Bike Shed Lights

See and be seen are two concerns of those who practice the bike all year even when the night comes quickly in winter. Today many solutions from the simple “loupiote” powered by a dynamo on your bike down to the real “flagship” drunk of lumens that illuminates as in daylight.  Cyclists to usher outfits of reflective inserts can no longer escape from the brushes of car headlights. Whether you are “thinking” or “enlightened”, it will be necessary to remain perfectly visible.

… Assets and liabilities…

Cyclists you will be ‘active’ by emitting a beam of light that will allow you to see and be seen. If one are a ‘thoughtful’ sportsman you will be ‘passive’ in other words, you will wear clothing or accessories that will reflect the light that will illuminate them. The best way to be visible will be to combine the two modes. Necessarily you will need lighting to make progress in the night and to indicate your presence to the rear. But you also need a contribution of these reflective devices to be seen from all angles.


Types of Filling For Sleeping Bags

It is important to understand that in a sleeping bag is not any heating element, i.e. it does not heat. Its function is to achieve an optimum temperature to sleep in a nice position, thus preventing the heat generated by the body itself escaping abroad. It is basically an insulating element which should ensure maximum possible isolation, even in the most extreme environmental conditions. For this reason, according to the place in which it is to use the sleeping bag, the requirements will be more demanding. It is not the same to sleep in a tent in the high mountains that sleep in a shelter, make bivouac or use the sleeping bag at a campsite at the level of the sea. (more…)

Bicycle World Guide – Discover The World By Bike

Bike I like best through the Sahara, where can I get a bicycle chain in Uganda, what must I observe on the southern Silk Road, what parts should I take to Morocco, where can I get information about the crossing of the Himalayas, what do I need at the border crossing in the Khyber Pass, or how do I prepare best on a world to Radelung? The bicycle world leaderanswered these and many other questions. The 3rd Edition of the “Bible for the cyclists’ offers on more than 700 pages of new information and insights for the big tourthrough the world. (more…)

Sports Equipment for Disabled Persons

Everyone should be able to exercise and play. Play is essential to the physical, sensory, intellectual and socioemotionella development of man. Sure, the disabled man gevak. He learns how to fly and join a group. He experiences not only its limitations but also its potential. In addition, it is a meaningful leisure time.With operating activities under the condition improves.There are all kinds of physical limitations: sing rig real, physical, conditionally or organic and multiple disabilities. There are people who are restricted from birth, and there are people who are temporarily or permanently restricted in later life due to illness or accident. We find them in different environments. It has limited influence on the whole personal ontlpooiing human.Each man has ever faced restrictions or are sick sometimes and then occasionally confronted with the consequences. It depends on the person how restrictions are perceived. If anyone has a persistent shortcoming is hindered by anatomical or physiological area and its normal function, then we are talking about a physical disability. In sports and games is set to disabled, often immediately recognizable. In this case, therefore, there are limitations because of a defect. With a number of sports and play games that disability is not so important, think of archery and chess. The choice and the possibilities of games and sports nus is determined by all the personality of a person.

Three Types of Fishing Baits

Crab Bait:

Although it is true that gilthead fish is a demanding fish with its food, it is also that among its best food are crustaceans such as crab, is a bait that is used enough among fishermen and is quite economical, its great Consistency in the hardness of the shell allows the dorada to tie well with this bait and can be caught with better support allowing the best grip on the hook, the so-called green crabs are very appropriate for fishing of the golden, although it is advisable to select according to Which area you want to fish so your bait type would be.

These crab baits as well as other hard consistency baits are very suitable for fishing large pieces among which stand out those that can weigh up to 6 kilos of goldfish. Possibly with this bait and a piece of that size feel a considerable pull and as the reed doubles but of course is the appropriate if we speak of golden so large. (more…)

About Bike Wheels

Bike culture: Wheel issue is hotter than in a long time – what is really the best?

I count to fifty received emails recently involving questions about tires, wheels and new standards on the hub and quick couplers. Questions that excites and engages, but also upsets. Wheel issue is hotter than in a long time and it’s not surprising — few things on a bike is so important that the wheels. And few things are as easy to modify, adjust or replace. It is not easy to answer the question of what is best. The boring default answer is: it depends.

Plus format, i.e. mountain bikes with extra wide rims and tires, come briskly straight into the bike people home. There is actually a trend that also applies to road bikes, though there is a trend, but a separate heading.  (more…)

Running With Heat

1 Plan Your Trips
It activates your body with a workout first thing in the morning, or take advantage of that in the spring and summer we have more daylight hours to run late in the afternoon. Prevents the Central hours of the day and, if it is not possible, look for shaded routes, attempts that your route has some source where you can hydrate yourself and refresh yourself. (more…)

Family Camping

I think that the premise of many families as they begin to plan their holiday is “gives equal where to go as long as we are all together”. But if we have the time to search, find a privileged place, with an unique environment, where you choose schedules and that these holidays are a time in which everyone can participate and share, the campsite, is ideal. (more…)

Synthetic Fiber Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag is the element that will allow us to spend a night in the mountain, either in a shelter or bivouac, causing our body temperature to stay within the proper limits to achieve a pleasant and restful sleep to continue our Activity the next day with sufficient strength.Next we will detail in technical way each one of the parts that compose a sleeping bag. (more…)

How to Pack a Hiking Bag

After giving you 4 good reasons to lighter hiking, let’s see what strategy to adopt to alleviate his hiking bag.Indeed, I realized that making a simple list of essential things is not enough, must be a method to address our deep nature which is to add still more. In big lines, the strategy to reduce the weight of the bag is in a cycle (or a retro-active loop out) sort, weigh, adapt


America Autumn Fashion

Even if you can’t really disown it as approaching autumn and, of course, is the fashion world for a long time quite clear what trends prevailing in the autumn. We will spend the fall fashions some attention going forward, and to begin with, we provide tips about Our site’s nice trend reports which consulted representatives from four prominent men’s stores in the United States.


Sports In Pregnancy

Sports in pregnancy
Finally pregnant! For many women, this is the start to finally quit the sport and nine months without having a bad conscience on the couch to relax. Sports in pregnancycould eventually harm the child, or?

In fact, the opposite is correct! Sports in pregnancy is very good for MOM and child, if both are healthy. During the nine months in the mother’s body a lot happened and she is fitter, the easier your fall changes.


Martial Art for Fitness

I want to Enjoy my Next Sport Really makes a Martial art That is Truly Effective in real Situations!

First, an example:
A real street fight usually lasts only two or three seconds … If the fight for these few seconds is not clear and it is really always decided who will emerge victorious. In a real fight is not an option because you lose because you never know when attackers will stop. The main street is that your attacker as soon as possible! Preferably within a few seconds because the streets get no second chance!


Sports Recommended for Children

What are child-friendly sports? Which physical activity is fine at 3 years 4 or 5? When start doing sport? Your Child’s Doctor, Prof. Giuseppe Ferrari explains the correct way to live and teach the sport to our children and how to navigate between gymnastics, football, dancing, swimming, basketball and many other sports from the first months of life.

Sport is a physical activity and physical activity is innate in human nature. It shall be exercised as from the date on which the child is developing during pregnancy. Ask mothers how to “kick” the kids in their bellies and you will understand! (more…)

How to Turn Your Watch into a Compass

When you lose your sense of direction, but you don’t have a compass, you can help each other through a standard wristwatch, to locate the four cardinal points (North, South, West and East) and regain the lost road, with a little good will. Surely, this situation cannot happen in the city, but in many other circumstances (such as the case of mushroom seeker in a forest or a hiker who took a shortcut). In the following quick and easy guide that you’ll go to stating immediately in the next steps, I will explain very briefly, but in detail, how we must ingeniously transforming the clock into a useful compass.


How to Choose Skiing Gloves

On the ski slopes, mittens and ski gloves are a must. Can not decide between the two? We give you some tips to help you choose!

Go for Ease of Use with Winter Gloves

The main advantage of ski gloves is their ease of use. With them, you can make every move with ease on the slopes: open your backpack to take food, grab your camera or your skis … Today most ski gloves are waterproof and breathable. They nevertheless have a disadvantage: they are less warm as mittens, since your fingers are not in contact and therefore can not be transmitted from the heat.