Westwing Guide Toromantic Lighting

The romantic style of decoration, which emphasizes floral prints, delicate tones and inspirations in nature, has given rise to several furniture and decorative elements that complement a delicate environment and also embellish more modern spaces, contemporary and even retro. The romantic light fixture, which can be either a ceiling or a table top, adds a little more space to your room, and is perfect for an intimate touch to a date, a dinner for two or special moments between friends. (more…)

Led Tape

Mains voltage without source.

The tape mains voltage, is found in 5-meter roll or coil of 25 metres. The 5-meter roll is dedicated to small applications and the coil is possible to achieve a value per metre lower, for example the roll costs R $111.00 with feeder “wormtail”, this gives an average of $22.00 R per metre. Already the coil costs R $427.00 which gives R $17.08 per meter per meter. (more…)

Tablets Vs E-Readers: Know the Differences between the Two Appliances

Learn more about the technical specifications and usability of devices

The number of Brazilians who reads digital books grows every day; At the end of last year, this number has already surpassed 9 million of readers. The arrival of great virtual bookstores in the country–like Amazon, Google Play and IBookStore–also encouraged the sector. Along with them e-readers (digital readers) officially launched here gave an extra strength to e-books. (more…)

Review: Samsung TV Monitor Series 7 (T27B750LB)

Continuing our series of electronic reviews, this time we had the opportunity to experience everything the Samsung 7 Series LED TV Monitor (model T27B750LB ) from Samsung has to offer.

Announced at the beginning of last year , during CES 2012 , this device arrived on Brazilian shelves to offer a solution that combines characteristics of the best televisions and monitors of the Korean company. (more…)

Product Test: Trekstor Portable Wlan Hotspot

Aka Huawei E5 and consortia…
If you look at the TrekStor Portable WLAN HotSpot , you first experience a Déjà-vu. Finally, the UMTS WLAN router of Trekstor and the Huawei E5 equal like one egg the other. The latter toy, a mobile digital bohemian, has already been taken by both our author, Hans-Peter Pfeil, and myself, as well. But the TrekStor ” Portable WLAN HotSpot ” is really a identical twin of the Far Eastern mobile miracle, or does it still exist handfast differences in both models? A closer look should answer this question. (more…)