Handmade Jewelry from the Kettencarosell + Special Birthday Raffle

Hello dear ones!

After my birthday today, I thought, I am also a bit do you participate and have a small, but nice sweepstakes. You can as of today very beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry at my win – of course there’s only one person to fulfill even a small task, but you will certainly like them, because this time is to not necessarily about going to follow me, this special task to speak much more your creative vein… (more…)

Nine Tips to Make This Gift for Your Mom

Well, first of all, reading this text, make sure you’re on the right track to delight your mother. I can say this because you have avoided gifts for home, kitchen and the family in General, and have focused on something just for her and that provide self-esteem. And the best option is certainly surprised with a fine semijoia! As the universe of semijoia is very wide and can easily make a mistake in choosing with the gift, here are nine tips for your present be unforgettable! (more…)

Rock in Rio Bracelet: What You Need to Know

Finally, the biggest festival in Brazil has adopted an accessory that has long been seen in the biggest festivals in the world: the bracelet. As of this edition, access to Rock in Rio will be made using a bracelet with RFID technology, equipped with a chip that allows to carry out transactions through radiofrequency. With the Rock in Rio bracelet you will have your access to the validated Rock City at the entrance of the festival and also participate in actions within the event.

Life Prolonging Measures for the Watch

Even though the Austrian writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach once realized that a silent clock also displays the correct time twice a day and can look back on a long series of successes after years. The balance of ticking clocks is still much better. But what are the points that must be considered when dealing with the watch, in order to enjoy as long as possible its (mechanical) timepiece?

By Blog to Blog-Nissi Mendes Wears Jewelry Jewelry Pirates

If you diligently read our blog, then I am almost certain that this is the only one that you regularly read. Of course, blogs are nowadays not more away to think and give much pleasure the bloggers and their readers. We are very proud that we must be present for the first time in a non-blog with our great jewelry. And we wouldn’t want to deprive of course the great photos you: (more…)

Jewelry by Tiffany: the World-Famous Jeweler

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and then a pair of beautiful Earrings from America’s world famous tradition for fine jewelry. Since 1837, this jewelry store offers not only the world of women. Who puts much emphasis on high-quality, individual, perfectly processed gold and silver ware, is in good hands at Tiffanys. Whether bracelets, necklaces, rings or the like, here dreams come true. (more…)