How to Save Electricity? Check Out Our 5 Tips!

In times of increase in light bill think of reducing electricity consumption is a very important task.With constant increases in tariffs and the application of red and yellow flags – with additional fees to be charged according to consumption – it is crucial to think of solutions to save electricity at home.

Some simple attitudes can leave you more prepared to face increases in the light bill.To help you with this task, we separate 5 tips on how to save electricity.Check it: (more…)

Westwing Guide to Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo is a versatile, beautiful material that encompasses many qualities, with the main strength being its environmental renewal and resilience. So when we talk about bamboo furniture and accessories, such as the bamboo lamp, for example, we are talking about a beautiful, sturdy accessory capable of demonstrating all its ecological concern with decoration, a very important aspect that dictates current trends. (more…)

Fenix Police Tactical Flashlight PD32

Compact size and powerful lighting the Fenix PD32 (2016 Edition) weighs only 87 grams with less than 14 centimeters, delivers 900 lumens of maximum illumination and incredible duration of charge in economy mode 260 hours all with a standard 18650 battery.With 5 light modes, configurable in the stainless steel side knob.All this allowed the PD32 2016 to be recognized worldwide as one of the best professional tactical flashlights ever produced.

Led Lighting, Economic and Ecological

Led lighting is a lighting economic and ecological provided by light-emitting diodes. This technology continues to innovate with new more efficient products. The point on this sustainable and efficient lighting.

Led bulbs: more energy efficient

The led bulb converts 80% of its energy in lighting thanks to its specific electronic components. The led bulb is so much less energy compared to other light sources. For example, in the traditional lighting, most of the energy of an incandescent bulb is consumed by the heat generated by the bulb. (more…)

LED Lighting in Offices

We will try here to give some hints and tips for the proper use of LED lighting in offices.
Before raising or a lighting project led in offices is important to know what type of activity will be developed in each space, how many workers will be, the distribution and location of tables and furniture.The more information you have, the better the result of the planning of lighting. (more…)

Light Believes T6 3200lm

Much more light better, that seems to be the motto of the bikers that have increasingly better lighting didn’t hesitate to buy increasingly light bulbs in the search more large and more powerful, as a sign of this light believed T6 3200 lm with five emitting leds, offers us a spotlight of fairly big size and with a lot of power for lighting.That’s enough? or is too much? (more…)

LED Traffic Lights

Who would have thought that an invention from the 60’s would be considered as an illumination of the future? The intense technological research has allowed the evolution of the LEDs and also the new devices that will use them. If you’ve read our article on LED TV, you already know how the application of diodes has raised the picture quality of televisions because they have a panel with thousands of lights, instead of having a single light source. To know more details about the new generation of televisions and see the comparison with the plasma television, accessLED TV, the sensation of 2010.

Methodology BIM and LED Lighting

For some years now building world is undergoing a revolution with the introduction of new tools that are changing the way people work.
BIM (Building Information Modeling English) is a complete information model that develops virtual models of a building and a large database that collects all the information relating to an architectural project. BIM Management methodology involves the application of standard processes ISO 21500, focusing them in each type of project. Until the appearance of the BIM projects, buildings developed by parties, using different programs and work teams to develop each phase of the project (plans, structure, facilities, budgets…) (more…)

Environments Decorated with LEDs

See our amazing post selection with 60 photos of environments decorated with LED lighting.Check it!

LED lighting has become a trend in decoration design, as well as combining comfort, it also brings sophistication and modernity to any room in the house. The led is an economical energy source because it has a long life, so it becomes a sustainable and economical option when compared to other technologies.

Review: New 7-Watt Philips LED Lamp as A 60-Watt “Incandescent” Bulbs Replacement

Now there’s a well-priced, efficient and compact Philips LED light the traditional 60-watt-“light bulbs” to – replace with only 7 Watt a challenge to the cheap competition. The test with laboratory values but reveals that these non-dimmable E27 retrofit has some weaknesses in the color reproduction as well as the Declaration of their brightness and mass.

Slim 3,99 Euro this non-dimmable Philips LED bulb cost late last week in many “Kaufland” book; their MSRP is 5.99 Euro: with only 7 watts, the Nameless E27 retrofitto with “warm white” color temperature 2700 Kelvin produce 806 lumen luminous fluxand be so a particularly cheap and energy-efficient successor of 60-watt incandescent. (more…)

Review: LEDON A66/13W – led “Bulb” for Bright Minds

A dimmable LED replacement for 60-watt incandescent lamps is the new top of the LEDON product range: The A66-“Pear” makes light power from 13 Watts about 800 lumens, shines with high color fidelity and a wide viewing angle.

Since January,retrofitspecialists LEDON is clear, where the journey goes in theMeanwhile Independent Austrian led: Consistently high lighting quality, greater half value angle at the circular lamps, new lamps and packaging design with color code Strip for the different variants, even more customer information than in the past. What has not changed: above-average development, material and overhead – associated partly also fairer, stronger dimensions and proud prices. (more…)

LED Instead Of Light Bulb-How Do I Find The Right Replacement?

How do I find the right LED as a replacement for my light bulb? This question has already been asked by all who are slowly and surely converting to environmentally friendly and energy-saving LEDs. The exchange is not quite easy, since one has to pay attention to other criteria when buying, than at that time with the light bulb. We explain step by step how to find the right LED replacement for its light bulb. (more…)