The services of Nserie mobile phones in the acoustic test were satisfactory to good. Both landline and mobile page of the interlocutors was to understand well and very natural. Only the intercom on Festival website was difficult to impossible.

Conclusion: Top 10 Almost Missed

The Nokia N79 scars only haarscharf to a top-10 Finish over. But also the eleventh place for the chic Nserie phone is respectable.

Mobile phones from Nokia’s Nserie we are already used a good placement on the leaderboard. Also for that richly equipped N79has reached for a place far forward in the mobile ranking’s. Well equipped with Wi-Fi, HSDPA, GPS, FM transmitter, 5-megapixel camera and co.. Only the memory (4 GB) not quite approaching on the peak values of better placed mobile phones.

The idea with the Wechselcovern is certainly nice, but also no more than a charming gimmick. As she prepares Keyboard some Nokia phones problems. Also at the N79, the buttons are too small, slippery and have no very good pressure point. The Battery value about 3.5 hours of talk time as well as the acoustic performances were convincing.

You get the N79 in our price comparison currently from about 330 euro. The network operators O2 Exkusivanbieter of mobile phones is so far. There you will receive the Nokia N79 for 80 euro with contract.(Status: November 2008)

Don’t need the change cover? Then you should prefer that Nokia N78To watch.

The predecessor of the N79 has nearly identical equipment, is only a few months longer in the commercial and absolutely equivalent. Clear advantage of N78: the price. Currently, you pay about 210 euros for the N78 in our price comparison. These are more than 100 euros less than you would have to shell out for the successor. (Status: November 2008).