Bubble Rain Shower Head

This is the story of the Bubble Rain , the new star under the water par shower heads, or as Malte used to say some time ago:

“Geilo, what kind of thing is here? Bubble Rain? We must have man! The rain shower Bubble Rain – mega horny … Ingo (the other fraction of the Dortmund grouping) come here, look at this Bubble Rain! This is the hammer, or is the thing not cool ?!-we must have it. “


Decorating with Pillows Ideas


When you have a whole new House, there is always a desire to furnish it in an original and unique. Furnishing a home is really fun, but you must always follow a certain type of style if you do not want to pair together a series of elements that jar completely. One of the best ideas for decorating the House, is to insert the pillows. In this guide we will show you 10 special ideas for decorating your home with these elements. (more…)

How to Decorate Walls with Stickers

How to decorate the walls with Stickers: we need an original idea to paint and give life to the white walls of our House, tired of doing the usual touch-up painting now let’s see together how we can decorate the walls with beautiful wall decals, wall stickers are used to cover the walls.

The Stickers aren’t just decorations for masonry walls, but on any surface while it is smooth and well cleaned, (mirrors, doors, furniture and appliances). On the market we find a varied choice, very easy to put on and does not require any special experience and even less of a lot of work


Christmas Decoration Stickers

Now it’s  Christmas and, as always, try accessories that distinguish our house from the others, making it unique and special. The stickers are a Christmas decoration that is often used to make all the Christmas and cozy rooms and make the most joyful and lively atmosphere than the other days of the year. Snowflakes, reindeer and snow-covered trees will perfectly decorate your windows, walls or front doors perfectly welcoming all who observe them with the immediate joy and happiness to your guests as well as to your family. Dalani loves the Christmas decorations


Choose a Bathroom Wallpaper

If tiling is long and tedious, that paint the walls limit the impulses of creativity, it is now possible to ask of the wallpaper in the bathroom.

If tiling is long and tedious, that paint the walls limit the impulses of creativity, it is now possible to ask of the wallpaper in the bathroom. A simple and effective idea to rejuvenate the piece to condition however to choose appropriate wallpaper. What subjects to choose for a paper painted bathroom? In a bathroom, the humidity is maximum. Traditional


Wall Clock for Decoration

Wall Clock

The wall clock is now no longer just a tool to see the current time in any room. Increasingly, this clock is used also for decoration. Especially in the living room and the kitchen wall clocks are used. Because the clock is no longer used for indicating time, many designers have established themselves that have created real works of art from this practical subject. To every furnishing style and many rooms appropriately, you can find wall clocks, combining practical use with improvement of living comfort.


Spheres Hilo

In recent years, these areas have become one of the crafts with balloons most used as they serve to decorate for special occasions such as weddings, romantic dinners, etc. Besides you can place them in a bowl of glass and are a nice centerpiece.


  • balloons
  • Yarn (other than very thin, can be yarn or rope)
  • Liquid glue
  • Water
  • Scissors


  1. To begin, we must mix the liquid glue with water (80% and 20%).
  2. Blow up the balloon the size you want your sphere.
  3. Now dip the thread, yarn or rope to the mixture of glue and water until it is wet and see placing on the globe.
  4. Go round the globe with the wire and into the shape you want.
  5. When you get the shape you want, let dry the area for 24 hours.You can let it dry on waxed paper and turn itconstantly or hang a thread tying the balloon so that it will not stick to any surface.
  6. When dry, pop the balloon and remove the remains.

This craft is very versatile and decorative, light can place him in and use as a lamp, make color and decorate parties or children’s rooms, or make them white and add flowers for a wedding.


Newspaper Baskets

If you like to recycle materials and make beautiful crafts , with only some shredded newspaper and a little patience, you can create these amazing baskets to give you want and use a little decorating your home.


  • Rolled strips of newspaper
  • Glue
  • Plastic paint
  • Brushes
  • Scissors



  1. The first step is tomake many skinny rolls of paper, for it took a sheet of paper and roll up and pressed.
  1. With the glue ensure the winding, recúbrelos with some glue.
  1. Once the rolled newspaper must braiding, placed parallel a lot of paper rolls and other perpendicularly intersecting strips, when you get a good picture paste.
  1. Dale basket shape folding the flaps up.Secure them with a little glue and let them dry.
  1. Once ready, we apply the paint for strength and are ready these crafts newspaper.

This craft is very simple and with it much reciclarás newspaper also these baskets are very resistant so you can save them many different things as magazines, craft materials, spools of thread, etc.


Newspaper Lamp

This lamp is very original and easy to make, will help to illuminate and decorate any room in your home or office or studio and you can also recycle newsprint with this craft . If you like green crafts, no doubt this will be one of your favorites.


  • Three round racks, two small and one medium
  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Paperboard
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Scissors
  • waxy varnish


  1. First cut several circles on newsprint the size you want.
  2. Make the same number and size of circles on the cardboard.
  3. Glue the circles around the wooden racks, and sees them together to form a circle.
  4.  Let the glue dry and varnishing.

This is a very original craft that will give a soft light to any room, by design letters can place it in study rooms and will look very nice; furthermore reciclarás a lot of newspaper to make.


Organizer Newspaper Office

Containers to accommodate papers, pencils, paper clips and other office supplies, never are unnecessary, are very useful and often costly. That is why we present this craft super economic, ecological and simple so that with sheets of newspaper you no longer use, you can create your own office organizer.


  • News paper
  • Cardboard toilet paper rolls
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Glue
  • Varnish wood color
  • Kabob sticks
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Water


  1. Cover with newspaper and a mixture of 50% water and 50% white glue, boxes and cardboard tubes. It gives several layers.
  2. Small Make thin rolls of paper and see covering the surface of the boxes and rolls of paper.
  3. Once dry, paint with colored varnish wood to give this appearance.
  4. Let dry.

This is a very simple craft and you can decorate the way you like; if you prefer, paint it with bright and colorful and so may be a nice decoration that will be very useful. You can store many other things, even small children’s toys. Indoor newspaper will be very tough.


String Containers

If you are looking to give your home a decorative touch peculiar we recommend these simple crafts to place coins, potpourri, keys, or anything you can think of them.


  • 1 meter thick rope (approximately)
  • 1 container (preferably a bowl do not use)
  • Silicone gun and hot silicone
  • Thick hemp yarn type of a color different rope
  • Scissors


  1. Start bycutting a long piece (about two meters, approximately) and enrróllalo hemp yarn around the rope. Be sure not to leave spaces between each turn of wire, and make sections of this decoration every 10 or 15 centimeters of rope, ensuring that they are not all the same distance.
  1. With the rope, giving several turns of the mold base, holding the latter upside down. When you arrive at the foot of the base of the bowl, continues “down” on the outside of it. Both see each rope sticking on itself, not on the mold.
  1. Once you’ve finished, cut the end of the rope and put glue to prevent unraveling.
  1. Remove your bowl and let it dry.


The most important of these simple crafts is that its material know you got close, you can customize so that suit each special event or just for decorating your home.


Paper Round Lamps

These round lamps are very striking and beautiful, plus they are a craft very simple to do and you can decorate your house to celebrate a birthday.


  • Keg paper color you want
  • white glue
  • Needle
  • Tape
  • Balloon


  1. Cut the barrel in each color, in long strips.
  2. Glue them one by one on the inflated balloon, you can go alternating colors.
  3. Once glued all semicircles, runs a hand glue on all paper.
  4. Let dry thoroughly and carefully the balloon bursts.
  5. Make two holes with the needle at the top of the lamp and the tape goes out there to hang.

This craft is very simple to make and can help you and your children and decorate the party with colorful lamps and different sizes. Hang them at different heights and alternating colors to enliven your decor.


Wall Decoration Timber

The wall decorations are very useful, especially to decorate nurseries or children ‘s parties, and there are many craft with which you can make your own ornaments and not spend much money.


  • A round wooden
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Fabric scraps
  • Tape
  • Cuts lyrics
  • Decoupage glue
  • Scissors


  1. Paint the wood with paint acríclica color you want.
  2. Subsequently, a circle fabric paste size of the top face of the timber.If the fabric is printed it will give a much more striking appearance adornment.
  3. After paste decoration you want in different patterns with fabric swatches, you can place the name of your children or a cute phrase like “I love you”.
  4. Finish decorating with ribbon and put a little in the back so you can hang iton the wall.

This craft has many variations as you can choose many different fabrics and geometric figures as a base, you can even get shaped wooden flower or heart and give a new style to the decor.


Tribal Faces Cardboard

This is one of the crafts with cardboard more creative and decorative of all, it is a bit more complicated to make, but with practice and imagination can create something amazing.


  • Cardboard tubes
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Painting
  • Water
  • Brushes


  1. Make three small cuts to simulate the eyes and mouth, from there you sculpt everything around him.
  2. Manipulate and fold the roll to form the other features of the face, if you make it difficult, you can moisten the cardboard with some water and then continue. Not too humedezcas or cardboard break.
  3. If you find it very difficult to sculpt the face, you can go sticking newsprint soaked in water with glue and so gradually create the forms of the eyebrows, lips, forehead, etc.
  4. Leave the craft perfectly dry and then paint. If you wish, you can also paste the figures in a cardboard to keep them standing.

This craft is very original and allow you to recycle those leftover cardboard rolls of toilet paper or paper towels. Try them and see how the practice will become increasingly they will go better.


Wooden Clock

A watch is always useful in any part of the house, in addition, this craft serves perfectly as decoration and is very easy to make one with just some wood.


  • A piece of wood trunk
  • Painting
  • Varnish
  • Llija
  • Drill
  • Machine Clock
  • Pencil
  • Buttons (for hours)
  • screws


  1. Calculate half the wooden circle (you can use a piece of wood or any piece of wood) divide itinto 12 parts.
  2. Paste, if you wish, buttons on the marks you made, you can place small numbers paint or wood.
  3. Sand the clock and if you want, color it and barnízalo.
  4. To finish, make the hole in the center to enter the clock machine, put it and fasten with screws.

This craft will allow you to make a nice decoration for your home, you can give a rustic style or more modern varnishing only if the paint of any solid color that matches the rest of your decor.


Chinese Checkers Board with Wood

The craft wood give us infinite possibilities, not only for furniture but also games and decorations. Chinese checkers is one of the classic games that everyone entertains us play, and you can make your board in a very simple way.


  • flat wooden board
  • Six color latex paint
  • Varnish
  • Lija
  • Hammer
  • thick nail
  • Marbles of the same color paint
  • Pencil
  • Rule


  1. First good sandpaper the surface of the table.
  2. With the pencil draws a star in the table with six points, can draw a triangle first and then another on the previous and inverted.Then measures and extending lines that run from the ends of the peaks of the star to the other side thereof, as shown in the image.
  3. Using the hammer and nail, performs the corresponding number of holes as shown in the picture.The holes form when you insert the nail on the table and then SLEEPING with the rear of the hammer.
  4. Return to the table well sanded.
  5. Paint the board with six different colors.
  6. Varnish the board.
  7. The marbles will serve as chips to play.

This craft is very simple to make and will last a long time, you can play with your family on special occasions like birthdays or any evening you want to remember as special.

Shelf with Stairs

This craft is one of the most original of all because it allows you not only decorate your home with a very avant – garde style, but it will serve to recycle an old ladder and get a rack to put all sorts of things.


  • Staircase in A
  • Wooden planks
  • Varnish
  • Painting
  • cloves
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Mountain range
  • Squad


  1. Cut the planks long you want as long as they do not exceed by more than 50cm edges of the stairs. Wide, make sure you enter the spaces of the steps.
  2. Paint the ladder and planks colors you want.
  3. Once dry, barnízalos.
  4. Place the planks where they will go and secure them with nails and helping with the brackets so that they are straight.

You can choose from many styles to decorate this shelf that will serve to accommodate books, ornaments, pots and much more. Paint it a bright color to highlight your shelf and be sure conversation piece when you have guests.

Decorated Mirror with Wooden Pegs

Selling mirrors and decorated usually much more expensive than simple, which is why we find crafts simple to serve you to decorate yourself is ideal. Here we show you an easy and vintage way to decorate your mirrors without spending.


  • A plate or a circular wooden table,
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Acrylic paint
  • A round mirror
  • Brush
  • Varnish
  • silicone


  1. wood is painted color you want, this will be the base of the mirror.
  2. Pinta Tong color you want, if you are decorating a room or dining room, we recommend using a single color, but if it is for your children’s room, then use asmany colors as you like.
  3. Paste the wood mirror with silicone.
  4. Paste the clamps one after another on wood and of the mirror, make sure you are properly aligned.
  5. Varnish tweezers.

This craft is very simple and will help you have an original decoration in your home and will give a vintage touch to any space where you place it.

Figures for Refrigerator

These figures are one of the crafts easy you can create with very simple and cheap materials also can share a fun time and learning with your children.


  • Paperboard
  • Color foami
  • Painting
  • Markers
  • small magnets
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Diamantina or inflatable paint to decorate


  1. Draw the same figures on the carton and the foam can be anything, animals, faces, puzzle pieces, letters, etc.
  2. Cut outthe shapes and glue each figure foami on cardboard counterpart, this will make them more resilient and arenot bent.
  3. Cut outthe pieces, paint them with colors that you like and then decorate them with glitter, inflatable paint or whatever you want with your children can help in this step, surely they will enjoy it a lot.
  4. Wait until the paint has dried and paste a small magnet on the back of each piece.
  5. Once youare securely attached, place them in your refrigerator and you can move and play a lot with them.

This is a very simple and fast craft to do with you enjoy a fun time with your children. They can stick these magnets anywhere else metal, such as a board or kitchen cabinets.

Table Lamp with Foami

The lamps are essential elements in any home not only to illuminate rooms, but as a decorative element. If you have a lamp to which you want to change the style, try this craft to make a screen foami.


  • Foami leaves yellow, brown and green
  • Parchment paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Lamp
  • Wood burning
  • Wire


  1. Draw on yellow sunflowers foami or flowers of your choice, in the central coffee and green stem and leaves.
  2. Using a wood burning give texture to the petals and leaves.
  3. Make the wire with two circles of the same size.
  4. Assemble a cylinder with parchment paper and glue the ends.Une each end of the cylinder to a wire loop.
  5. Paste While sunflowers cylinder parchment.

This craft is very simple and sunflowers are perfect for rustic decorations. You can decorate the lamp as you like, even with children’s motifs for your children’s room.