Wallpaper Patterns

Smell of paint, splashes everywhere and countless newspaper sheets. This is the scenario for those who want to change the color of the wall using most types of paints on the market. The problem worsens, when before painting, it has to be scraped to remove the old coloration, wasting time and exposing the house to poor hygiene. To avoid all this mess, a cheaper, practical and efficient solution may be the placement of wallpaper. Let’s get tips on where to find discount wallpaper templates. (more…)

Wall Stickers for Decoration-Where to Buy

Currently decorative are a strong trend in decorating environments, smart and modern, a great option for decorating an environment without spending a lot. They are easy to apply and very versatile, with many different colors, sizes and designs, make possible the renewal of the environments and give a special touch without the dirt and the breaking of the reforms, in addition to being much better than the old wallpaper.


Wall Stickers: How to Put

When the years and looked at our House, we see that there’s something missing, something of a different look. So we decided to paint the House, yes that changes a lot, brings a joy and a better visual. But after the House painted, again we look at the walls and we want to decorate them. There is entering what will be shown here. The wall stickers are ideal to change the look and bring satisfaction and fill that vacant space on the wall.


Cuckoo Clock

Time is in everything, even though the need to tell time is a millennial necessity, necessarily human, arising from our mortal needs, such as the ideal time to plant and also to harvest food; To count the moons cycle and the respective periods of tides; And even to know where we were, who we were, where we go, how we go, etc.


Scratch Map – Personalized World Map

Scratch card was founded in 2009 and since then undergoes serious development.

Whether your goal is to delete all countries in the world attach it to the wall, bringing inspiration pateshestvenicheski your dreams or want to scratch the United States state after state-creators and know how to create the perfect scratch card for everyone. Scratch cards are a unique gift and look great as deleted and intact.


Wall Clock with Fabric

No one likes to miss an important appointment, isn’t it? How about join business with pleasure and decorate your home with your own style? Be it with custom fabric with transfer of some special, as your favorite print and don’t forget to put buttons that match the decor. Come learn how to make a wall clock with fabric in just a minute. That’s right! Super fast and easy. Come on? (more…)

Environments Decorated with LEDs

See our amazing post selection with 60 photos of environments decorated with LED lighting.Check it!

LED lighting has become a trend in decoration design, as well as combining comfort, it also brings sophistication and modernity to any room in the house. The led is an economical energy source because it has a long life, so it becomes a sustainable and economical option when compared to other technologies.