Midi Skirt Sophistication Never Goes out of Style

The first great war (1914-1918) “took” men to the battlefield, while women get out of the House for the first time, to their jobs.

The need for more adequate and comfortable clothes to perform the task in agricultural production, animal husbandry, work in industries or even driving buses and trucks, made possible a significant revolution in the pieces of women’s clothing: the shortening of skirts and dresses. (more…)

The Tulle Skirt is Back

Hello guys, okay? This is Sandy from Girls in fashion and today I tell you a little bit for you on the back of the Tulle Skirt or tulle skirt.
Everyone thought the Tulle Skirt was a catwalk, ballet or used only in fashion editorials, isn’t it? Who demystified the idea was the eternal Carrie Bradshawn, played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex And The City. She used such tulle skirt more than once, and could epitomize the look with green tulle skirt with Midi length.

How to Wear Flared Skirts

The flared skirt 50 years is one of the perfect complement to create delicious and feminine look, but how to wear it? Easy to match, the skirts go well with most garments easy as shirts and t-shirts. What matters, when you are composing the look, you create the right silhouette, so pay close attention to the shapes, cuts and clothes to the curves of your body.


How to Choose a Skirt for Your Body Type

Whether you are round, small, small, or very slender, here are some tips to avoid mistakes of skirt.

Because it remains a must for sunny days but also an inexhaustible source of complex, the skirt ended not to talk about it. Short, ultra-long, pencil or Tulip version: the choices are many and are sometimes hazardous. Focus on four morphologies types and their variations related to never err:


Ways to Wear Skirts in the Winter

This isn’t because the mercury is falling (necessarily) to store our long skirts. And for good reason, their Bohemian look particularly fits the trends of the season. Here are our three ways to wear it without making mistakes.

Seventies revival requires, the long skirt plays extensions. Usually reserved for the beautiful days, she invites you this year in our locker
room in winter, which is not displeasing to us. Because the long skirt this


Tulle Skirt Fashion Trends

If you think of tulle thing, or rather, who comes to mind? I bet a blonde, curly, New York, and with some very special friends. We’re talking about her, the idol of many fashion conscious women and love affairs: Carrie Bradshaw. It ”s, in fact, the iconic tulle skirt that many episodes has made it elegant, sexy and funny as he ran for the streets of the Big Apple to get her prince or trusted friends the stars of Sex and the City.


Spring 2015 Trends Denim

Denim, denim, denim. Who does not have a piece of this historic material in your wardrobe? I challenge anyone to say that I have at least a pair of jeans. And ‘the basis of our clothing is a must head, an evergreen, never out, never out of fashion.

So, it is right to talk about “return of jeans” as a trend for spring 2015? Many brands have revived the denim on the catwalks: from Victoria Beckham, dresses with dark color, to Valentino, with dresses V-neck extremely romantic, through the highstreet brands like ASOS, which proposes the miniskirt sdrammatizzandola jeans with sneakers, or River Island, with the collar to match the t-shirt.


Just Cavalli Leather Mini Skirt

The new collection Just Cavalli for spring summer 2013 has just staged at Milan fashion week , presenting an idea of female, rock and very glamorous, replacing the classic black with white achieving new experiments with accessories and combinations with vibrant hues. The Milan fashion week is now in its third day that began in the best possible way with a jaunty collection and a little retro signed Moschino, which you could see in live streaming on our website, and is continuing with many proposals aimed primarily at a younger audience, very easygoing and attentive to the look and the latest trends. Here is the proposal of Just Cavalli for the hot season.

The Milan fashion week is one of the most anticipated event dedicated to fashion and follow the world and certainly not wrong. In these first three days we witnessed the presentation of some really amazing collections such as Emporio Armani, dedicated to a woman who wants to show that you have style without wearing eccentric outfits and bizarre. But even Alberta Ferretti, with its sublime evening dresses inspired by the marine world made us dream with your eyes wide open. But now it is the turn of Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli’s fashion more youthful brand, who has proposed his own version of a rocker that appears to be from the very near future. (more…)

How to Wear a Skirt of Lace

It is not the kind of leader who wears even to go to the grocery store and I certainly do not choose it when you’re in a hurry and you stick the first thing that happens to you, but, if combined in the right way, a lace skirt can show off also in everyday life. It seems too demanding boss that only suits elegant occasions, but, for some time, we see wearing the skirt of lace even with sports clothing such as T-shirts and sneakers and these combinations make it perfect even for the day.

Who can wear a skirt of lace? All! The important thing is to choose the model best suited to their physical: If you are tall and thin, you can opt for skirts and pencil skirt ; but if you have a Mediterranean and physical do not want too much value to your forms, you can choose larger models and wide as the midi skirt and long skirts.

Match a skirt of lace in the right way is easier than you might think, and who better than the most famous fashion bloggers can help us in this mission? Here are 10 different combinations to be tested as soon as possible!


Best of Fashion in Skirts For Summer

There are trends in long, short, skirts tube, luxurious, casual, etc., there are models for the entire summer skirts. You will not get tired of using so much variety in skirts there for the summer.

Short skirts

Let’s start fashion short skirts and straight for the summer, if you want to teach stylish long legs, skirts and fashion is very extensive.

Straight skirts

You can also choose to wear fashion straight skirts above the knee this summer. See more on Internet Sailors.

Frilly skirts

If you are fashion beach-style skirts this summer are perfectly. Fashion skirts with ruffles never be wrong, plus you can use them in the day or night.

Skirts below the knee

You are looking for comfort? Fashion skirts below the knee is the most comfortable you can choose for summer, as they are very fresh and will make you look sure of yourself, for the convenience of you will enjoy.

Long skirts

Long skirts fashion has come better than ever for the summer, because not need cold to use. If you are looking fashion casual skirts, long and wide are the choice, as they provide heat with the cold and cool in the heat.

You can find fashion skirts of any kind, for summer are the best choice, as always you’ll look fresh and beautiful. There is so much variety that fashion skirts can use a different style every day. Dare to know the best of fashion in skirts for summer!


Top 12 Fashion Skirts

One of the most recognized advantages of skirts according to homosociety, is that they can be used in very casual looks and even very formal: we can combine them with boots or booties, socks and put them go extremely well in both the summer and winter. Here are some options for fashionable skirts that can be considered for the rest of the year:

12. Miniskirts

We may have to wait for the heat to our cities, but these fashionable skirts are essential for tropical seasons, combined with everything and we just have to be careful with there along.

11. To Waist

Usually they arrive knee and descend from the top and Fitted waist, are an excellent choice of modern skirts when looking for a casual and stylish look.

10. Denim Skirts

If you are the type who believes that skirts serve only to formal looks, here’s denim skirt to prove otherwise, it is one of the skirts handiest fashion, because its cool and casual look gives a very nonchalant all outfit.

9. Skirts Hippies

Bohemian touch are all wardrobe, plus fashionable these skirts are extremely comfortable and let you stop worrying, as are vast and their designs are tribal and generally do not attract attention at a specific point of the garment.

8. Skirts with Valance

If you are the type who love discreet details and prefer above the outrageous designs, fashionable skirts with valance are ideal for you, as always carry a very elegant and understated detail that accompanies any outfit. They are highly recommended.

7. Skirts T-Shirts

Once again the casual and carefree style comes as skirt, fashionable skirts for the beach are also the handiest during a specific time of year. They go well with sleeveless tops and sandals for fresh hot weather.

6. Long Skirts

Contrary to miniskirts, this kind of fashionable skirts must be carefully combined, since in many cases if the right shoes or the right complement are chosen can subtract many points attire.

5. Irregular Skirts

If you like to give a bold and crazy twist to your style, irregular skirts sure they have what you want. They are very fashionable skirts fresh materials that can give a more relaxed look too formal style.

4. Skirts with pleats

These fashionable skirts must learn to love them, because many girls do not find them taste because their folds can give the impression of roundness in the figure, however, when the right is, they are wearing very nice to combine with all.

3. Pleated skirts

These fashionable skirts are back to put the college-formal style again in the mouth of all, are skirts in colors resistant materials generally discrete carried more occasions where we require more serious looks.

2. Skirts with ruffles

The fashionable skirts with ruffles give you a much more youthful and even innocent attire appearance, they are excellent complement when you know how to combine, but try not to abuse or volume, or pastel colors and roses for these garments.

1. Skirts with flight

They are ideal when you need a townsman but relaxed look, these fashion skirts are the “relax” version of the skirts at the waist and let you stop worrying about your look while make you look more formal and professional.

Fashion skirts are a basic garment in the wardrobe, there are some proposals skirts that can be combined with whatever and create highly original outfits. Choose your favorite and looks very chic.

The Skirt is Long Brings the Ankles

New year, new trend: the long skirt to the ankle, so loved by the stars!

The skirt ankle is one of the leaders who dictate the trends of the Spring Summer 2016: worn by many celebrities, he will be able to accompany us on every occasion.
Among the new models we find first of all the full skirt, feminine and elegant, the pleated narrow and regular folds, the narrow version cut, lace for the most romantic, soft skin and, finally, that in fantasy for women who they love dare.Both fascinating and dangerous, so let’s see how match it in the right way:


How to Wear Long Skirts

Use long skirt has never been on the agenda as in recent months. The feminine and versatile piece falls well in many types of environments and styles of bodies, is just learning how to use to help further enhance the silhouette. For those who have not started investing in looks with long skirt , do not waste time: it is a great piece to compose the closet .


The Rose, Operating Instructions

Generally associated with figurines Mattel and universe compact aspirants princesses, pink tries this season a foray in the wardrobe of adults thinking in more contemporary than girly mode. Review of the different podiums spring / summer 2013 which tent rent conf rer to a certain legitimacy fashion pink…

Under the fingers of Raf Simons (Dior), color chre to Hello Kitty fans acquires a dimension of the more modern by as sensual as radical. Be appended on a sheet of acid yellow double top, husband carlate or worked in stripes satin chiffon, – pastel or neon – pink is necessary here obviously. (more…)

Trends Spring / Summer 2014

Between telescopages of influences, folklore revisit, art quotes, Pantone colors, borrowing universe sporty, games of textures, printed graphics, pi these sportswear high-end and mati res infinitely sensual season Spring / summer 2014 allows audacious…

Intr pide, rebellious, espi gle and dilettante, the daughter of the 2014 t…

thinks he’s a work of art share entire crept within dresses, t-shirts and other sweaters not having nothing envy to the paintings of my very contemporary painting (C line, Prada, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac).

his passion for the sport influenced her dress code (Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci, Kenzo, line C). (more…)

Printed Leopard + Marini Rel = the Right Mix

Trends encourage us mix the printed and the temp drop temperatures overlay layers of clothes, the duo marini re/printed Leopard appears more than ever relevant…

If the fall of 2012 is an opportunity for the tl Leopard rub brilliantly countless graphics (printed camouflage, peas, florets, animal…), it is indeed once the eternal remarini mix that it appears the more desirable d. Must say between fragrance lines and scratches traditional’, this combination displays an aura classic/chic/preppy particularly irresistible irr. (more…)

The Pencil Skirt: How to Wear?

Long eservr to lelegant veil in coat in fur and bibi, the pencil skirt has recent res seasons gradually revealed his potential fashion by adopting a look wavering between stylistic audacity, humour and contraction. Small passage in review of the different types of pencil skirts and their dress code associated with…

Showing a nature slightly pin-up, leather pencil skirt will win meet e calmer at the touch of a casual top. We don’t h sitera so not associate a mod the black alligator glistening a port gray denim shirt e roulott sleeves are, a pi that carbon split and high waist a simple sweater (or gray t-shirt a loose strand) or even a skirt e color a t-shirt bearing the image of a cartoon character (or a sweater textur tone on tone). Level shoes, we put on a pair of simple black pumps. (more…)

Skirt Midi Plus Sweater Carr Is the Silhouette of the Moment

Prilleuse as is, grammarc season in print line linienne not least currently lookbooks fast fashion as well as the dress code of trends etteuses. A good reason to become familiar without delay with the midi/sweater skirt duo carr, pl biscit this fall by Phoebe Philo…

Spearhead of this new modesty fashion floating in the air of the time, the very “helmut langienne” Celine fall/winter 2013-2014 collection encourages the fashionista review the codes of her wardrobe. Lo Slimane pr is the return of grunge, Phoebe Philo didn’t h site so not be demanding with honor of the associations of volumes more brain than mainstream.


The Chic Minimalist Halter

By adopting this season an d sheath more chic that sexy, the backless distanced itself with its image of pi this server to the beaches and the night are worldly, to sophisticated urban everyday…

In relgance, everything comes to subtleties. It is often much more paying in terms of the pace of suggest rather than of deveil. A State of the fact that the last stylistic gimmick in vogue – which suggest a gap of skin in the back via different Cup games – chooses to apply the letter, between dorsal parts believes, parallel the or s sheet.  (more…)