Where to Buy Bathing Suits for Swimming

These days people no longer give importance only to money, that is, many began to give importance to something which is fundamental to all of us that is health, because in order to be able to perform all the tasks of everyday life it is necessary to have a healthy life. If you are concerned about your health and are looking to improve your quality of life ideally bet on some things that can bring you benefits such as changing their eating habits, leaving aside those foods that may not offer any benefits and not to mention the practice of physical activity that is essential in any age. (more…)

The Bathing Suit Suitable for Every Body Type

There are models of clothes to fit all body types. From the moment you learn to differentiate one from the other type and choose the ideal pieces for each one, the most interesting parts of the body come to be valued. This causes the contours (or lack of them) are undesirable in disguise. Are fashion tricks that help all women to dress better. In the case of bikinis and swimsuits the same thing happens.Although many think that the criterion may not matter much, since the body is very evident with these parts, the correct choice of the models can provide a noticeable difference, to look at. (more…)

Shirt and Shorts, Summer

The cutting edge of fashion
The swimsuit, innocuous slip, is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion.
The cutting edge of fashion
Shorts and underwear for every budget
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Calvin Klein
Dolce & Gabbana
John Richmond
Emporio Armani
The swimsuit is a piece of clothing if accessory that many men fail to take an interest. Fatal error: this innocuous slip is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion. (more…)

4 Trends In Swimwear For This Summer You Should Know

We are in the spring, but they sure like many you’ve already started thinking about the long-awaited summer, and especially something fundamental in the face this summer, bathing suits.Although the boys do not tend to have a big difference from year to year, in the case of girls trends evolve to unsuspected limits so you can go have a model of the year model that no one will be in just a matter of weeks. (more…)

Banana Swimwear Sales

You are always on a quest for the swimsuit that will accompany you this summer ? Opt for originality and the trend in the pure State with the Banana Moon swimwear ! For the summer sales, Banana Moon swimwear are up to-40% at Beach Store Cannes (link:beachstorecannes.com) and at the3Suisses (link: 3Suisses.com). With Banana Moon, they are collections that will give you immediately want to fly to nearest beaches.Then discover the balances Banana Moon swimwear summer 2012 through our lovely selection. (more…)

Hottest Swimwear Trends for Summer

Are you a fan of the cult That 70’s Show, or just of the seventies? We have found for you the perfect swimwear for this summer. The headband on the naked back through the bikini, find the one you need to be the sexiest fan are 70 years!

Summer is almost here and the test of the swimsuit arrived! If as the characters of the very cult That 70’s Show you are a fan of the 1970s, this selection of swimwear is made for you! (more…)

H & M Swimwear 2016

To bring summer faster than expected, Cosmo knows the right remedy. Swimsuit one piece, swimsuit bandeau, bikini and bustier, United or print, see whole collection of swimsuits H & M spring summer 2016. Sporty with the Bras, printed tropical or graph, what your summer swimsuit looks like? You choose!

As soon as the Sun is the tip of his nose, there is only a single fad: choose his swimsuit! (more…)

How to Choose Swimwear

Each year by finding the perfect swimsuit to show off at the beach is a real dilemma, and the reasons are many, for example the piece above is too large, while the one below is too tight, or vice versa. How many times have you already happened?

But do not despair, the solution to find out what is the right costume for you is just around the corner: yes, because for each physical is the right costume, able to camouflage those little flaws and instead emphasizing the strengths. Good resolution to end the fear and frustration that occurs during the purchase of the swimsuit.

But to find out which is a perfect swimsuit for your body, first let us see what your physique. The female body is usually divided into four main types: apple, pear, hourglass and breadstick.


Moschino Bikini Set

Moschino bikini collection spring/summer 2015: the parade of the menswear collection, designed by the brand’s new designers, the sparkling and extravagant Jeremy Scott, was staged during London Fashion week. The British capital has, therefore, a new player on the catwalk, a great designer who, after his first catwalk in Milan, dedicated to women’s fashion, we did see some beautiful. All the men look hot next season are very particular, recognizable and colorful as ever; a sharp change of course, firmer and impact, which follows the first of Captain Scott, who has already made a breakthrough when he chose London as the stage of Moschino line man.

Moschino, therefore, change home location and everything was explained with a brief announcement: ‘ the choice of London comes from the desire to express ironic spirit, energy and sense of humour of Moschino, in a city characterized by a very diverse and interesting proposal to set up & casting, creating vibrations that are ideal for the first show of the menswear collection entirely designed by Jeremy Scott ‘. (more…)

Zimmermann Swimwear Collection

The advertising campaign of summer swimwear collection Zimmermann was taken by photographer Darren MacDonald of Aitutaki (Cook Islands).  The pictures provided an interesting opportunity to admire the trends this season, according to the Australian brand. The new products for beach wardrobe are the answer the different needs in terms of style and design – it’s not just a set of variations on a theme.


Buy Push-up Bikini Online

Summer is coming, and now it’s high time that you bought a new swimsuit, whether you can sunbathe, swim or relax. Two-piece swimsuit with push-up reinforcements are among the most popular. You take them as well?

As already mentioned, swimsuit with push-up effect is very popular, formed into beautiful breasts, increase breast and we can have a genuine choice. Offer these swimsuits is rich, so you can choose not only the two-part, but one piece or tankini. Just is just look at the menu and choose.


The Brazilian Swimwear

In view of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, several brands offer Brazilian swimwear (visit here) inspired event, bikinis and trikini in one of the most popular forms by fashion victims around the world, the origin of which, as the name itself suggests, it is in the country hosting the football games most anticipated. This kind of seductive and intriguing bikini has been around the world for its sparkling style as well, but let’s take a look together to the coolest models of the moment.

The bikini with Brazilian briefs are a real widespread craze among Hollywood celebrities and VIPs of our house, suitable costumes actually both lean silhouette to the more round, this because the briefs from the narrower rectangular cut than a wraparound slip redefines b side giving it a firmer look.

Why all the specialized brands in this sector have thought of Brazilian costumes models to suit all tastes. In its proposal for the Summer 2014 Parah has entered bikini top with solid range, with cups or triangle by the Brazilian briefs in versions low waist with belts or with adjustable straps, a choice that also characterizes the collection Oysho : in this line in bikinis space with fancy plain in pastel shades or muted, in models with range or triangle in the press etiquette paintings.


It’s Time to Get Dressed in Swimwear

Summer is knocking on the door! Maybe this summer we’ll get lucky and we’ll be able to spend in bikini beautiful sunny days and enjoy sunbathing. It does not matter whether you go to the sea, to the swimming pool, or in the thermal waters of the pond. Your swimsuit should in any case, IN. What are the swimsuit trends for the 2016 season?

Surprising combinations of patterns and colors!

Fashion designers again this year did not disappoint. Showcased the collection of swimsuits that amaze his original combinations of designs, colors as well as styles. Fashion world this summer will be dominated by the colors and no exception is in the case of swimwear (see here). So the first rule is – if you choose swimwear , bet on the color and bold! IN will be particularly rich and gaudy colors simultaneously. As for the designs, you can let off steam. Error thing with polka dots and stripes, or a combination thereof. Will be a big hit with animal patterns in various colors – what you need gepardní pattern in turquoise blue? Trends are also a variety of prints, mainly with floral motifs.


Parah Swimwear Reviews

Parah offers us the latest news of his collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2013, and as might be expected, this year the brand invests in bright colors, fruity colors, very bold color games, but most of the forms that they know how to not go unnoticed. Many bikinis that you will find in the collection, from those with cups and underwire push-up effect, to those with the triangle, but there are swimsuits with more ornate embroidery and of course the inevitable trikini that have become a real trend this year. Let’s take a closer look at the collection.

In the last period the proposals in the field of swimsuits are becoming more particular and eccentric, we have recently seen commenting on the economic fashion H & M 2013 collection of the brand, and also those of Verdissima brands they have in common with the choice Parah fantasies and really extravagant colors. Parah not disappoint this year either, creating a sparkling and youthful collection, but without forgetting the most refined models and chic.


H & M Swimwear Reviews

H & M presents its new collection of swimwear for the’ summer 2013 and this year the Swedish giant of economic fashion has a very interesting proposal for fashion victims, and especially at low prices. The new collection ranges between different forms of bikinis and swimsuits, offering padded cups, bra straps to carry even strapless and of course the inevitable triangles, to coordinate with briefs, boyshorts and Brazilian, depending on your taste. We take a look at the H & M collection of costumes closer.

In the past, the collection of swimwear H & M has become in a few weeks the most sought appreciated by fashion lovers. The brand is very skilled in proposing a season after the other lines of clothing and accessories belonging to the latest must-have and the most glamorous trends, some of which are borrowed directly from the high fashion catwalks. So, after the beautiful clothing collection spring summer 2013, here’s the new proposal in the field of customs.


Swimwear Calzedonia Reviews

Even Calzedonia gives a nod to curvy women, all those girls, maybe even that meager, however, have so-called curves in the right place and often feel constrained in swimwear classics that are in stores. Moreover, the Italian women are, for the vast majority, curvilinear and we are sure that this capsule collection, named Sweet Shapes, will collect a great success. After having presented the classic line of swimwear for summer 2012 , here are the curvy proposals submitted by the photos of the catalog and the backstage, all to admire in our photogallery.