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The swimsuit, innocuous slip, is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion.
The cutting edge of fashion
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The swimsuit is a piece of clothing if accessory that many men fail to take an interest. Fatal error: this innocuous slip is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion. (more…)

Learn How to Use the Shirts That is Tendency!

The shirt is a basic and comfortable piece, but the look does not have to be bland. There are several models filled with patterns, colors and varied sizes for you to increase production. You even wear the boy’s shirt, do not you? However, it has a style that is super high. It’s the transparent shirt, which makes the look sexy in the right measure. Here are some tips to take advantage of this trend.


Casual Shirt Style Advice

Casual Shirts: Opus Oxford Shirt Test

Casual shirts are a bit like the creator of the brand: with a somewhat facetious side that diverts the codes, but does it well.
I am the first to say that a striped shirt is necessarily formal, and on paper combine these patterns with an apparent throat, a chest pocket and a buttoned collar is rather risky and can easily turn to flawless taste. (more…)

How to Wear Knotted Shirt

Are back knotted shirts front, from the 50’s pin up to the time it is not the rai, it seemed they would never come back. But how to wear them in 00 years?
knotted shirt: instructions for use
Certain fashions thought we do not see them anymore, and instead, cyclically back and above all, after a few moments of reticence, not do without to want to wear!
This is the case of the shirt knotted at the waist, a real trend of the current season. We had left it tied, it is appropriate to say, to the 90 and then look lolita that filled our screens with the cult program in those years, not the rai, where everything was a flaunting of navels. (more…)

Flower Pattern Shoes

Spring is the tip of his nose and the colorful wildflowers invade gently landscapes. It’s time to get out his sunglasses and wear ornate clothing. Here are some tips to bring designs to flowers without looking like a player in the 1980s.

A shirt with small flowers to be chic

The size of the pattern is very important. So a shirt with many small flowers will be discreet and can easily be brought safely to a beach boys.


How to Choose T Shirts

After talking to one of the essential parts of the male wardrobe, to the sweet name of John (see this article), I will dwell on another basic. And basic of all the more significant that it perfectly does the job associated with jeans with sneakers. I’m obviously talking about the shirt. And Yes, the shirt is the most accessible part of the menswear, and also one of the most cools. Because there are an infinite number of possibilities for t-shirts, depending on the cut, fabric, color, patterns, and Jean past. The problem is that there is lot of stuff not terrible too. So here are my small tips of grandmother to learn how select a tee shirt man, which takes time and which is not too ridiculous.


How Long Can a Shirt Be

So long, the shirt be

The shirt is one of the most difficult to get into a garment to fit on that works for all. It’s rare for a particularly stretchy material, making it more difficult to fit different body types. Some have long arms and other shorter. Some have wide waist and others are slimmer. Some have a long torso and other shorter. It is therefore impossible to a size of shirt, perfect for anyone with as many pattern elements that shirt actually.


Double Collar Button Down Shirts

BonneGueule x Hartford button down shirts

Before entering the heart of the matter, I tells you that finishes are obviously the same for the two shirts, if this is the treatment of the tissue that is different (I will later).

In this regard, materials come from the Spanish Weaver Sidogras. It is a partner with which Hartford has used to work, for the quality of its materials and the success of its print.


How to Dress an H Body Shape

I already gave you styling tips for the Figure type A. Today I want to show friends what womens clothing plus size Figure type H fits.

Women feel often unfeminine, with the body of a H-types because they lack the soft, feminine curves. There is little waist, shoulder, body and hips are almost the same width.

With this rectangular body shape, it is all the more important to know what plus size outfits are appropriate and beneficial. Curves basically visually to create. As you betonst your benefits, you can find out here. (more…)

How to Choose the Perfect Shirt

Do not assume that you will do on a fashion Guro, which will write a complex theorem fabric, cut, color, occasions and so on. I am a normal person, like all of you and I give you a personal advice when choosing the most appropriate shirt.

  1. Most important is to be aware of what occasions you need shirts for men. Whether you want to go with her to the disco, whether you use it for work, whether you are a guest at a formal event of a personal or social nature. The shirts are divided into stylish, elegant, comfortable and shiny. At least what I share them. They are suitable for everyday you fancy for social events, coupons for elegant and stylish business.
  2. Be selective color on what you want to say about you in front of people. Black and white are intended to focus more on your personality than appearance. Men who wear similar colors and the like, prefer to be seen by what we speak, not how they look. The other bright palettes lend a certain amount of humor, while the dark are more suited to crush the establishments. Please only keep your shirts and those with flowers on the beach, because everywhere you will look ridiculous.
  3. Always take the right size for you or a number greater to be able to masquerade as a tailor. The fabrics from which most often made shirts are not subject to stretching, and those that contain spandex, often give an unnatural shape your body. The best option is to give 5-10lv to tailor to make your shirt perfect measure.
  4. Last but not least – base your final decision 50% of their own taste and 50% of woman who you believe. I have one rule in life – always trust a woman clothes and hairstyle. If women understand something more than men, it is precisely these two things. Pick yourself with a beauty and then ask to tour the shops with you. These women already love to hang around all day there, because for them it is a kind of amusement park. Measure two or three ten-shirts until you look in the eye and not see its approval.

Sleeveless Shirts for Summer

With the arrival of summer we are ready to discover us: we buy new clothes fluttering, do stocks of mini skirts, midi skirt, show off our favorite shorts, tops and blouses buy micro super light, but there is another boss that we should always keep on hand, the sleeveless shirt.
the sleeveless shirt is one of those pieces of the female wardrobe which is a bit ‘underestimated, but it really can be a trump card when we run out of ideas, we do not know what to wear and we try new alternatives to the usual t-shirt. They are fresh, practical and versatile, and, when combined with taste, can make a difference in a look.

You do not already have one? You still have time to remedy! Here are 5 models you always have in the closet!


The Man’s Shirt

Perhaps the head of the most common clothing to all the male wardrobe and now even to those women … if indeed you could choose a few basic elements in the look of each girl or woman, this would be part of!

The blue shirt, that our father used to go to work, or for an outfit a little ‘more elegant, has always fascinated us for a simple reason, because the female version does not exist! The women’s shirts, in fact, always have a few more details, and apart from the ‘ chambray ‘ which are very minimal, all that concerns the Women shirts always leaves us a bit ‘perplexed.


Slim Leather: How to Wear?

Well-chosen (knowledge lg slightly stretch and tight sentence), the slim black leather is very effective rera to rock’ no rolliser our winter outfits…

If it is without a doubt one of the pi these prefer are models (see here and l), the slim leather remains adapt most of morphologies. To succeed in reveal the full potential, simply so display a length of minimum leg and appear comfortable in his body.


The “Eye” of Kenzo Hoodie

If Isabel Marant was long the Queen e incontest of cool Paris, it is now the turn of Carol Lim and of Mr. Leon to dictate their r rules at mati re must have hype.Latest example: the famous hoodie “eye” designed by the duo, who does not turn the t you fashionistas…

Difficult in the world of pr-t – wearing creator of success offer two seasons on a pi this bankable. Yet it is what is managed do the duo American Carol Lim and Humberto Leon who, after making essential sweatshirt ‘tiger’, finds himself again the origin of the fashion of the moment crush: sweat “eye”. (more…)

47 Fall 2014 Fashion Commandments

Between trends test places d cover, stylistic gimmicks sulk and must have owning, small passage in review of the few rules respect – or not – to spend a fall fashionably correct…

A shirt eray you well-covered.

The success of the phenomena don’t #IceBucketChallenge you you fashionably.

By painting one of your bags in leather for a squaw you take (Burberry Prorsum).

SD opening – October 27 – the Foundation Louis Vuitton visit you’re going.

By Meert waffles macaroons and other sprouts the crme you good (shop located at 16 Street Elzevir, 75003 Paris).

You’ll be wearing your overcoat male bare legs. (more…)

Hawa Enne Shirt

Difficult, when we raised the shirt hawa enne, to reappear the image of Tom Selleck wearing fi surely this last in the s series “Magnum”. A good background bit exciting has yet no emp ch this famous shirt f Street botanical tropical to inspire creators of the time…

Soberly e blink in black and white at Isabel Marant boldly insolently lush at Kenzo, and e at Kitsun color shirt hawa enne d let this season his eighties tinsel first degree in favor of a new identity 100% hype. (more…)

Brown, Operating Instructions

After long under-estimated, the Brown – and its diff annuities chromatic variations – now seems about to invest massively wardrobes, to instil warm twist and fall charm…

Little feat in recent years are within the offer pr-t – wear (so much so that it is currently very difficult to d nest a pi this chocolate at our site), Brown had so far great evil not to see the spotlight by the inevitable camel.

Nothing like yet a sweater neck roll chocolate to boost the complexion of blondes, as a large Brown scarf to India to do en tiller hazel eyes or even masculine pants mordor for r ensure a raw denim shirt…


The Check Shirt

Between the grungy d wire Dries Van Noten spring fitting / summer 2013 and the avalanche of mix and match tiles having occurrences on the latest collection Chanel third m of art, it seems that the check shirt is about to regain its letters of nobility fashion…

If lumberjack shirt has never really left the dressing room of the fashionistas, she has recently won in fashion appeal. Sublim e by the inspiring summer silhouettes presented in September last by Dries Van Noten, this could thus become the new denim shirt, a trendy basic knowledge that we don’t h site not combine on all tones.