Ciate Velvet Manicure Set

A wonderful news for the nails comes from ciate, dedicated to nail art brand that has already been hugely successful few months ago with the set to make the caviar nail; now launched the fashion effect velvet with the set “Velvet Manicure”.

China Glaze Christmas 2011

It is shortly to Christmas and China Glaze launches a new collection of enamels Christmas-themed, a special thought to give. The collection Let it Snow kit includes several glazes signed China Glazerecalling the Christmas and the festive atmosphere of this wonderful day. In total, the gift boxes are 12 and contain from 2…
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Newspaper Nails

Nails newspaper is simple and original design to carry in any season, experiment with this fun lettering design on your nails. Materials: Newspaper Scissors clearcoat nude or varnish, white light pink Alcohol Container or glass container

Nail Fashion

Our hands are one of the smallest details that manage to give a picture of us. That’s why today we present the latest trends in textures and finishes for nail design and look so spectacular hands. Decorating techniques There are a variety of techniques…
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