Maserati Time: Fashion And Luxury

Elegance, design, impressive architecture and luxury is what we see in the Soumaya Museum of the city of Mexico, so this was the perfect setting to discover the new collection of watches Maserati arriving in our country, each clock reflects the sophisticated design, innovative solutions, and the attention to detail that Maserati models inspire, this becomes in the features of the new collections of watches.


What Are The Dangers of Elastic Bracelets

The sets of elastic bracelets is turning into a fever among children and teenagers a bit everywhere and I came to Brazil. With these little rubber bands you can make countless creations, from bracelets of various formats to various figures, such as minions, hearts, strawberries and even penguins. You can make these bracelets with your fingers, forks, clothes pegs, pencils and pens or using a loom for these creations. But much has spoken about the dangers that these rubber bands can cause to the health of children. Check out the following article of a what are the dangers of elastic straps.


ASUS Zenwatch 3 on The Wrist

With beautiful design, fast battery charging and high quality screen, Asus smartwatch costs $ 1,999

The Asus entered the Brazilian market for smart watches with not one, but two models . The most expensive is ZenWatch 3, aimed at the luxury market. With a suggested retail price of $ 1,999, it features a circular display, a quick-charging battery and a stainless steel design that made it one of the most beautiful smartwatches I’ve ever seen.

Is ZenWatch 3 good? I’ve been using the Asus watch in the last few weeks and I’m counting my impressions on this short review. (more…)

Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

Despite the focus on fitness, Gear Fit is also useful in day-to-day life.
At this year’s MWC, Samsung has announced two new smartwatches: one is the second version of Galaxy Gear, with changes made from user feedback. The second, the Gear Fit, a smart clock focused on exercises, but still useful for those who do not exercise so much thanks to their connection to the smartphone.
I spent the last week using Gear Fit and then I tell you what the experience was like. (more…)

Surface of Pearls

Factor Value 5

The cultured pearls are organic, so it’s not surprising that they present characteristics of the surface and can be of very different kinds:

– Abrasions: A series of scratches on the surface of a pearl resulting from damage.
– Prominence: A lump, a bubble or a streak, generally very small in size.
– Spalling: a recess or an opening on the surface of the pearl.
– Split: a crack that reaches the surface or a fracture of the nacre, or a break or fracture in the nucleus.
– Flat Area: a flattened area on the surface of a perladi usually limited to influence the basic form.
– Empty: a zone in which the nacre has not covered the spherical core.
– Recess: a small notch or depression on the surface.
– Scratching: Thin groove or depression on the surface.
– Spot: Zone of nacre lighter, darker or duller than the surrounding area.
– Ripple: a major row or irregular wrinkle on the surface. (more…)

How to Adjust a Swatch Watch

Swatch is a brand of Swiss watches that had its boom in the world market, in the years 80-90, with a very aggressive marketing strategy and with affordable prices for a quality timepiece manufactured in Switzerland, country with a great tradition in this field.
With this guide we learn to adjust time, date and day on our Swatch watches. The guide is valid for all the watches collection Rebel, but also on nearly all the Sport Watches. In the few steps we learn to set our clocks. The Guide does not include steps to adjust chronographs.


About Fancy Watch

Mainly classical round pocket in his aesthetic model, the Watch has explored different forms in every moment of its long history and according to the different ways to wear it.

As a model, the Watch has chosen frequently in the shape of a square or rectangle, or oval or rounder shapes such as tonneau. But there was a time – in the first centuries of the great history of those who, with a little generic, were initially defined “watches from person” – in which the shape of the case was the main guideline for the creativity of watchmakers, goldsmiths, and lapidaries. (more…)

Apple Watch? Android Wear? Pebble? A Buying Advice

The Apple Watch, a Smartwatch with Android wear or would you prefer a pebble? CURVED helps you in choosing the appropriate Smartwatch.

Wearables are trendy and Apple fired him with the Apple Watch just tremendously. But the Cupertino Smartwatch is not the only smart watch that you can put her on the wrist. A look at the other models is worth and is sometimes necessary when you plug not the best smartphone in your Pocket have.


So You Your Apple Watch Uses As a Phone

Calls to the wristwatch? No problem, unless an Apple Watch adorns your wrist. Because calls to be the first Smartwatch from Cupertino by using the built-in speaker and microphone both receive and settle. And it’s also very easy to. In our guide we explain how you can use the telephone feature of Apple Watch and what special features available to you on the phone via Smartwatch available.


Tips for Buying Jewelry

For a woman to optimize her appearance, she can choose accessories that better suit her style and morphology. When talking about jewelry, it is a fact fully observed, since these accessories are able to offer a woman more shine, and that for any occasion.However, so that they can play entirely in your favor, you will have to know how to control your choice. The choice of a jewel is based on several important criteria, so that one can find the jewel that best fits with oneself. So, it is necessary to spend a little of his time for this study, if one wants to acquire jewelry that meet its true value.


Smart Watches Are Round to Seduce Consumers

They all have one goal: that the smart watches meet their customers out of the niche of tech junkies

Smart Watches, stars of the 2015 Edition of the great electronic lounge IFA to Berlin, opt for classic round box to differentiate the model (square) of Apple and trying to seduce the clientele.

Samsung, Motorola, LG, Asus, and Huawei will present the biggest technology salon in the world their latest models of ‘ smartwatches ‘, these clocks that enable, among other things, monitor the heartbeat, receive notifications, read SMS or see who’s calling on the mobile phone.


Types of Watches

Pilot, scuba diver or athlete? Different types of clocks for different people and occasions

Men’s watches are a huge market. Only in 2014 had sales of Swiss watches just over SEK 15 billion. Also, there is a clock that is one-fits-all. It’s all about personal preferences and what men’s watches you prefer. Decide what style you have in General which clock you choose. But even the event, such as wedding, job interview or a night out should decide which clock you choose.


Why Necklace is Important

The necklace is a universal jewelry and it has traditionally been used to show status and social class. In modern Sweden as a necklace a highly personal thing and something to wear because you feel like it. Thanks to the beautiful models known jewelry designers are taking up so everyone can choose a necklace that makes you feel a little extra nice. The necklaces can be stylish and designed for festive occasions such as weddings and parties, and they can have a unique character that is almost humorous. That there are so many different styles and models, it can hardly be content with a copy and that it is unnecessary. According to the top or shirt that you wear so you can match correctly with long or short chains and charms that might include a message…


Hugo Boss Watches

Want a watch brand?

Hugo boss is not a trade mark, it is among the biggest brands. Specializing on all models for men and women, it is sign of maturity and always up to your expectations. Next technology and innovation, it affects all personalities of the businessman athlete looking for classic style. Men or women sports, you never will separate you from your watch and you will not be disappointed. A reference model for athletic women, the watch hugo boss 5 Automatic Sports Five SYM787K1 reference among the most popular. With clasp folding clasps, it will not come off your handles and supports moisture thanks to its strap noble metals. This watch is completely matched with a jogging or other sports gear. A brand range awaits you, trendy products.