Cycling Tricks and Tips

Road: objective, resting heart rate and so practice standing starts. Join us in our series of tips that will make you stronger and faster. This is part 3 of 3.

  1. Get a great start
    Practicing standing starts.Place in a heavy gear and roll forward in really low speed.Accelerate 100% effort since with as quickly as possible during 20-30 short ride.Start with three or four sprints and continue to increase to six or seven when you get into snitsa. The first three ball shot is the most important – it is then spurt the message goes from the brain to the muscle fibers. Take the first ball of a time with your dominant leg, and start when the pedal is at 2 o’clock. (more…)

Calle Friberg: Broke Bike 4 Peaks after Crash

Our site: “I didn’t get down and felt it will go on h-veteI”, it will not be as expected. After victory in the second stage of Bike 4 Peaks got Calle Friberg break the race the day after a crash. Read his final report from the competition.

After two really good days here at Bike 4 Peaks with a fourth place and a victory, it was recharging for another tough day in the mountains. Third stage contained the longest and most powerful climbing in the competition’s history, it was said. 1300 meters of altitude of 15 km, we would take on.  (more…)

Parcours Roc des Alpes Marathon

Our site: A motorcyclist who turned the wrong way, a steep walk with the bike on the back and a far too long without water and power. Although it was Calle Friberg a solo victory in French Roc des Alpes Marathon.

These early starters as it often is on the marathon down here, is not a favorite of mine, I admit. It is difficult to get good staff, and be heated so that it can feed into policy fully directly after the start, then it usually starts with a climb.

But today it went alright to get out of bed – especially when it was 20 degrees, and a rising sun at 6:30 am, and the hotel had a cafe au lait, croissants and chokladmüsli. Race high right from breakfast thus. (more…)

Bike FAQs

Can I customize the settings?

The good news is that to take place upscale setting, Time highlights its strong point of national production responsiveness! How creating SCYLON Custom range offers 5 colors available: Green, Orange, Blue, Pink and Black with a swinging costs 4999-9399 euros depending on the equipment.

Any framework ordered store will be delivered within a period of 4 to 6 weeks.


How to Choose a Bike Light

Types of lighting

Well-lit bicycle is equipped with front, side and rear lighting. Thanks to your bike well visible to other motorists and pedestrians. When driving off the main roads, where there is no street lighting, is a powerful floodlight necessity.


Time incandescent lamps are gone. They replaced the LEDs. Generally, the more expensive the lamp is, the higher the luminosity features. Here by checking the lumen (lm). For driving on paved bike paths just carrying around 200L. The forest trail, we recommend at least 300l. These lamps are normally equipped with rechargeable batteries. New on the market are CREE headlamps. The intensity easily reaches 1000-2000lm. High energy intensity is often necessary to solve an external source. This is usually mounted with Velcro to the frame.


How to Choose Electric Bike

These vehicles are called worldwide electric bikes. In Europe there is a distinction between those that can also travel without pedaling at speeds from fifty that are referred to e-bikes and those which shall be regarded as muscle bikes that have a speed limit of 25km/h, the engine power of 250W and in need of pedaling because the motor assist and electric pedal bicycles are called. In Europe you define peddle. E-bikes are not usable in Italy because there is still no legislation which considers. Pedal assist bicycles are assimilated totally muscle bikes and therefore subject to the same rights and duties. Read the details on how to choose a bicycle pedal assisted electric bicycle.


Types of Thermos Used in Water Bottles

Let’s briefly the thermos, the container of choice for hot drinks.

The thermos used to lug around a hot drink (coffee, tea or herbal tea is generally discouraged) always nice at the top if the weather is not too hot, which is essential when you expect cold because the altitude or weather uncertain. Preferable metal ones to those in plastic weigh and clutter less and can withstand more shocks. A thermos from 0.33 provides two to three cups, evaluated according to your needs, there are also by 0.5-0.75-1lt. overall dimensions greater than a bottle of the same capacity. Many have a thermos stopper provided with exit holes to pour the liquid without unscrewing the cap, useful for restricting beverage cooling and to avoid having to place the cap and prevent it from getting dirty or regrettably rolls downhill.


Bicycle Odometer Features

The odometer is an electronic device mounted on the bicycle, which allows cyclists to monitor real-time mileage, average speed and the instant.

The operation of the bicycle speedometer is pretty simple. The odometer is composed of a magnet, a sensor and from the small computer (usually of square shape and dimensions similar or slightly superior to those of a digital wristwatch, according to kits on whose screen it is possible to read all data of case. The magnet is fixed to a spoke of the front wheel, while the sensor is applied to one of the two front forks, at a very reduced distance from the point where it passes the magnet when the wheel rotates.


How to Wash Your Bicycle

Gadgets: A clean bike working better. And it does not take half the morning to clean up the bike. Do this as suggested by this blog.

A clean and well lubricated bike works better, lasts longer and is more fun to ride. And look out fine. It is easier to see if anything is damaged, for example cracks in the frame, cuts in the tires, or rivets in the chain. Make a habit of immediately rinse cycle after workouts. The bike standing up is more difficult to remove the dirt. Additionally, the drive can start to rust.


Bicycle Pedal Buying Guide

General information

Each bike is equipped with two pedals, one for each leg, which represent two of the 5 points of contact between the rider and the medium (the other three are: two to the handlebars and saddle).
The pedal is a small base which allows the thrust (and tension) lower limbs on cranks; ruled by the latter, it settles on the opposite side to the advertisement of the
pin of the bottom bracket, taking full advantage of the natural lever of pedaling.
The pedals are made of a plank that is screwed onto the crank and a ball bearing system (or pads) that allows the rotation of the pedal body. This structure allows the pedal to be well anchored to the crank while turning nimbly onto itself.


What is Bicycle Stem

The stem ( stem) is the body that transmits the force from the steering tube to door handle bars or, if integrated, directly to the steerer tube of the fork.
The stem is a fundamental element of some types of steering of the bike; to be precise, the stem is typical of stems consisting of two or three pieces: the top tube of the handlebars, the stem and, in the event, even the door handle bars.
Sometimes, the stem is integrated into the door handlebars and, especially the older ones, constitutes a single piece with the handlebars.
The stem is designed to lock the handlebar tube and possibly even the door handle bars; This feature includes two types: one for the handlebar tube and one for the door handle bars.


How to Choose a Mountian Bike

The mountain bicycle, also known as mountain biking, is made to travel along unpaved roads ensuring good performance for the athlete. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the best mountain bikes based on criteria of quality, price, offers and correct information to the consumer.

Before you buy one it is good practice to evaluate certain conditions and visit Polyhobbies. First of all the use that we make of it. Keep in mind that there are different models of mountain bikes, each of which is aimed at a particular use: hiking, competition etc.