How to Pack a Hiking Bag

After giving you 4 good reasons to lighter hiking, let’s see what strategy to adopt to alleviate his hiking bag.Indeed, I realized that making a simple list of essential things is not enough, must be a method to address our deep nature which is to add still more. In big lines, the strategy to reduce the weight of the bag is in a cycle (or a retro-active loop out) sort, weigh, adapt


America Autumn Fashion

Even if you can’t really disown it as approaching autumn and, of course, is the fashion world for a long time quite clear what trends prevailing in the autumn. We will spend the fall fashions some attention going forward, and to begin with, we provide tips about Our site’s nice trend reports which consulted representatives from four prominent men’s stores in the United States.


Sports In Pregnancy

Sports in pregnancy
Finally pregnant! For many women, this is the start to finally quit the sport and nine months without having a bad conscience on the couch to relax. Sports in pregnancycould eventually harm the child, or?

In fact, the opposite is correct! Sports in pregnancy is very good for MOM and child, if both are healthy. During the nine months in the mother’s body a lot happened and she is fitter, the easier your fall changes.


Martial Art for Fitness

I want to Enjoy my Next Sport Really makes a Martial art That is Truly Effective in real Situations!

First, an example:
A real street fight usually lasts only two or three seconds … If the fight for these few seconds is not clear and it is really always decided who will emerge victorious. In a real fight is not an option because you lose because you never know when attackers will stop. The main street is that your attacker as soon as possible! Preferably within a few seconds because the streets get no second chance!


Sports Recommended for Children

What are child-friendly sports? Which physical activity is fine at 3 years 4 or 5? When start doing sport? Your Child’s Doctor, Prof. Giuseppe Ferrari explains the correct way to live and teach the sport to our children and how to navigate between gymnastics, football, dancing, swimming, basketball and many other sports from the first months of life.

Sport is a physical activity and physical activity is innate in human nature. It shall be exercised as from the date on which the child is developing during pregnancy. Ask mothers how to “kick” the kids in their bellies and you will understand! (more…)

How to Turn Your Watch into a Compass

When you lose your sense of direction, but you don’t have a compass, you can help each other through a standard wristwatch, to locate the four cardinal points (North, South, West and East) and regain the lost road, with a little good will. Surely, this situation cannot happen in the city, but in many other circumstances (such as the case of mushroom seeker in a forest or a hiker who took a shortcut). In the following quick and easy guide that you’ll go to stating immediately in the next steps, I will explain very briefly, but in detail, how we must ingeniously transforming the clock into a useful compass.


How to Choose Skiing Gloves

On the ski slopes, mittens and ski gloves are a must. Can not decide between the two? We give you some tips to help you choose!

Go for Ease of Use with Winter Gloves

The main advantage of ski gloves is their ease of use. With them, you can make every move with ease on the slopes: open your backpack to take food, grab your camera or your skis … Today most ski gloves are waterproof and breathable. They nevertheless have a disadvantage: they are less warm as mittens, since your fingers are not in contact and therefore can not be transmitted from the heat.


How To Choose a Yoga Mat

When I started yoga, I used carpets lent by the studio where I was going. It was convenient, no need to carry. The concern was not super hygienic side, and the idea of sticking my head on the carpet by imagining that he had already served before is still pretty disgusting. When I started to do more of yoga, I was offered a mat and bag to match. I can leave my mat at the studio, so no transport problem. As a bonus, I also have a light carpet that I care to do yoga at home, or when I go to other studios. Here are questions to ask before choosing your yoga mat.

Several criteria are taken into consideration:


Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Yu-Hsing was the founder of a new tai chi direction. Wu style Tai chi chuan is considered by many the synthesis of Yang and Chen form. In his youth was Wu Yu-Hsing teaching Yang Lew-Shan, the founder of the Yang style. Later, Wu became skilled in Chen style. In old age, he created a tai chi synthesis known in the West as Wu style. This branch of tai chi chuan are characterized by small circular motions and that contains all the “attitude” four phases.Wu’s style is more complicated than many people think, already seems understated, almost introverted routine easier than the other styles. Maybe tai chi form for that reason was initially less popular.


Football Club Shirt Sponsorship Deals

In professional football and amateur football in almost all clubs a shirt sponsor. For Premier League clubs, this is necessary in order to generate revenue. Until about 1980 Major League clubs had no shirt sponsor. As with other sports like volleyball and basketball, football clubs have also begun placing ads on their jerseys. The first football club in professional football was with Ajax as a sponsor TDK. The cooperation has received much attention in the media in connection with the large amount of Ajax rated this. It was at that time, namely that the 650,000 guilders, which was a huge sum at the time. Other football clubs were interested in this also a sponsor.


Football During The Second World War

Football just went through during World War II, it was even more popular than ever. On 22 June 1941, the German army invaded the Soviet Union. On the same day took place in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, the final of German football site. 90,000 spectators saw Rapid Vienna 4-3 win at Schalke 04. The Nazi leader said afterwards that “the better team had lost. In other countries other than the USSR, football continued. In the Netherlands flourished.Football was in the Netherlands during the occupation more popular than before. Even the opposition regularly calling for boycott doubled visit matches between 1940 and 1945.Whit Monday 1944 there was a run of 30,000 tickets for the championship game between Volewijckers and Heerenveen.Around the arena was a bustling black market for tickets, but police intervened and arrested 150 suppliers. The confiscated tickets distributed them free to spectators. Officially, the Jews were forbidden to arenas, but there are also cases of Jews in hiding who visited the races.


Different Kinds of Abdominal Exercises

Visible abs, which will not she? Everyone wants a flat stomach.You would do anything to get them, but you do not know how to begin or what exercises to do, and how often to do them. Ten crunches a day? Perhaps a hundred? There are several ways to tell. So much, that you can not remember. But in the end come to an end. In this article are five good Mage discussed for men and women and there are a few tips for a better implementation of the exercise! Do not hesitate, and immediately read on! Before the stomach are discussed, you should be sure that you drink enough water every day, and especially eating healthy. Visible abdominal muscles are a “reward” for living a healthy lifestyle.The healthier you live, the more defined your abs get, and the more attractive they will become. Eat well when the time instead of a bag of candy boiled potatoes with vegetables or fruit in the afternoon instead of a sandwich with chocolate paste.


Steroids Crossfit and Crossfit Games

Crossfit is not just to be an effective way to keep fit, there is also a strong competitive element. During training, you will be prompted to set the fastest time or doing the most repetitions. The competition goes a step further in the form of the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Games are held annually in California, United States. To compete for the title of Fittest?? person on Earth? You should consider yourself very well prepared to take the tough obstacles before the tournament. What is CrossFit, what is CrossFit Games and how you can prepare yourself for this contest?


Sleeping Bag Thermal Linings

Liners (or meat bags) are ideal for protecting the interior of the sleeping bag soil, avoiding washing too often and thus increasing the lifetime. These inner bags are either cotton or silk, and sometimes fleece.

Silk liners are very light (approximately 130g) and provides a heat gain of 1 to 2 ° C maximum. Cotton meanwhile is heavy (300-350g) and not heat, but it has the advantage of being cheap.


Sleeping Bags Down Or Synthetic

Like many outdoor items, sleeping bags are 99% have a down or synthetic insulation. Each with its advantages and disadvantages, simply target the use you make of your sleeping bag to determine the type of insulation that best suits your needs.

Down Insulation

There are obviously different insulating qualities of down. You may have noticed the numbers that follow the words down: 550, 600, 650 … 800. This corresponds to the down swelling capacity; the higher the number, the higher it is quality.

By cons, the figure does not correspond to the heat that provide insulation, rather it depends on the amount of fluff inserted into the sleeping bag.

Thus, for 1 gram insulation, down 800 will be hotter than 550 fill down.

Please note that it is quite normal to see fibers escape from the sleeping bag; this is not a sign of a manufacturing defect nor a sign of inferior quality, the warmth of your sleeping bag will not be affected. The most important is not to pull on the fiber, but rather to try to place it inside. It’s the same technique that should be used if your down coat loses its feathers .

Based on topbbacolleges, the advantages of down sleeping bags are mainly lightness and compressibility. It is therefore ideal for expeditions. Despite the water-resistant coatings applied to the insulation, moisture can still affect the thermal capacity of down, so it is especially appreciated for fresh and dry environments.

In brief: lightweight, compressible, warm, durable, less effective in high humidity and very comfortable.

Synthetic Insulation

Synthetic insulations are usually sleeping bags heavier and less compressible. However, they are ideal for high humidity since they retain their heat capacity. The possible arrival on milkweed market promises much in the field of synthetic insulation. It is ideal for very wet areas or for casual campers have access to a car since the compressibility and weight are then less of a factor.

In brief: inexpensive, heavier, less compressible, retains its thermal capacity when wet, not allergen.

Flashlight Battery Voltage

Our site question:

My flashlight she will give less light if I use other batteries or batteries?

For example, some flashlights operate on 2 CR123A with a voltage of 3.0 volts. 2 batteries therefore delivering 6.0 volts. But I read that these two batteries can be replaced by one 18650 battery with a voltage of 3.7 volts. My flashlight does she not give less light? We frequently receive the same question about the flashlights that run on 1.5 volts batteries pencils. The rechargeable variant provides a voltage of only 1.2 volts and can be expected that the flashlight gives less light.


How to Wash a Sleeping Bag in Washing Machine

You do not have to work hard to move a sleeping bag while camping.Sleeping with your hiking clothes, poor insulation in your sleeping bag and moisture, dirt and general wear lining can mess and down.Professional cleaning by an expert of the pen can be expensive, and you should not send your sleeping bag to the cleaners because of harmful chemical solvents. Wash your own sleeping bag is not difficult, but requires more attention and time than washing your favorite T-shirt. Prevent flattening soft feathers washing your sleeping bag only once a year before storing.


Cycling Tricks and Tips

Road: objective, resting heart rate and so practice standing starts. Join us in our series of tips that will make you stronger and faster. This is part 3 of 3.

  1. Get a great start
    Practicing standing starts.Place in a heavy gear and roll forward in really low speed.Accelerate 100% effort since with as quickly as possible during 20-30 short ride.Start with three or four sprints and continue to increase to six or seven when you get into snitsa. The first three ball shot is the most important – it is then spurt the message goes from the brain to the muscle fibers. Take the first ball of a time with your dominant leg, and start when the pedal is at 2 o’clock. (more…)