Cell Phone Use Behind The Wheel: Researchers See Alarmingly High Rate

Driving and parallel on the Smartphone touch or read-according to transport researchers, it happens unfortunately far too often. Ask for more controls.

The handle is increasingly becoming the traffic risk to your Smartphone while driving. So have traffic psychologists of TU Braunschweig observation of 12,000 passing cars found that 4.5 percent of the driver by handling their Smartphone were distracted. That are still more than when the phone calls have been observed. In the yet unpublished study reported by the NDR, they speak of an “alarming high rate of typing while driving”.

Scientists have observed the traffic for their study at 30 locations in Hanover, Braunschweig and Berlin. This was not only in standing traffic, but also just as often in the moving car phone use to notice. The lead investigator Mark Vollrath concludes according to NDR, demand the attention that some drivers in traffic situations, access to the mobile device. He said “People seems to be not clear, how dangerous is just typing on the phone”.

Pass the laws?

As a consequence he calls for more inspections and tougher regulations. The NDR took this as an opportunity to ask the provinces. Result: Ten of the 16 State Governments assess the matter as serious and no longer hold the current statutory formulation of the mobile phone ban for sufficient. According to the current rules, allowed cell phones while driving not in the hand. Motorists who still do it, must expect 60 Euro fine and one point in the Flensburg power travel agency. For cyclists, 25 Euro apply fine.

However, it is unclear to what extent, the cell phone use at the wheel ensures accidents. The NDR smartphone after statistics about led in Germany only to Berlin, Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia. That could be only in 0.1 percent of cases of mobile phone use as a cause to prove. Traffic researchers Vollrath criticized these statistics are but unrepresentative and extremely patchy, according to the report. The ADAC in turn sees the handle to the device after about every tenth accident. Statistics from the United States and Austria led mobile use even as one of the main accident causes.