Hairstyles for Short Hair Footsteps

Short hair can be a bit tricky to comb a few times but with creativity and these ideas can discover new ways to fix it without complicate and beautiful look at formal events or normal days.

side chignon

This chignon for short hair is quick to make and very elegant. Riza slightly and gives your hair a little volume at the crown.Begins to twist your hair from the lower left to the right and hold.Place the remaining hair in the same direction, you can do it by sections to be easier.


No Heat Waves

Look perfect waves in the hair is one of the trends in hairstyles that never goes out of fashion, but sometimes to achieved it is necessary to subject the hair to high temperatures that harm, so here we will give some options to show off a hair with waves without using heat.

with Tape

This procedure is very simple, first brush your hair to remove any knots, it is preferable that the hair is still a little wet, put a ribbon in your head as shown and seen tucking hair around until end all and that you have left a kind of Greek chignon, allowed to dry or apply heat to the dryer and remove the tape. Apply some mousse and comb with your hands, you get thick waves and natural.


Top 8 Hairstyles for Spring

Trends change every year, keep fashion is not easy, but if you try to look for what fits you sure you’ll look beautiful. Today we present 8 hairstyles for this spring comfortable, stylish and very fashionable you are .

8. Loose Hair

Seem obvious but sometimes is not so fashionable to wear my hair, sometimes takes style wet but this spring loose hair and natural is the best trends / , if you want it to look different can opt for braiding the night and the next day will be a soft waves that could give hair a different look, you can wear headbands or Head Scarf as they are accessories that will be fashionable.


Vintage Hairstyles

Past trends continue in our days, sample, vintage hairstyles that were created in other years and to date remain. Here are some of the hairstyles that are here to stay for long in the taste of women. Enjoy them!

Rockabilly style

Waves lining loose manes or collected with bangs daring, flirtatious inspired by pin-up girls or cheesecake. The predominant colors are red passion, platinum blond and black jet black.


Top 12 Hairstyles Easy

To us we always like to be arranged, although often for lack of time is not possible we make do much as we wanted and this includes that we can not make us different hairstyles, that’s why here are some options for hairstyles easy.

12. hippie style

It is one of the most cute and easy hairstyles easy to do, since you only require a few pins with which prendes two front locks back and presto! You can also put a touch like a flower.


5 Minute Hairstyles

All women we like to look good, but sometimes do not have much time available to invest in our peinado. Por this, we share six options for hairstyles that can be done in 5 minutes.

Side Braid

This option is very functional, can take it for a dinner, the university or work. Divide the hair cup taking a lock and braid down the remaining hair. Tied with a rubber band and gently expands the braid sideways. Place a strip on the back end and you’re ready.


Hairstyles Simple Step by Step

If you have an important event or do not know how to comb your hair to go to school, work or anywhere else we bring hairstyles simple but spectacular here do that without any problem because they are very practical.

Fish Braid

A braid will look good wherever you go. Divide your hair into two parts, again, at each end divide your hair into two. Start intersperse the strands of hair from outside to inside until you have a braid.


Hairstyles for Heat

To look cool and stylish in this hot weather, no need to cut your hair or having to pick a boring bun. So here we show in June hairstyles for heat easy to perform.

The upside down braided bum

Keeping a bun hot weather is the easiest option, however it is not the same unkempt use one to imprint a unique label that you stand out from the others. That is the upside down braided bun, consisting of braiding your hair from the bottom up and finish with a bun.


A Piece of art for Hair

Foreword: I am not a fan of the genre. Or rather, I have not yet managed to make me a clear opinion, when in fact, to think of it, there’s nothing more ecological and pacifist usage of the first waste material that comes directly from the… body. So what’s wrong with your hair recycle? What is it that makes us, if not freeze, at least to cool a bit ‘the blood in front of these images? Maybe it’s because the hair, when they are not in the lead, are a symptom of health problems or even diseases? Well, maybe we should hear the opinion of a psychologist.


10 Best Side Hairstyles

A good hairstyle will highlight more the shine and texture of your hair, just as when using accessories. That’s why using one of these hairstyles aside, it will create a different but very chic look, so do not hesitate to try the one you like.

10. Loose Hair

With this style your hair will always look elegant, it looks pretty good both with curly, wavy or straight hair, it is also very easy to do. Switch sides from time to time and see that looks different and beautiful.


Top 10 Hairstyles for the Office

Are you tired of always look the same? We leave 10 easy hairstyles  to see you cute in the office. Reinvent your look with these practical styles and spectacular look in those days where work commitments, joints and stress not leave you time for anything. Dare to them, you’ll notice are easy!

10. Braid pin

If you have long hair, this herringbone braid is ideal to wear. Not because braids, cease to be elegant; today this type of hairstyles are trending. It is very easy to do, start with small segments and continues until braiding as shown in the image. If your workspace is small, it is ideal for those days where the heat is unbearable.


Natural Summer Makeup Look

The experience of beauty our site at The Space of Milan, with the tricks and tips of the expert to highlight the natural beauty for the perfect summer look.

In the heart of Milan, right in the pulsating center of the most “fashionable Milanese life,” you would not expect to find an oasis entirely dedicated to beauty. An oasis real because it protected from everyday life, hidden away from the hustle-bustle of the center yet located in one of the liveliest areas in Milan, in via Savona 97. The Space is the perfect setting for those seeking something different from the usual beauty treatments and hairstyle salons.
Behind all this there is a charming lady and full of energy. We went to meet with the director our site Luisa Pisano.

Abla Barka welcomed us in a spacious and modern loft, where the concept of salon de beauté blends with the design and fashion, within a space that lends itself to hosting exhibitions, photo shoots, events and openings. The experience Abla offers to its customers is to enhance the beauty in a different and unique characterizes every woman: it starts from the pampering shampoo with massage chairs that make it even more enjoyable classic moment of the shampoo; the next step involves a hair cocktail made ad hoc according to the color and type of hair, served in martini glasses. All accompanied by a sweet made service of organic fruit juices, drinks and snacks available at the bar at the entrance of the loft.


Hairstyles with Extensions

By this time we always look to see us very well and the hairstyle is something indispensable. Some hairstyles look better when you accompany extensions, to look an abundant mane.

Long waves

Wear an abundant mane often is often complicated when we have little hair or very thin. The waves in the hair no longer in fashion. All you have to do is undulate your hair first, then undulate extensions. Once combed your hair separates into three layers and each tie a small crepe to place extensions with clip, add some hairspray and ready. You’ll look amazing.


Hairstyles for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an important opportunity to reunite the family closer date. To look amazing, do not forget that your hair is an important part of your outfit. This year surprises with a beautiful hairstyle that makes you look spectacular in this celebration.

Vintage style

Give a different touch to your look with this simple hairstyle to vintage style , you need to create waves throughout your hair, make a line side and attach two strands of the front of each side with a pin or metal ornament. It is the most simple and quick hairstyles do for any hair type.


Depending on Your Type Hairstyles Dress

Choose the hairstyle perfect for an event is not easy and when you want to make it look the most of your dress. That’s why we decided to give you some tips here for you to choose the right look according to the style of your outfit.

halter style

For this type of dresses are many possibilities can be anything from a classic bun, braids, ponytails, chongos or even wear my hair with some volume, it is important to highlight and stylize your shoulders.


Different Hairstyles with Braids

We know that this season hairstyles with braids have been a top 10 fashion, we have the best trends, are easy hairstyles, hair both long and short. Find the most stick with your personality.

Crown Braid

It’s a pretty comfortable braid, which will make you look fashionable. You must separate your hair into two, one side you do a normal braid, light, and the other begin braiding and will cross on the side of the front to back juntes both braids. Easy peasy!


Updos with Braids

Braids always be our allies to have a fantastic look, this time we will tell you as carry such collection, are spectacular.

8. Corona

Many celebrities have taken this collected because it has the effect of wearing a crown but made from braids, just need to do a braid in the front if your hair is very short, can do two, sujétalas and excess hair just have I hold that braids can not fall apart.


Asymmetrical Hair Cuts

Trends in hairstyles are constantly changing, but the asymmetric cut is here to stay, so we show some ideas to renew your look, dare to look modern and easy to comb hair.

asymmetrical Short

If you are a bold girl who likes the  hair short, this cut is perfect for you, it is an asymmetric style with different lengths of hair, is ideal for girls oval face because refines the factions.


Thinning Haircuts

If you’re about to change the look in your hair tries to make this change even better and help slim your face, you can kill two birds with one stone, if you want to know how, read on .

10. Long and Wavy

Without a doubt this court will favor you much more, since being longer have the option to hide the round face and like the following stylize achieved what we want and want.


How to Choose Hair Brush

What are the different types of hair brushes and combs, how to choose the most suitable for our needs? Check out some tips? How to choose the right hair brush?

Often times we choose automatic brush/comb, till, but sometimes the wrong choice could damage the Costa.

The right hair brush is important both for the health of hair, and her good looks. When we talk about the brush, we must consider the shape and the material from which the fibres are made.


8 Haircuts Fashion

To look beautiful and attractive is necessary to have a healthy hair and certainly opt for a haircut that suits our factions. So today we present 8 different options for you to choose the ideal style for you.

1. Fashion Haircuts 20s

One of the haircuts of classic and daring fashion, do not hesitate to look spectacular with this  haircut , besides being very fresh, it is very easy to style and looks very elegant.


Haircuts for Spring

Spring is an excellent season for change and renewal, it is the perfect time to give a new style to your hair; so we have for you the trends in cuts hair that this spring will be a great option.

A garçon with bangs

One style that has been the feeling from past seasons, it is precisely this court because it is fresh, modern and gives you a touch of youth, takes a tousled bangs, an excellent choice for girls who want to highlight their features.