The best summer fragrances for men’s 2015

Balmain Man: The freshness of bergamot blends with smoky notes of Saffron and nutmeg.

With the perfect summer scent, it behaves like with the right outfit: mostly airy and light. Therefore uncomplicated Water of Bathroom are recommended for the day and more intense Water of Colognes for the evening. What new Mr perfumes this summer especially well play the fragrance keyboard, we have found out for you… (more…)

5 Brands to Take Care of Your Beauty and Life

Every day, we–women and men–we’re taking care of beauty. Yes, it’s a moisturizer, lotion, here a lip balm, makeup, and many other products that end up becoming part of our routine. But what many still don’t think is that behind these products, there are several substances not only bad for our body (substances that can cause cancer, for example), but which were used very bad forms of testing and production (such as the use of animal products entirely bizarre as, urine, placenta and the terrible animal testing).


Cat’s Eyes

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a denial for all that concerns the area of beauty-read make, creams, brush, babyliss … Anyway, since adolescence was counting on the goodwill of a few friends to give me a hand in time to get ready for parties and ballads. But reading, writing and living sets, we start to be inspired and have that Willy to try the new features, new looks and give that up in production.


Methods to Shaving the Eyebrows

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eyebrow hairs grow four times more slowly than the rest of the body, but in spite of this delay when they appear we don’t want for out of place and so resorted to various methods of hair removal to keep them always with a precise and defined. But have you ever stopped to think what the consequences of this waxing and what the most appropriate method to shave this area?


Makeup Dark Eyes and Large, Colors That Enhance the Look

If your eyes are dark and large check out the colors and makeup right for you!

The dark eyes and big well suited to intense colors, but also clearer, as long as they are used in the right way. We see all the shades for a make up impeccable!

The ideal color for dark eyes and big is definitely the Brown that enhances the look and is perfect for both day and evening makeup. Even the Blue night, the ultramarine blue and even electric blue, are ideal, especially if you have hair and dark complexion. (more…)

Bridal Makeup Trends 2014, All the News 

Next to the wedding? The most glamorous bridal makeup trends 2014 are primarily two, on the one hand the bride on the other that SOAP and water look more eccentric that focuses heavily on the colors strong and resolute. I mean nude look against smokey eye.

Next spring many of you tie the knot, and between investments, flowers, and organization of tables, there is always something that is forgotten or overlooked, and often at the expense of dress, hair and makeup, the only things that we can afford to think only a few months before the wedding, but we have to do it all too quickly. If you haven’t had still no way to do a makeup test or get an idea about the kind of ideal makeup for the wedding day, this article devoted to wedding makeup trends 2014 could prove very valuable. (more…)

Makeup and Contact Lenses, All the Tips and Advice

Makeup and contact lenses, all the tips and advice to avoid redness and abrasions inside the eye. The application of cosmetics to the phase of de makeup, here’s what you need to know if habitually wear the lenses.

Relax, don’t panic. Actually there are no true contraindications to makeup for those who wear contact lenses, although more careful and strict hygiene standards should be followed and should pay close attention to the choice of cosmetics. Here’s everything you need to know. (more…)

Coffee For a Perfect Skin Mask

Hello Fashionistas,
I am sure that many of you love nature so much like me, it brings incredible benefits and can do at home which is fantastic, for this reason today I want to share with you not only one of my favorite, if not masks the most easy and quick to do that I’m sure will love, because few of us us is annoying every time you a new granite or whenever skin shines us? and we always want to have smooth skin, avoiding lines, this mask is excellent for fix brightness, tone the skin and eliminate these annoying bumps that will not let us continue with our day. (more…)