Cetim Blusa Models to Wear with Trousers, Skirt, Shorts

Hello girls, from now on you will have some details of various models of satin blouse to wear with skirt, with pants, or shorts, for you to be stylish and fashionable, with a very modern look.

Models like regatinha, ruffled, printed models, long sleeve, are options for the most diverse occasions of the day to day, come with us and find the right sweater and the perfect look for that party, ballad, or go to the bar with friends, check it…


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  • Satin shirts with lace collar
  • Ciganinha style satin blouses

Satin is a very cool fabric and suitable for composing summer looks , and enters compositions from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from day to day those of ballads and parties. The pieces are delicate and charming.

By guaranteeing a modern and sophisticated air, the satin blouses can also ensure a more sexy women air. With its own brilliance does not require much to guarantee the touch of refinement. Look that…

And if anyone thinks that SIBLING BLOUSE Models can only be used for special and nocturnal occasions, they are deceived because they are strong allies of daytime looks, making them even more charming.

In broad daylight you can make wonderful compositions like this one where she bet on white tailor’s pants and a dark blue sweater with cutouts draped over her shoulders .Look at the details of the look!!!

Look at another option of look where the girl bet on a black long skirt + a short satin pink pajama top , and stylized the look by investing in a jeans shirt tied around the waist.

For that work look that requires a more elegant dress, how about betting on jeans with a dark wash + a satin shirt with a grape + peep toe and a black bag?An easy to assemble and very elegant look.

But button satin shirts also match other pieces besides pants, like tight short skirts, for example.See in this look below that the girl bet on matching blue with black and it was great!!!

If you are thinking about a look to enjoy the ballad at the end of the week, look what a cool idea of this look where she bet on the black satin regatta + the white lace skirt + gold metal belt + chain necklace.

Look at the elegance of this look where the beautiful pink satin nude shirt with black trim , was combined the mini denim skirt with floral embroidery in shades of pink shirt !!!To complete she bet on the sandal also nude.

Folks, look how wonderful also this model in green blouse where the satin was combined with the embroidered tulle , ensuring transparency in the long bell-bottoms.The look was super stylish with this black leather skirt!!!

Always snobbish in her looks, blogger Thassia Naves once again appears wearing a pretty pink satin halter top that she combined with the mini skirt in neutral tones .The black clutch and peep toe closed the look.

But you can also think of the satin stamped saw? Look at this model of smock more loose and loose with lace in the neckline, that charming!!!It is a model that goes well with legging, but also with shorts, pants, skirts, inside and out.

For that casual look for her wandering around, like going to the mall, going with her friends, or even for that lunch, a ballad, the satin little regatinha will look great with the short jeans skirt.

Yes, satin looks great with almost any fabric textures . It also looks great with the various prints . And here you realize how fine this shade of blue was with the black and white stripes of the skirt.

If you enjoy those totally black looks, the satin blouse can be your strong ally. Look how pretty this model was in the slackest blouse with the black piece on the bottom that can be a pair of pants or shorts.

The satin blouses with scarf type prints can make a great match with black shorts pants, ensuring the look for many occasions.And you can leave it on the outside for a more relaxed look or inside for a more formal look.

Following the trend of dressing in basic neutral colors such as white and black , you can create incredible looks for many occasions by betting on a satin blouse.This model below is versatile and modern and allows a rather jovial look.

For the most glamorous looks, you can combine a satin blouse with pieces in other fabrics with brilliance as well. See in this look that she combined blue and silver .Cool for the night, parties or ballads.

There is no longer a limit when it comes to modern CETIM BLOUSE Models.They are for all tastes and styles, appearing with cuts and cutouts, with transparent details, making the looks even more beautiful and feminine.

Details on metals are widely used in the pieces, and satin blouses can also win the company of these props.See this model looks great to match the ethnic print skirt.

Satin can come in the most different models , one more beautiful than the other.Here you have an entire model full of pleats from top to bottom with marked waist and flower on the fabric itself on the high collar that fits the neck.

Satin blouses also combine with destroyed shorts jeans, ensuring a sophisticated look that may well lead you to a ballad at the end of the week without fear of making a mistake.

Today many famous women like Carolina Dieckmann, invest in models of satin blouses to compose modern and elegant looks to fulfill their various social commitments .Look at that beautiful model!!!

So, you’ve come to the realization that satin blouses and shirts can dress you up for a variety of occasions, making it a fun and easy-to-use alternative.Besides, it is versatile and democratic.

Just be careful when thinking about pieces that are very close to the body, because the satin does not forgive and basically shows everything.So, if you’re a bit out of it, you’d prefer more easy-going models to mark what you do not want, okay?