The new analog CCTV HD technology

La technologie HD-CVI

HDCVI in English means High Definition Composite Video Interface, or in French Interface composed of high definition video.

CCTV Technology HD-CVI is a new technology almost equivalent to the HD-SDI technology but actually allows to use classical KX6 cable lengths up to 700m. This technology provides a high definition quality HD1080P image, a little lower in quality to the HD-SDI CCTV and IP technology but still much higher than analog.

In general, the video signal transmitted in a traditional analog system via coaxial cable has a format known as CVBS or simply composite video. This format allows only offer video and no option to add audio and standard definition signals.

You should also know that HDCVI brings a lot more features compared to conventional analogue systems for both recorders, cameras and for ease of wiring.
The HDCVI products are high performance with quality and impeccable reliability.

The features of the HD-CVI

The HD-CVI technology brings a lot to the analog and dethrones on many points the IP. Look more closely the characteristics of the video surveillance technology.

Note that with the HD-CVI was a better zoom on image and more particularly in 720p resolution.
The HD-CVI cameras are only fixed cameras, though they have the very economic avantaged’être.
For simple uses, are most suitable because the only functions for these cameras are the image settings.
At recorders include the systems very important video storage and all for very competitive prices.
The last characteristic is at the installation is being done on any type of coaxial cable or through intermediaries balun. Why? Well because the audio and PTZ pass through the same coaxial cable.

The advantages of HD-CVI

The advantages of HD-CVi technology are numerous enough, we summarize the key in the table below:

Advantages Description
HD resolutions between 720p and 1080p and can capture fine detail.
Distance transmission Filtering of interference from other signals
Transmission of multiple signals in the same coaxial cable transmitting video, audio and control signals transmitted simultaneously through the same coaxial cable. Simplify deployment of new facilities and reducing wiring costs.
CVBS compatibility Configuration for using CVBS format. Allows reverse action.
Infrastructure Conservation deployed No change to the basic design of analog CCTV installation. An installation of HDCVI looks the same as a traditional installation.

Comparative table of different video technologies