Best Wireless Headphones Noise Cancellation

On-ear headphones (above the ear)

The on-ear headphones are trying to find a balance between comfort and portability. After hours thinking in what headphones buy with dozens of models, critical, professional and users us gave has of that the only reason by which can wanting to buy some headphones on-ear is because find really uncomfortable them in-ear or if need something more portable that ones over-ear.

Best price found: €129
These are those who have the best value for money in the on-ear.


Best Over-ear Headphones for Sports

All our recommendations are resistant to sweat, rain, and other stress factors that cause being in motion, without sacrificing the sound quality too. In our list you will find suggestions from 20 euros to 100.

Best price found: €85
We think that this is the best right now less than 100 euros for sport.

In addition, if you want to pay a little more to avoid wires, also recommend some Bluetooth headsets. We even have options in-ear and over-ear non-sealed, although we only recommend them if you’re really uncomfortable the normal in-ear.


Top In-ear Headphones Under 100

What headphones to buy £ 100?

The headphones of this range of price climbing the bet Sonic with best drivers, a quality of construction more resistant and a setting more comfortable. These headphones will sound clearer, sharper, more warm, soft and without stridency than their low-cost counterparts. The music sounds more rich and the voices more realistic. You can see small details that, with cheaper headphones were leaving pass: soft consonants in the voices, twinkling electronic music and tone of the low without buzzing.

Best price found: €79

Best Headphones Less than €40

What headphones to buy? The best here

We continually get the same questions: what headphones to buy? how much can I spend on headphones? or are the headphones Beats good? or what is the difference between the in-ear earphones and over-ear?. In the article of today want to answer you all these doubts.

We talked lightly on our main page, but here you extend the concepts. You will understand the differences between the in-ear earphones, over-ear and on-ear.

Remember that our most complete this type of headphone sections you link and that you can browse the menu below to navigate through the Guide.


iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones

iFrogz Little Rockers

Before you have them in your hands, the iFrogz seemed the best for what it does to the style. I liked the old with a decorative metal band type design. But it was definitely smaller than expected when they arrived. I thought that the spheres would be closer in size compared to a burger than a macaroon, but seems that not.

Best price found: €19

Griffin Crayola Myphones Kids’ Headphones Review

Griffin MyPhone Crayola

Thanks to a rather large pair of headphones, (at least more than the previous ones) the Griffin Crayola cost about 25 Euro and are larger headphone models for children I’ve tried among all. In some children, depending on their age, parts of the ears will surround them type over-ear. They are made of hard plastic without coating, but they are really light in general. The fact is that none of the children that we have tested them have told us that they felt uncomfortable after a couple of hours of watching a film.

Best price found: €19
Each of the parts of the ear are connected by a DIAdem close metal, going down some degree that fits best with the head of your daughter. For the appearance that has already we can say that it is another mark Griffin model focused on the market of children’s headphones. They can be adjusted to children of two or three years without problems but may also be used by adults, so we can say that they are well versatile. Come on here Ablogtophone, we can say that the children will grow up with headphones, perhaps then not like both design… But by its durability will be a few years with them.


Best Headphones for Kids

Headphones for Children

Sometimes a single father wants a bit of silence… Then it is when it is worthwhile to tell the child that you put your headphones for children. In this comparative we looked the most prominent.

The first thing I want to make is that we have neglected the idealistic recommendations for parents who want to or do not use headphones for children in their young. That depends on each one, but if you are reading in this comparison is surely a model interests you.


Best Bluetooth Headsets for Cell Phones

Best Bluetooth Headset. Buy Beats Studio by 280 euros?

As you can see the same version but Wireless may cost a little more. In fact as we discussed in the review of the Beats Studio is offerings (linked in that will help you to buy a few Beats Studio headphones for about 200 euros. However, in this same category, we can recommend other models like for example Jabra Move.

Best price found: €280
Grace is that they are worth almost $ 200 less than the wireless Beats Studio 2.0 and think they sound even better… For something have been winners of the analysis comparison of value for money as we write this article. They are light, great at listening, very comfortable on the head and there are various colors available. As if this outside little have a life of battery great, in fact in our tests we lasted more than 14 hours running before had that load it.


Cheap DJ Headphones for Sale

DJ Headphones would buy Beats Mixr for 200 euros?

If you are starting in the DJ world surely you’re getting serious with headphones. We discussed it in our review of DJ Headphones, but first to deny that Djs need headphones with much bass, this simply is not true. In fact even in an interview with Tiesto this commented that he liked a response balanced in your headphones, even while DJing. If you want headphones that fit well in a sound professional profile, stay with the Sony MDR-7506 100 euros that they outweigh the Mixr both in price and in sound.

Best price found: €99

Best Portable On-ear Headphones

Portable on-ear headphones. Buy Beats Solo 2 for 180 euros?

You’ve been looking for a model that is on-ear above the ear, as well as compact and portable to bring him here and there. If the size is what you care about and you don’t want an earphone in-ear while you are traveling, we have found something more comfortable, more compact, and which sounds better than the bluetooth headset Beats Solo 2. We are talking about the Bose Sound True, which were the winners of our comparative of helmets of music to enjoy this.


Best In-ear Headphones Under €150

Best in-ear headphones. Buy Beats Tour by 150 euros?

If you want better quality you fastened inside the ear headphones you can give you’ll have to reconsider it. If you are looking for is a good sound there are lots of fantastic options as we emphasize in our comparison of in-ear earphones. And all these sound better that the Beats Tour. Currently as a better substitute, look at you the Sony XBAH1, which again are worth as 60 euros less than the Beats Tour having more quality than these.


Beats Headphones for Ski Helmets

Already carry years outlining headphones and making comparative in headphones-Bluetooth. As one of the members of the questions that I answer most is about the famous helmets beats. They are famous for excellence headphones since many familiar faces of television use them. But that are popular does not mean necessarily that are good. Many users tell us to why not include them comparisons? Maybe because they have no place. Test them and compared with others analyzed do not earn a place.

It must bear in mind that we take into account also the price to some of the quality. If a model is a good thing, but it has an exorbitant price, we do not think that you have a site here. Whatever it is, there are lots of more specific reasons, so rather than go in response to one, we have decided to answer the theme of helmets beats at once for all. Is possible that has headphone beats cheap? Lol But despite this we are going to recommend better alternatives right now. But if you want them by design, and is now, we can do little.


Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones Review

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones Review

What buy if the money not is problem? There is where the “best headset money” to the “best headphones”, raisins and even taking you some disappointments, that more price does not always mean more quality: tested other 9 most expensive pairs – of more than € 150; some we like, some really not. Anyway, try the more expensive compared with the Jabra MOVE and discuss if the more expensive option was worth the money extra. In the end, the general response was a clear ‘no’.

The only one we found that it was potentially worth (if you had money to get bored) were the Sennheiser Momentum (see Computerannals). Why? They are the Momentum Wireless headphones “all-in-one” for someone who needs Bluetooth, noise cancelling minimally competitive (not like that are not even noticed) and, even more, great sound. They sound almost as well as when you are connected, and that’s really impressive.


Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones Review


If you do not have copies of our choosing star, the JBL E40BT less than €100 are our second choice. With a little more of accent on the ground that the MOVE, the E40BT are very good to listen to pop, rock and hip hop. What is it that left them in second place? For starters, while the headphones are soft and comfortable, certainly, the headband is narrower, so users with slightly larger heads will find them uncomfortable after a few hours of use. In addition, the power button makes the double function of paired Bluetooth and, although that is not all bad, all our experts had a little of problems when you try to turn it on. Often them put in the mode synchronization instead of off.


Best Quality Headphones for a Good Price

Best Quality Headphone Affordable Price

If you want a pair of Bluetooth headphones by a suitable price, the Jabra MOVE Wirelesswould be me. After investigate extensively between crowd of types different and try which had it best score and/or were them more new in the market, our panel of experts was of agreement in that them Jabra MOVE would be the option more recommended for the majority of users: of them headphones that have since to test, all of a price similar.

Best headphone quality price: Jabra MOVE

These have been those who have sounded better when they have been used without wires, gaining even to those that cost more than double; not only sounded well, they, also, were comfortable, designed to last and affordable. The best headphone quality price.

Best price found: 79€

Best Wireless Headsets Reviews

I was looking for a good wireless headset, I had the wireless Razer Chimaera for Xbox 360 and I was amazed of how well that could sound a game if it featured a good sound engineering (Battlefield 3), however, this model is not compatible with the PS4, so I’m still looking for a new pair of headphones.

Also you can find a list in English as this in which the users speak which headphones of PS3 work with PS4. Something that you might want to look at if you have old headphones.

Headphones for Iphone? THEY DO NOT WORK

I tried headphones for Apple iPhone and it seemed that they might work, even get a couple of legit, but as mentioned in the Reddit article people, produce a high tone despite the microphone sound (you can check recording and playing voice message).


Turtle Beach PX4 Headphones Review

Turtle Beach PX4 (€169)

Turtle Beach takes these things very seriously and very serious are the headphones Turtle Beach PX4. They have a small processing unit that must be connected to the PS4 via optical. From that moment, it handles Dolby Digital signals and sends them wirelessly to the headphones with the proper surround sound. Work with the Xbox 360, with the PS4 and the PS3- but not with the Vita, have it in has.

Best price found: €169
Still not have found a pair of headphones that really believe an experience of cinema in house 5.1 and the PX4 not are the exception. However, they are not far and offer an extra level of immersion in the worlds of your game, as well as more precise placement of effects such as the steps that can give you an advantage in the competition.


Headphones PS4 Reviews

You’re playing with the PlayStation 4. You are isolated in hostile territory, almost without ammunition and badly wounded. As the enemy approaches your position, the voice of one of your squad mates crackles in your cheap headphones.

But it would not have to be like that. If you invest in some decent headphones for PS4, will get to the music of your game sounds crystal clear, you can hear the effects and not have to guess what is what your peers are saying.

You don’t even have to spend much, there are kits/sets of good quality for less than 30 euros. Then we offer you our selection of the headphones iPhone (see with best value for money. We will go in order of price, here we have them.


How to Choose Sports Headphones

We have analyzed hundreds of pairs of headphones, so here you seen our complete selection with the best headphones in-ear market, ranges from lowest to the highest, there is a choice for everyone, whatever your budget.

He market of them headphones has grown in the last years, started by them iPod and more afternoon with the use of the mobile to mode of mp3. But it is no good having the best Smartphone if you don’t have a decent headset.


Best Type of Headphones for Running

What to look for in a set of headphones for running

  1. charging time. Generally to make the battery to 100% functional need have the best headphones plugged between 2 and 4 hours, and of course as less time to do better.
  2. operating time. This is what we know as “music time” or speaking. You don’t have to have any trouble finding a pair of headphones for running that they may last several workouts without having to load them. We recommend a couple that has at least 6 hours and last between two and three training without having to load them.
  3. compatibility. Technology changes constantly, so make sure that wireless headphones you choose are compatible with the device that you use, typically with current smartphones this is an easy task.
  4. resistance to sweat. Not every pair of bluetooth headset is sweat-resistant permanently. So try to find some that support those hours a week running also a lucky yet you can find with good warranty and water resistant.
  5. size. While all the technology it seems that while reducing measures, some components without cables are rather long, otherwise we would pay much more for a similar wireless technology.


Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running

If you like to go jogging know what good is the feeling of forget every day and be only you, songs that more you like and asphalt or mountain in front of you.

Unfortunately there is a factor which seems that it is always ruined those who run: cables.

How many times you’ve been running, reaching the climax of your favorite song and a few seconds later, in a sudden movement touch wires and take you out at least one of the headphones and you out of the rhythm that you wore.


Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports Headphones

We are not able to admit that we are a big fans of fluorescent yellow and black design possessing the Sennheiser PMX 680i. Fortunately, the latest addition to the line of Sennheiser presents the same design behind the neck and lightweight construction of the previous model, though this time in a blue that it is much less painful to view.

Although for tastes the colors, never better said. The 685i Sports just slip in the ear opposite in contrast to some of the models of headphones for running from our list. Despite being the running headphones are inserted into the ear, have a clarity and balanced sound exceptional due to the high performance drivers and provide a surprising volume capacity.


Best Headphones for Running

Headphones for running. What are best buy?

The headphones have an innate ability to fall as we exercise, this has happened ever since. Gives equal that we almost taladremos our ears to get us the most in our headphones for running, will fall in the same way shortly after crossing the threshold of our door when we leave motivated to run. And meanwhile, we see that at home we can enjoy a comfortable headset leather, which rely on our ears, offering phenomenal sound quality and absolute comfort, comfort that is lost as soon as we want to get moving.

Fortunately, there are a lot of headphones for running right so that you can make your moments of exercise soundtrack live helmets for running! Of course, the audio quality is an important factor when buying your headphones running, but so is the comfort, strength, style and price.


iPhone Headphones Guide

First you are going to tell a little because there are more advantages than drawback that in the end only headphones iPhone with Bluetooth or the Lightning connector can be used. Below we tell you how make your earphones work with iPhone 7 although lack connector 3.5 mm.

Why it is good that you can only use Bluetooth

Some are released to the neck, but we believe that only can be used headphones Bluetooth iPhone is a good choice. Indeed to listen to good music you don’t need more than that. Better to forget are helmets that come with the phone.