About Women’s Clothing

… And a million other help for women how to dress up. By the way you look irstaalta, distasteful medicine and tyrkyltä. Last June, an in-depth report Of manners instructor had given the magazine about how women should dress in the summer. According to the title of the story was about the two sexes dress code in the text of the summer days, but it turned out just the way women like to push their small arms, as well as the paljastella erotic pinkeät shorts. It is not a good intiimialueet should cover


Polyester Pants Static Cling

It is frustrating to put on a pair of clean pants of polyester, only to find the fabric is glued together and your legs. Static electricity is the result of friction created between the materials. It is common for static to happen in winter, when there is low humidity and when dry you your clothes in a dryer. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, are particularly prone to static electricity.Removal of static electricity in your pants of polyester can be done, even after the pants have already been washed and dried.


How to Measure Waistline for Pants

AF ter a gastronomic stay a little too full, you know really what size pants wear. You may loosen the belt, get your meat, nothing helps: your little chino will not exceed the fat thighs. So what to do? Drag your extra pounds and your highlights rolls up to the shop around the corner looking for the right size or stick to your old jogging to elastic? We can assure you: neither one nor the other.


How to Measure Men’s Pants

The port of pants that fit makes all the difference in how you look and feel. Pants that are too big can seem unprofessional and make you look bigger, then you are. Pants that are too small can cause friction, irritation of the skin and it is difficult to be comfortable when you sit. Boys and men of measurement for the right pants size is simple, and will allow you to walk in most any store and find a pair of pants that seems good and feels comfortable.


How to Match Cropped Pants

The cropped pants are a real must-haves of the season: discover how to combine for an impeccable outfit.
The fashion of cropped pants, also known as culottes pants , has spread in the last spring and has landed unscathed to the winter season.

The cropped pants are cousins of the famous breeches also known as harem pants or harem pants, which a few years ago conquered fashionistas and not.


Get Married in Pants

Cross-legged or in combination, the bride pants has to seduce the young brides. Selection of the most beautiful alternatives to the traditional wedding dress.

No, all women do not dream a princess dress to the Cinderella for their marriage, though instead. They prefer to ease foolproof or they would like to detach traditions, some brides make the bold choice of pants. Booming


Chino Pants for Men

In recent years a pants comes compete with the jeans for men, it’s chino pants.

It’s a canvas pants, generally in 100% cotton is comfortable and pleasant to wear. It’s a start of the 2010s chino pants came back strong with the public. Reserved for boys from good families initially, chino has now become public. We run into him at the corner of every street, and is associated with all styles. Chic and trendy, the chino pants is today available in multiple colors, and offers a real alternative to the jeans fashion man. A few fashion tips to learn how to highlight the port of chino pants.


How to Wear Harem Pants Plus Size?

He made his comeback! Cut, material, color: you are told to choose and wear it with style, while flattering your figure. Follow the guide!

This is the great return of harem pants (trousers, in Hoticle). And the good news is that it is not helpful to be top model to be able to wear it with class. Try this fluid pants with droopy crotch, it is to adopt. It’s simple: it flatters your figure, provided to know well and choose the match.

How to Choose the Harem Pants?
Can not be emphasized enough: to make the right choice, regardless of the clothing, give it a try! This is especially true with some parts of the wardrobe like this. Material, cut, color … Be attentive to detail to set the tone to your outfit.


Pajamas in Town: We Adopt or Not?

If the appearance very first degree of Marc Jacobs in his Pajamas during the last Louis Vuitton wire d left us puzzled first, the concept put forward by the creator New York in appears no less today right in tune with the times…

After the ann pass’re pl bisciter the concept “of the below on port”, creators today spend superior speed by introducing podiums pr-t – EPS wear these so far exclusively reserved are the bedroom. (more…)

Wide-Leg Pants: How to Wear?

Seen as well on the last summer catwalks of Celine and Dries Van Noten that within the locker room pre-fall sign Kenzo and Stella McCartney, the pants off promises to be one of the IP these strong months come. Rest know how to wear…

D blink on a chic grunge note, wide trousers will win to see cut in some tiles semi-translucides and fluid fabrics. And if the most audacious dare marry him to mix shirt written/blazer inspired, others can simply assign a loose sweater v-neck.

Simple and l gloves, the shoes will be the best alli of wide trousers.

SD come spring, most launched you can treat mode falsely d contract by opting for a mod the black port size low accompanied a top white rectangular down low on the hips. (more…)

Pants Tiles: How to Wear?

Since Dries Van Noten began t you to combine mix and match tiles and nonchalantly silhouette style, Pants Scottish – pi this risque if it is – is of all the “wish-lists”. Rest however know how to wear…

Far more customary outfits of hunting of the Queen of England that podiums, the plaid pants has long had bad press auprs fashionistas, who both feared its magnifying optical effects than its dimension m m risante. Yes but now, by the lighthouse of his very successful Spring collection printed tiles / t 2013, Dries Van Noten has managed the feat of strength to make this desirable d pi said their eyes… (more…)

The Vertical Stripes Pants

Guest star of the last thread Marc Jacobsed, vertical stripes appear as one of the printed s of the season Spring / summer 2013, with for flag carrier the trserisqu pants mind Beetlejuice…

Pile in the Jacobian of season Marc spirit, the black and white stripes pants is little bit becoming IP this chart of the moment. It must be said that with its vertical lines to the virtues of slimming, it has what s reduce more than a fashionista… (more…)

White Wide Leg Pants COS

Those who have not had the opportunity – or the afford – in 2011 famous white sign large jeans Dries Van Noten should finally have what overcome their reception going to do a little tour of the ct from COS…

Wide, high waist and well shot, the white immacul jeans designed by stylists from COS could well be the IP which will illuminate “stylistically” our spring. Real cam l we fashion, it will indeed not like be combined as well in mode “d sinvolte” as “preppy” or even “PREPPY new g n ration”.


Street Style – Summer 2015

Between male fashion week and week of high fashion, the last weeks were rich in sophisticated silhouettes, new stylistic gimmicks volumes and trends. Reviewing looks and details recently saw in Tommy Ton and others…

The bandana is worn tied around the neck and associated with a very fine necklace (see here).

Short hair turn out to be the perfect allies held a sexy strand (see here).

Eyelet in the toilet were on the rise (see here).

All marcel black tight / wide pants size high carbon conspicuously effective minimalism (see here).

The Teddy tries to establish itself as the new perfecto (see here). (more…)

The Perfect Wide-Leg Pants

The good basics are the wardrobe of the fashionista that the organic market is the toil: indispensable. Impossible to imagine without the Green brain column that constitute these pi these as indestructible as timeless. On the menu of the day: perfect wide trousers…

View tower at Haider Ackermann, C line, The Row, Christophe Lemaire and a Herm, wide trousers has recently imposed as the low casual chic by excellence. I must say that with his generous, his jacket d scale l elegant and masculine aura, it has hurt flatter the figure.  (more…)

Miroslava Duma, the Right Style

Co-founder of Buro 24/7 digital magazine, Miroslava Duma cultivated for many years a sophisticated look of micro Russian doll worth it to be considered a real street-style icon. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding the dress code of this young woman much smaller than most of her peers…

Choose a coat stopping above the knee and wear the cross and belted high waist (see here).

Choosing the right pants, ⅞ and very tall, so as to lengthen the silhouette (see here). (more…)

The Wide Short Pants, the Moment the UFO

Lately, fashion has a tendency to grow. It is true that there are countless classics are declining in oversize format. After the overcoat, pants clips and denim jacket, thus now the turn of the gauchos to shake his wise kind adopting a XXL volume…

Preview notably at Celine and The Row, the wide gauchos of already being done swoon with envy all those wishing to rub the new fundamentals of minimalist silhouette. I must say that this UFO- Unidentified Object Fashion – is enough to generate interest…

Trousers Time, Risky Trend of the Moment

If fashion had already annoyingly tend to recycle the non-recyclable, this phenomenon has increased markedly with the arrival on the front of the fashion scene Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga DA). After the jacket sportswear and Juicy Couture jogging, thus now the turn of the spindle pants move from a highly tacky nature an aura much hype…

1985 For some reason (that only trends offices would be able to explain), time pants popular with riders and skiers invite themselves within the offer ready-to-wear. The playgrounds to the pages of magazines, stretch material in these pants, carrot cut and ending with a “bracket” elastic (to soft pants and said to avoid it goes back to the ankle) are now everywhere. And even if they tend to swell the upper leg and confer draws unflattering silhouette…

Streetstyle – Fall 2016

Between bold volumes, engineered materials, male tiles, complex overlays, inspiring color harmonies and unusual stylistic gimmicks, quick overview of the landscape street style of the moment…

Redundant unless a Dionysus, the Gucci sweaters are the new fad of fashionistas. Often colorful, they indeed correspond to the idea that there is a bestseller, ie an identifiable product, portable and original (see here, here , here and here ).

Pink invites in all styles and comes in every tone: satin , it offers an unexpected softness in khaki; bubble gum , it breathes a sweet pulls off leather pants; layette , he coaxes burgundy; graphic , it is cerebral; Oversized , it assumes a quickdraw conceptual boyish. (more…)

Ana Gimeno Brugada, the Right Style

Drawing a part of her wardrobe in the male wardrobe, Ana Gimeno Brugada cultivates a stylishly androgynous style where shades of colors, classical pieces and massive shoes have the spotlight. Insolent alchemy that gives this Italian consultant with a unique allure and a mysterious strand whose streetstyle photographers are fond. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling its dress code…

⅞ combine pants and brogues with thick soles (see here).

Telescoping gingham shirt and blazer sailor (see here).

Reheat casual / male held in contact with a folk shawl (see here). (more…)