Coffee For a Perfect Skin Mask

Hello Fashionistas,
I am sure that many of you love nature so much like me, it brings incredible benefits and can do at home which is fantastic, for this reason today I want to share with you not only one of my favorite, if not masks the most easy and quick to do that I’m sure will love, because few of us us is annoying every time you a new granite or whenever skin shines us? and we always want to have smooth skin, avoiding lines, this mask is excellent for fix brightness, tone the skin and eliminate these annoying bumps that will not let us continue with our day. (more…)

How to Have a Perfect Makeup Base

What is needed to have a perfect make-up base? Often flipping through magazines or fashion photos we want to have a perfect face make-up just like that of the models or celebrities we see on television.

All is not gold that glitters … in fact often reaches perfection thanks to photo editing or cosmetic surgery, but it is also true that many girls parading on the catwalk, or the women of the show, really have great skin that is the result a trick made to perfection and a constant care of the skin.


Lancome Lanvin Collaboration

The French fashion house Lanvin, led dal’eclettico creative director Alber Elbaz has created a capsule collection of make-up for Lancôme.

The collection, in stores from June 15 officially (unofficially we hope as soon as possible!) Provides mascara, false eyelashes and eye shadow palettes in various color combinations. What strikes most is, of course, the packaging which contains the famous Lanvin illustrations, unique in their style.


China Glaze Christmas 2011

It is shortly to Christmas and China Glaze launches a new collection of enamels Christmas-themed, a special thought to give.

The collection Let it Snow kit includes several glazes signed China Glazerecalling the Christmas and the festive atmosphere of this wonderful day.

In total, the gift boxes are 12 and contain from 2 to 4 enamel. E ‘can also buy the glazes of the line Let it Snow individually, priced at about 6.00 euros each.


Essie Gel Semi Permanent

Interesting news for lovers of semipermanent glaze long life, come the Essie nail gel nails that last for 14 days!

As we know Essie is an American brand that produces high-quality glazes, available for some time in Italy at the Sephora perfume stores and other retailers. The Essie varnishes are famous worldwide for the brilliant range of colors and very special that season after season dictate the law between the nail trends.


Essence Studio Nails Here is The Collection

Essence Launches collection Studio Nails care of our nails!

Who among us has not dreamed of being able to make a perfect manicure like that of ‘beautician, but the comfort of home?

Now you can thanks to Essence and new products in the range Studio Nails.

It is of high quality products, formulated in such a way as not to attack our nails.

We look at the new products Essence of Line Studio Nails:

are the decorations that can be applied directly on the nail or the enamel. Ideal for customizing nails to gel effect.Price: 2.49 €.

Tips for nails French manicure style are great for when we prefer to change your look. They are available in four versions including the pink shades! Price: 3.49 €

For those who love classical french with a little ‘longest fingernails, where the color is further marked. Ideal for a manicure always perfect. You can be removed without damaging the ‘fingernail. Price: 3.49 €

The collection of Essence Studio Nails also consists of a glaze to protect the nails brittle prone to rupture. To be used alone or as a base. Allows for hands-ordered and protected. Price: € 2.29.

One to effect gel polish that strengthens nails, makes them stronger and leaves an extraordinary shine. If applied to seal our normal enamel, significantly increases the gloss. Price: 2.49 €.

A glaze from ultra powerful formula can strengthen and harden our nails. It contains formaldehyde in accordance with the rules, so better to massage with oil or balm cuticles. Do not use more than 3 weeks. Price: 2.49 €

One by-gloss polish: gives shine and at the same time improves the durability of the enamel. Drying rapid and it can be used with any type of enamel. Price: 2.49 €

A glaze that strengthens and protects the nails in 2 steps:
Step One: Apply the base coat with nylon fibers to protect them
Step Two: Ideal for the healthy growth of the nails.
Price: € 2.29

The Two steps from continues with this nail polish Essence fixing the base enamel creating a truly amazing effect! It can also be applied without the base enamel. Price: € 2.29

A glue in the ideal case in which a nail flakes or breaks. It can also be used if you want to apply some decoration. Price: 2.79 €

Another product Essence Studio Nails is a gel from mango fragrance, good for softening the protruding cuticle. The tube with the nozzle allows you to push the cuticles. Price: € 2.29

protective oil from apricot scent. Just one drop and a gentle massage to nourish and moisturize your nails. Price € 2.49

A gel can soften cuticles in 15 seconds. The spout allows you to easily push back the cuticles. Price: € 2.29

A balm that moisturizes our nails long thanks to the properties of vitamin B5, beeswax and glycerin. Leave a fruity scent. Price: 2.49 €

Ideal for a perfect manicure. Just push the cuticles with the slanted part and with the other clean. Price: 1.99 €

Gloves Line Studio Nails in essence you can wear all night after, you apply a cream Essence choice. Upon awakening: MAGIC: the hands will be soft and so we can say goodbye to cracking! Price: 2.49 €

What do you think? For me it is a really great line and I will not miss these incredible products Essence ! Which you prefer?

Hunter Douglas Super Sale

In this period the large chains and perfumeries are it wanted with super discounts to try to win the war balances .Among the most quoted, Douglas gives us so many products and make-up treatments for face and body at inflated interesting super prices!

The famous German perfumery is now a veteran of beauty even in Italy, it has also recently launched its own line of makeup must-see, and now delights us with a number of discounts that should just keep an eye on.


How to Use Eye Base Makeup

The eye makeup can not be waived: embellishes his eyes, brightens the face and makes us more beautiful.

But without a good eye base, even the best make-up can be ruined. For this with this post today want to reveal all the secrets on the basis eyes and explain how to make long-lasting makeup!

First of all it is important to remember that the area around the eyes must be well hydrated: to begin with is therefore necessary to hydrate the area with a specific product. In the market there are many creams for the eye area, generally more substantial ones, which are often called “conditioners” shall apply in the evening, given the highly nutritious substance, while the lighter formulas, which often instead are gels, are useful to refresh and to relax the area during the day, helping in this way the make-up to resist longer.

After you apply a good eye cream is necessary to wait at least 5-10 minutes to ensure that it can penetrate deeply into the tissues, and once dry you can start with the real trick itself.

The eye base is an essential product in the beauty case of every woman, until a few years ago only used the concealer, a creamy still good product, but they often tend to turn off the colors and eyeshadow to go in folds ruining your make up. For this the most advanced cosmetic companies have developed the specifications eyes foundations for lasting makeup flawlessly.

In the market there are many eyes basics: in cream, liquid, corrective, opaque, pearly and many more! But how do you figure out which is right for our needs? Simply considering your type of eyelid: it is the ideal fat is a liquid base very light, covering the fabric of a thin film that “seals” to ensure a good seal, while those who have tended to dry eyelids will surely better with those creamy, that they offer comfort and softness to the shadows.

Who eyelids with small veins in evidence and that redden often find in corrective bases a good ally: this basis, generally tending to clear or pale yellow beige , cover discolorations and illuminate the area, immediately making him look more awake and bright.

Those who want to create intense look and dull can opt for special basecoats, which give the shadows a beautiful velvety effect, while those who want to bring out the look with pearly and metallic colors can choose a base pearly eyes that besides doing the trick last put highlight the shimmer colors, amplifying characteristics and color.

The best way to apply the “eye base” is using the fingertips, and in this sense the best finger is the ring finger because it does not make too much pressure on the eyelid, and due to its heat allows the base, which of course we can also call primer eyes, to adhere better to the skin for a more even and long-lasting.

The eyes bases are in fact generally silicone-based, and apply them at your fingertips means that these become fixed perfectly and in many cases also a gift tightening effect, great for those who have eyelids marked by small wrinkles and expression lines that sometimes coincide a skin aging and others are congenital type.

After drying the eye base that will ensure a long-lasting make-up, with an expectation that does not last more than a few minutes, you can proceed by setting well and standardizing the eyelid with a sprinkling of eye shadow of a nude color or a very small amount of transparent powder: this little foresight will ensure that our eye shadows and blurring can be applied more easily.

To make our eyes make-up even more long-lasting and very substantially emphasize the color of eye shadow can also enrich our base eyes with a cream colored product.

The application of a colored eyes base is essential for those seeking intensity and brilliance. The most suitable for this purpose are the products creamy eye shadow or eye shadow PENCIL, very fashionable lately and therefore readily available, which are applied in small quantities on the eyelid directly from the stick or with the fingertip increasingly tapping.

The successful use of basic colored eyes is that tone on tone which therefore provides for the application of a product of the same color on the creamy base, but often you can get interesting results using contrasting colors to create special make-up and impact.

This style is therefore interesting to try using a black eye based in combo with a colorful eye shadows: the effect will be smoky and very special! Those looking for a pure color effect, can use a basic white eye shadow: the nuance that is able to enhance even less pigmented eye shadows and lighter colors, which stand out in this way for a pop effect guaranteed!

dreaming of a make-up eyes intense for studded evening of glitter sparkling? The cosmetic vanguard comes to your aid with specific bases for eyes that act as real “hill” ensuring the glitter loose powder to the eyelid for a wonderful jewel effect.

These bases for eyes, however, are specific to glitter and therefore do not apply on bare eyelid, but on an already realized trick, with base and eye shadow. As for the classic eye primer, this base is gently pat on the eyelid and then adhering the glitter, always tapping, on the wet product, which will set thus wiping the glitter giving us a glittery eye makeup long lasting!

We really hope this little guide on the basis eyes to learn to take the trick will be useful, and if you want to explore in more detail the world of make-up, with specific advice on how to put on lipstick, for example, or as apply blush, do not miss our articles dedicated!

Do you have any secret that we do not know about the base eyes for a long-lasting make-up? Share it with us and with all the friends Beautydea with a comment!

Beauty Tips for the Eyes

Our look is definitely part of the face that says everything about us: through it we communicate our feelings, emotions.Therefore it is our duty to protect it. Through small daily gestures, tricks and, why not, pampering, we avoid the gaze turns off, or worse, being assaulted by three historic enemies, namely the dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet.

The eye area

It is the part of the face that has the most subtle and delicate skin, so it is easily subject to the listed disorders. Maybe not all know that we have around the eyes well 20 muscles that ensure our face 10,000 movements a day!

When you have dark circles it is because the microcirculation around the eye slows resulting in water retention and blood, for this is tinged with a bluish-purple color. And age does not help, because it thins the skin in this area and it reduces blood microcirculation.

Another somewhat obnoxious imperfections are the bags, typical of the area around the eyes.The eyelids swell in certain circumstances (for example when we wake up, because of high stress after meals highly seasoned …). This disorder is linked to premature aging of cells. And finally, the magical trio can not miss wrinkles. These are the most obvious, given that the first to be formed are the classic expression wrinkles. Those muscles so precious to the facial expression contribute to the formation of these, the infamous chicken feet.

Which products to use?

As dark circles and bags are among the obvious problems we’d like to get rid as soon as possible, we look for products that are not only focused on these disorders, rather choose an eye cream,eye cream to put it in a technical way, the most suitable because it moistens and makes the skin firmer, more and if applied correctly.

Remember that products alone do not perform miracles, if we do not put a bit ‘of good will and manpower! Alongside the products of the most famous brands of cosmetics, we now find a lot of creams natural, biological who very often a good value for money. Recommended for women who want to try to use this kind of products, even if they think they are too young. You have not ever when it comes to beauty!

Lepo. Eye Cream and treatment 2 phases, € 19;

– Aveda. Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream, 39 €;

– Avène. Eluage eyes, from 30 to 40 €;

– Delìdea bio. Eye contour dark circles bags, 10 €;

– The Erbolario. Eye contour triple action hyaluronic acid, € 29.50.

How to apply eye products and cover imperfections

The best way to apply eyecreams, according to Answerresume, is tapping on the part with the ring, to make a slight pressure, of facts this is the finger which has less muscles. Starting from the inside of the eyebrow and continuing for the entire area around the eye. The area under the eyebrows is very important in this daily beauty treatment, because for eye contour mistakenly think only the lower part of the eye, while the area surrounding the eye.

Also with age the zone to the eyebrows tend to surrender and be covered with wrinkles, so our massage should act on the entire area. Careful to not apply the product too close to the eye line: do as circles around the eye orbit and not on the eyelids, since any cream into action with the warmth of your body. Do not overdo the amount of product to be spread, but do not be not too parsimonious.

As part make-up also find an amazing array of correctors and light that you can apply at any time of the day, even in last minute situations for a trick SOS: versions stick or fluid are easily applicable anywhere. If you wish to make it even more natural, you can also add a face powder matting. Like new!

Book Beauty Services Online

You want to book a flight beauty service in the place comfortable and at the best price? We discovered the Blissbooker site that comes to our aid with a revolutionary service!


Blissbooker is the first site dedicated to the world of beauty through which to book and buy the best of beauty services comparing prices, offers and choosing convenient time and location.


Best Gift for Christmas 2014

Original and elegant ideas for Christmas gifts 2014: palette, enamels, makeup kits. About some of the “new-gift” the coolest within reach of every budget!

Christmas is approaching and you are still at sea with gifts? Fear not, our site  has a solution for everything! Many gift ideas for “her” you can choose among many different brands and prices, for the younger and more mature.
Let’s find out the best gift for Christmas kit.


Makeup for Summer

It comes the heat, and we do not have all that fancy makeup on, especially the face, than the cold season, and we are maybe looking for a routine to makeup more fresh, fast and we do not feel the face “burdened” with the heat.

The first element that most bother to most women under the sun with respect to the summer makeup face is the foundation!


Choose the Best Mascara Primer

Who does not want long eyelashes and thick? Discover what are the best primer to sublimate the effect of your mascara.

The mascara is a key product in make up. Even the most beautiful makeup loses definition and beauty without well-groomed eyebrows and volumizing. It is not easy to find the right mascara to match his own type of eyelashes, not to mention that the choice on the market is really very wide. To assist your mascara to give the best of themselves you can rely on the primer.

The primer, a little ‘as the primer eyes or face, creates an ideal basis on which to go to work more easily. The white-based primer must necessarily be used with black or colored mascara while those based brown or black can also be used alone for an effect of the natural eyelashes.


Douglas Makeup Products

Lovers of makeup and the world beauty, summer’s here and it’s time to revisit those were our strong points so far, because when the heat is imposed there is more to anyone and any change must be done. Whether to fight the heat and the malefic effects of the sun, or that it is to dare showing off bright colors and summer and feel fully in the mood of the season, some new products come from our favorite to replace others.


Physicians Formula Made in Italy

Dreaming of a make-up that can be glamorous but with good ingredients, perfect for those with sensitive skin? You will love Physicians Formula, American brand recently landed in Italy!

We’ve talked about this innovative brand with our article on Physicians Formula to Cosmoprof and many of you had remained very fascinating, and today we are very happy to report that this line make up kind to the skin is finally sold in Italy in different sales points of our country.


Hairstyles for Short Hair Footsteps

Short hair can be a bit tricky to comb a few times but with creativity and these ideas can discover new ways to fix it without complicate and beautiful look at formal events or normal days.

side chignon

This chignon for short hair is quick to make and very elegant. Riza slightly and gives your hair a little volume at the crown.Begins to twist your hair from the lower left to the right and hold.Place the remaining hair in the same direction, you can do it by sections to be easier.


Makeup Tips for Summer

Hello girls,

today I would like to imagine my make up tips for the summer or late summer. You will get info on how you can a great summer look for the face conjure up from me. My tips primarily for the blond guy with lighter skin are suitable, but of course the makeup tips can try also Brunettes. It is important for me that it must be easily and rapidly with make-up. Tried it just, it is ideal to go to!

My favorite make up for the day and evening (more…)

No Heat Waves

Look perfect waves in the hair is one of the trends in hairstyles that never goes out of fashion, but sometimes to achieved it is necessary to subject the hair to high temperatures that harm, so here we will give some options to show off a hair with waves without using heat.

with Tape

This procedure is very simple, first brush your hair to remove any knots, it is preferable that the hair is still a little wet, put a ribbon in your head as shown and seen tucking hair around until end all and that you have left a kind of Greek chignon, allowed to dry or apply heat to the dryer and remove the tape. Apply some mousse and comb with your hands, you get thick waves and natural.


Top 8 Hairstyles for Spring

Trends change every year, keep fashion is not easy, but if you try to look for what fits you sure you’ll look beautiful. Today we present 8 hairstyles for this spring comfortable, stylish and very fashionable you are .

8. Loose Hair

Seem obvious but sometimes is not so fashionable to wear my hair, sometimes takes style wet but this spring loose hair and natural is the best trends / , if you want it to look different can opt for braiding the night and the next day will be a soft waves that could give hair a different look, you can wear headbands or Head Scarf as they are accessories that will be fashionable.


Vintage Hairstyles

Past trends continue in our days, sample, vintage hairstyles that were created in other years and to date remain. Here are some of the hairstyles that are here to stay for long in the taste of women. Enjoy them!

Rockabilly style

Waves lining loose manes or collected with bangs daring, flirtatious inspired by pin-up girls or cheesecake. The predominant colors are red passion, platinum blond and black jet black.