Pike Perch Ice Fishing

The Pike perch (Sander lucioperca) is a fish, found in river and Lake as well. It is coveted by fishermen, some vowing him a true passion, to the point that they focus their leisure on this single species. Unlike his cousin the Pike, it is quite gregarious, and likes the proximity of its congeners. It lives in groups of many individuals, during the first years of his life. The number of Zander which will constitute a group or bench, will tend to regress with the maturity and the passing years.


How to Fish Moray Eel

The Mediterranean Moray, whose scientific name is Muraena Helena, is a saltwater fish and belongs to the family Muraenidae. The body of the moray eel-like, long and sturdy is. The Moray does not possess the pectoral fin, and has a low dorsal fin. Moray eel skin, smooth and free of flakes, is dark brown, mottled yellow spots and whitish. The fish is widespread in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic. The maximum length of the moray eel is a half-meter (but this length can also be sometimes superseded) and weigh 15 pounds. The moray is a snake-like fish known for its extreme aggression: presents, in fact, long teeth and sharp and extensible that allows her throat swallowing large prey. The bite of the moray is painful and cause lacerations. That heal slowly. It is a sedentary species which lives mainly in rocky habitats, known and appreciated by many fishermen for the quality of its meat. If you want to undermine this predator, please read this guide and you will discover how to fish the moray eel.

Be sure to have on hand:

150 gr 100 meters 4-barrel

reel 8000

nylon 0.40-0.50

steel cables-ami number 1

swivel 30 lb


Types of Fishing Rods and Reels

The fishing rod is a tool used to practice the hobby of fishing, generally used for small to medium sized fish. It consists of a rod that can be adjusted at will, to which it will be applied to a fishing line, made of transparent nylon. The hook, located at the end of the auction, can be varied and more or less flexible. Serves to attract fish with bait, and ends with a hook to which they remain entangled.


The rods can be: reel, in Moscow or fixed. Typically almost all are flexible so they can be dismantled and then transported more easily.

The reeds “bait casting” named so because made with a system that Rewinds the thread with the bait. With this rod using baits such as the rapala or the spoons, and the reel with its movement serves fish, who believe it is insects that move.


Putting Two Hooks on One Fishing Line

If we are the lovers of fishing and would love to learn how to fish, but we never had time to learn the various techniques, all you have to do is search the Businessjust.com, all guides dedicated to the world of fishing and with easy steps we will illustrate how to fish using the various existing techniques. This will make it very simple to learn how to fish and with a little patience and a lot of practice we will definitely catch plenty of fish. In the next steps of this guide, in particular, we will see how to do in order to create a frame from the bottom in 2 hooks. In this way we will have definitely a greater chance of being able to catch something but we’ll have to be very careful not to let them cheat.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Nylon
  • Swivels
  • Beading
  • lead weights
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Hooks