iPhone 8 Plus in the Test

Stylish mobile with brute power

Conclusion of the 28.09.2017

In the test that shows iPhone 8 plus not only large dimensions, but also great strengths. The performance is fantastic, the battery life is fine and the dual camera boasts a 2 x magnification. A still better position prevents the only good, but not outstanding photo quality, as well as the extremely long load time. Apple fans who can do anything with the borderless design of iPhone X, are served here very well, but have to accept that they receive not the coolest iPhone 2017. (more…)

Faster to the Desire Cell Phone

In the new Xonio leaderboards, you can sort individual features with just one click. So you will learn quickly who has the nose front with SAR value, storage or weight. We have singled out eight highlights for you.
Not all can be categories listed in the leaderboards on the sorting function. To get meaningful results, for example in the categories of SAR value, memory, weight, minimum talk time, Outlook sync time, camera resolution, on-time, UMTS data rate or MP3 transfer time. It is important for the sorting that you click in the leaderboards view top left on “View all products” and “All” rather than “Compact”. (more…)