LED Traffic Lights

Who would have thought that an invention from the 60’s would be considered as an illumination of the future? The intense technological research has allowed the evolution of the LEDs and also the new devices that will use them. If you’ve read our article on LED TV, you already know how the application of diodes has raised the picture quality of televisions because they have a panel with thousands of lights, instead of having a single light source. To know more details about the new generation of televisions and see the comparison with the plasma television, accessLED TV, the sensation of 2010.

Methodology BIM and LED Lighting

For some years now building world is undergoing a revolution with the introduction of new tools that are changing the way people work.
BIM (Building Information Modeling English) is a complete information model that develops virtual models of a building and a large database that collects all the information relating to an architectural project. BIM Management methodology involves the application of standard processes ISO 21500, focusing them in each type of project. Until the appearance of the BIM projects, buildings developed by parties, using different programs and work teams to develop each phase of the project (plans, structure, facilities, budgets…) (more…)

Environments Decorated with LEDs

See our amazing post selection with 60 photos of environments decorated with LED lighting.Check it!

LED lighting has become a trend in decoration design, as well as combining comfort, it also brings sophistication and modernity to any room in the house. The led is an economical energy source because it has a long life, so it becomes a sustainable and economical option when compared to other technologies.

Review: New 7-Watt Philips LED Lamp as A 60-Watt “Incandescent” Bulbs Replacement

Now there’s a well-priced, efficient and compact Philips LED light the traditional 60-watt-“light bulbs” to – replace with only 7 Watt a challenge to the cheap competition. The test with laboratory values but reveals that these non-dimmable E27 retrofit has some weaknesses in the color reproduction as well as the Declaration of their brightness and mass.

Slim 3,99 Euro this non-dimmable Philips LED bulb cost late last week in many “Kaufland” book; their MSRP is 5.99 Euro: with only 7 watts, the Nameless E27 retrofitto with “warm white” color temperature 2700 Kelvin produce 806 lumen luminous fluxand be so a particularly cheap and energy-efficient successor of 60-watt incandescent. (more…)

Review: LEDON A66/13W – led “Bulb” for Bright Minds

A dimmable LED replacement for 60-watt incandescent lamps is the new top of the LEDON product range: The A66-“Pear” makes light power from 13 Watts about 800 lumens, shines with high color fidelity and a wide viewing angle.

Since January,retrofitspecialists LEDON is clear, where the journey goes in theMeanwhile Independent Austrian led: Consistently high lighting quality, greater half value angle at the circular lamps, new lamps and packaging design with color code Strip for the different variants, even more customer information than in the past. What has not changed: above-average development, material and overhead – associated partly also fairer, stronger dimensions and proud prices. (more…)

LED Instead Of Light Bulb-How Do I Find The Right Replacement?

How do I find the right LED as a replacement for my light bulb? This question has already been asked by all who are slowly and surely converting to environmentally friendly and energy-saving LEDs. The exchange is not quite easy, since one has to pay attention to other criteria when buying, than at that time with the light bulb. We explain step by step how to find the right LED replacement for its light bulb. (more…)

LED White Lights

Reminder of the different ways to get a white light with an led.

-1: combine an LED emitting a short wavelength (in blue) with a yellow phosphor, phosphorus generally.

-2: combine an LED emitting in the ultraviolet close coupled to one or more phosphors.

-3: combining at least three LEDs emitting visible wavelengths which combine to give a white light, generally red + green + blue. (more…)

Night Light for Baby

The first time where our little heart has arrived at home, he fell asleep very easily. After the feeding of the night, a small hug was enough for what he falls asleep in my arms. I had to put it into bed, turn out the lights and let him sleep. Then little by little, he woke up and no longer wanted to be left alone in his room at night. He cried as soon as we turned the light and demanded arms. It was then that cradle and sing him lullabies… The purchase of a night light is then imposed on us. We thought that it would be more effective than us, and that if it could help baby fall asleep easier then it would be worth investing in one of them! But which one to choose? Nowadays there are so many on the market!


DIY Christmas Candles

In the House decked out for Christmas, a place of honor belongs definitely to the candles. And if candles are homemade, the party will be even more beautiful. Candles of each color, made of wax that fits perfectly with orange slices and berries, leaves and petals to invent more perfumed candles but also candles made with the help of ice that will serve to make holes or sponged effect that will make them so special and they definitely have the right atmosphere to our House.


Tinkering With LED Light: 3 Summer Decorating For Balcony & Garden

Whether to grilling, celebrate or relax-there is scarcely anything more beautiful to end cozy on the terrace as a summer day. As long as the atmosphere is true. And how to make better a cosy atmosphere, with a few stylish lighting elements. Here, we show you three simple ideas, which you have implemented in no time and for that, you need little more than what exists in the budget anyway. (more…)

LED Light Chain

LED light chain-decorating for any occasion

Just at Christmas time popular LED light chain always rising. Christmas decoration are made grossly underestimated in the form of traditional fairy lights from energy? 24 hours the lights burn in the homes and in the streets and if they are equipped with conventional lighting, the next electricity bill in the height is driven. Here only a LED light chain can remedy this. Because they save up 90% Engeriekosten, compared to conventional lights. This saves not only money on the next electricity bill, but at the same time also the environment. Because less power consumption means less CO ² emissions.


OLED Light Source

Given the enormous progress that within a few years in the development of

Scored LED lighting technology, it will take much longer, in the opinion of many, to the organic light emitting diodes, abbreviated OLED, are sufficiently mature that they also with us
to keep home collection.

In the organic light is extremely thin light sources, the glare-free,
donate area light with very good color rendering properties. The variability of the
light color as well as the extremely low heat generation make OLED panels also a versatile bulbs.


Energy Saving with LED Lights

Fact: It’s out again dark. While we have already overcome annual light rock bottom, no? Fall victim not the winter madness, quickly everywhere make for light. And even new life arises-especially in the electricity meter. So like it was? What type of lamp again how much light and need how much power for this? Otherwise what to observe?

The old standard for domestic lighting is still the immediately (which gradually disappears Yes according to EU regulation ).


Tax Deduction LED Lights

Tax deduction about led lighting systems is not unique nor specific. This is due to the fact that there is currently a law or a decree that makes express reference to led lamps.

However, in the context of restructuring and upgrading, you can make purchases for led lighting systems and subsequently the deduction.
You should remember that the led lighting has several benefits: it does not pollute, save energy compared to other lighting systems, low maintenance costs, has a lifespan of up to 50,000 or 100,000 hours and high luminous efficiency.


All About Solar Garden Lighting

Fancy small willing lights here and there to illuminate your garden pleasantly and give him an air of celebration? Discover all options to make the right choice!

Solar Garden Lighting, How Does It Work?

Working at the energy of the Sun, solar lights batteries recharge during the day to illuminate at night. They operate through a system of LED and solar sensors, which store energy under the influence of the Sun and her return when night falls, when lighting automatically thanks to a sensor of darkness. Practices to use and 100% ecological, solar lights can illuminate your garden without the need of connection to electric cables. There are 2 types of solar lights: solar terminals, small size or the floor lamp, more or less 1 meter of height, which the lighting power is stronger than the solar terminals. Choose them according to the light intensity you need.


OLED Lighting for Homes

O LED lighting and lamps are soon also private users.

The LED lighting is still one of the very young developments and has evolved in recent years into an everyday, low lighting style. LED lamps take so many forms, as she can be offered by any other technique. They look, like light bulbs, such as glow or as fluorescent tubes, are extremely small and competition make each string of lights and they can show large whole room ceiling in a creative light. It was only a matter of time before this technique was followed by further developments. The use of organic light-emitting diodes with the name of OLED is the latest technology with light-emitting diodes.


Guide to Garden Lighting


Place the lights in your garden depends primarily on the area you have available. The light, as we all know, is not only its task, namely to enlighten, but also creates atmosphere. How many times have we heard of hot or cold light. In fact with a dimmer knob you can arrive to the nuances of light best suited. It must be said that, at a time like the present, where economy and ecology are fundamental values, why not consider adoption of led street lights ? The LEDs are a great novelty, with regards to lighting, of these last few years and have been considerably widespread, low consumption. That we are proposing today is a guide to the Garden lights. (more…)