According to Dior Sequins

Slowly but surely, Raf Simons continues to merge its own grammar to the lexical field of Dior. A merger giving birth this season of EPS these iridescent Audacity l elegant, futuristic twist and flavor sportswear…

PR feels Tokyo goal December, the locker room Dior pre-fall 2015 offers in dimension called the disco glitter. Abandoning their “Diana Ross” look to the benefit of pi these more casual than retro, these latest is yrv slow indeed much more inspiring than the pass. On the podium, the sous-pulls with reflections both trslips so aluminium load thus to gayer aust res coats and long dresses in leather 7/8, while combinations in mesh e iris to inject need fancy little dresses for hero of manga. (more…)

Adidas Superstar: the New Stan Smith?

If 2014 was undoubtedly the year of the Stan Smith, 2015 could well see this latest steal the show by the Superstar, another mod the mythical German transporters who is appr you FB 45 years…


Designed originally to provide comfort and protection to the basketball players (via the shell located the tip of the shoe rubber), the Superstar first took his weapons on the grounds of sneakers. Massively plebiscit by professional basketball players, this road up to 75 percent of the players in the NBA. (more…)

Jerseys for All Sports Adds Ddsport

Looking jerseys for their sports team, a game of sports fans or quality sportswear for yourself? DDsport dresses fans and athletes across sports.

Every sport has its own requirements for appropriate sportswear. Especially if they start paying a little sport on a regular or organized, fit to buy a suitable jersey.  Good sports jerseys they are commonplace. Often dressed as suitable for sports or individual sports rather just faces. Demands on functionality and suitability of materials are cut with sportswear and dresses much higher than regular clothes. It is not advisable to experiment when buying a piece of sportswear, let alone if you acquire uniforms for a larger group of people. And it does not matter if it comes to amateur groups who love to play tennis together occasionally or hockey, semi-professional teams or athletes. Jerseysis important to always buy from specialized companies such as DDsport. It has had 20 years of experience, offers proven materials and cuts jerseys but which is capable of design completely customized to your requirements.


The “Stan Smith” Saint Laurent Paris

Not found since the end of its marketing in 2011, the Stan Smith appears this season at Saint Laurent in the form of magazines and corrig sneakers are by Hedi Slimane. What s reduce the ann fans are caught 80 of the legendary basketball…

PL biscit are by Marc Jacobs as well as by Phoebe Philo, the Adidas Stan Smith feature prominently within the panth on cool sneakers and iconic. Yes, but here, since 2011, impossible to find, Adidas has suddenly decided to stop their production. A radical decision, which plunged in frustration said basketball aficionados… (more…)

Sportswear Chic Michael Kors Version

Darling of the Hollywood actresses and the l elegant New York, Michael Kors made in recent years are the Cantor of a chic sportswear combining luxury and simplicity…

Long considered a bit too conformist, Mickael Kors women embody a s reducing mod the casually luxurious gance and totally assume. Making his own codes of the American chic and if appropriating looks released women having no worrying about the next day, one that looks like a roh don’t both me 100% Upper East Side’s product thus by his carelessness edor. (more…)

The Perfect Sweater Seventies Sportswear

By dint of seeing pass before my eyes countless images, photographs and silhouettes, my imaginary pantheon dress has gradually filled rooms including outlandish became familiar to me and now waiting patiently to find – or not – double them in real life. For these parts, I do not actively seeking: the fact of having identified them and know them warm in my virtual wardrobe is enough. That said, when meeting with one of them takes place, difficult to remain indifferent…

Saturday, September 3, 10 am. We enter the store Winners / HomeSense located on Bloor Street (which meets cheap clothing offer made almost loose and better arranged part dedicated to the house) looking for a toy box for Charles. As we cross the radius Man, my eyes suddenly attracted a sweater with thin blue stripes. Its cut, its color, its round neck, its contrasting finishes, I like everything. I go to touch, the material proves pleasant. Charles pulled my jean shorts, Julien asks me to hurry. I let the sweater.  (more…)