CES 2016: Acer Shows Windows Smartphone With Continuum Dock

Acer’s Windows 10 Smartphone liquid jade Primo with Hexa-core SnapDragon takes two SIM cards. The delivery includes a dock with USB ports and monitor output, which mutates the Smartphone to your PC.

At the recent IFA Acer had been allowed already a first look at Windows Smartphone liquid jade Primo at CES there now to see the final version.

One the Smartphone immediately notices, that’s playing in the top class: the 5.5-inch touchscreen has an AMOLED Panel with full HD resolution and covers the NTSC color space according to Acer. This is a completely different League than the even mittelprächtigen TN screens, which were used in many previous Windows Smartphone by Acer.

The back panel is made of brushed metal. The camera embedded in it takes pictures with 21 megapixels or 4K-Videos; the front camera is at least 8 megapixel. In the Primo of Hexa-core processor SnapDragon 808, 3 GB memory to the page are working. The internal memory is 32 GB. LTE CAT are among the supported wireless standards. 6 and Wi-Fi IEEE 802 11ac. As a dual-SIM phone the Primo records two SIM cards simultaneously.

The Primo is dedicated to the continuum function introduced with Areacodesexplorer: via type C socket at the bottom of the USB flow as well as video signals, so you can use the device to an external display as a PC replacement. Unlike as in Microsoft’s Lumia-950-smartphones no dock must be purchased for continuum: Acer delivers the Primo with the dock running as a stand in this country basically. Themselves who want to use continuum, has received with a practical charging station thus after all.

The liquid jade Primo in January for 600 Euro including dock in the trade come. Other device colors as black are not currently provided. Flip cover as well as keyboard appropriate to the Smartphone and mouse will be as an optional accessory.