How to Teach Your Dog to Make a Kiss?

Discover a quiet and clever trick to teach your dog: making the kisses with the truffle!

It is a stimulating activity for your dog to learn new tricks. More a dog learns, he can learn. And for him, it is both a game and a challenge. However, you taught him the most important and useful tricks and looking for a new? Make your dog a great guest teaching “Kiss”: a quiet and affectionate tour that should appeal to all your friends! (more…)

Review: New 7-Watt Philips LED Lamp as A 60-Watt “Incandescent” Bulbs Replacement

Now there’s a well-priced, efficient and compact Philips LED light the traditional 60-watt-“light bulbs” to – replace with only 7 Watt a challenge to the cheap competition. The test with laboratory values but reveals that these non-dimmable E27 retrofit has some weaknesses in the color reproduction as well as the Declaration of their brightness and mass.

Slim 3,99 Euro this non-dimmable Philips LED bulb cost late last week in many “Kaufland” book; their MSRP is 5.99 Euro: with only 7 watts, the Nameless E27 retrofitto with “warm white” color temperature 2700 Kelvin produce 806 lumen luminous fluxand be so a particularly cheap and energy-efficient successor of 60-watt incandescent. (more…)

Bubble Rain Shower Head

This is the story of the Bubble Rain , the new star under the water par shower heads, or as Malte used to say some time ago:

“Geilo, what kind of thing is here? Bubble Rain? We must have man! The rain shower Bubble Rain – mega horny … Ingo (the other fraction of the Dortmund grouping) come here, look at this Bubble Rain! This is the hammer, or is the thing not cool ?!-we must have it. “


Review: LEDON A66/13W – led “Bulb” for Bright Minds

A dimmable LED replacement for 60-watt incandescent lamps is the new top of the LEDON product range: The A66-“Pear” makes light power from 13 Watts about 800 lumens, shines with high color fidelity and a wide viewing angle.

Since January,retrofitspecialists LEDON is clear, where the journey goes in theMeanwhile Independent Austrian led: Consistently high lighting quality, greater half value angle at the circular lamps, new lamps and packaging design with color code Strip for the different variants, even more customer information than in the past. What has not changed: above-average development, material and overhead – associated partly also fairer, stronger dimensions and proud prices. (more…)

About Caesarean Section

Naturally or by caesarean section: Not always the expectant Mama’s choice. Must be operated, the pregnant women has many questions to the caesarean section itself and the process before and after the surgery.

About one in three children in Germany is born by caesarean section. The operation has become the routine operation and relatively low risk. Although most women prefer natural birth, more and more for a scheduled C-section – decide he is absolutely necessary.


Sugary Ideas For The Cake Buffet

The eye not only eats, it also enjoys! – And numerous occasions offer you the opportunity to prove this with your cake buffet. Whether for a birthday, for a wedding, for schooling or for the summer festival, no matter what the occasion, finest pastries make the day something special. With loving decorations the favorite pastry can be turned into a magical work of art for every celebration. The sweet cake decoration is the icing on the cake, which will make your loved one smile on the faces and make for a sweet eye-catcher on every coffee table. Together with our partner Dr. Oetker, we will give you practical tips, inspiring recipes and useful background knowledge for decorating cakes, cakes, muffins and biscuits over the coming months. Be curious!


LED Instead Of Light Bulb-How Do I Find The Right Replacement?

How do I find the right LED as a replacement for my light bulb? This question has already been asked by all who are slowly and surely converting to environmentally friendly and energy-saving LEDs. The exchange is not quite easy, since one has to pay attention to other criteria when buying, than at that time with the light bulb. We explain step by step how to find the right LED replacement for its light bulb. (more…)

LED White Lights

Reminder of the different ways to get a white light with an led.

-1: combine an LED emitting a short wavelength (in blue) with a yellow phosphor, phosphorus generally.

-2: combine an LED emitting in the ultraviolet close coupled to one or more phosphors.

-3: combining at least three LEDs emitting visible wavelengths which combine to give a white light, generally red + green + blue. (more…)

Night Light for Baby

The first time where our little heart has arrived at home, he fell asleep very easily. After the feeding of the night, a small hug was enough for what he falls asleep in my arms. I had to put it into bed, turn out the lights and let him sleep. Then little by little, he woke up and no longer wanted to be left alone in his room at night. He cried as soon as we turned the light and demanded arms. It was then that cradle and sing him lullabies… The purchase of a night light is then imposed on us. We thought that it would be more effective than us, and that if it could help baby fall asleep easier then it would be worth investing in one of them! But which one to choose? Nowadays there are so many on the market!


DIY Christmas Candles

In the House decked out for Christmas, a place of honor belongs definitely to the candles. And if candles are homemade, the party will be even more beautiful. Candles of each color, made of wax that fits perfectly with orange slices and berries, leaves and petals to invent more perfumed candles but also candles made with the help of ice that will serve to make holes or sponged effect that will make them so special and they definitely have the right atmosphere to our House.


Decorating with Pillows Ideas


When you have a whole new House, there is always a desire to furnish it in an original and unique. Furnishing a home is really fun, but you must always follow a certain type of style if you do not want to pair together a series of elements that jar completely. One of the best ideas for decorating the House, is to insert the pillows. In this guide we will show you 10 special ideas for decorating your home with these elements. (more…)