Panties and Thongs – How to Choose the Right Cut?

Choice of panties should any woman be given the same attention as when choosing a bra. Figure out what you must give yourself when buying panties and thong beware!

If you have honestly say that you devote more time to choose a bra or panties, she would surely won bra. In doing so properly chosen cut pants can do wonders with the lady’s background. Do you know which cut fits you?


What Bra to Wear with a Plunging Neckline

What bra with a plunging neckline? This question is all we asked.Our advice tested and approved for an effect “wow”.

Bra and cleavage: no small feat

Easy to fall for a neckline, not easy to wear! Besides the dilemma “I may or I may not,” adds the challenge of finding a suitable bra. Bras basket, push-up, push-up plunge bra multiposition or adhesive… there are as many models as a value! After determining yoursize bra, well look at the neckline and the top material. It is they who will determine your choice.


How to Wear Denim Jumpsuit

The denim jumpsuit has become a must! Inevitable in any “up to date” wardrobe, is one of my favorite pieces of the season. Because denim is actually not just for summer, on the contrary in winter is even simplier to combine it with special accessories or warm furs to create trendy looks without losing the concept of freedom that only this material can give! How to make it less serious? With leopard, spotted or “animalier” accessories. I also chose a handbag in pony by Sabrina Franchini and a pair of shoes, in pony as well, by Anaki Paris. A spotted accessory is ideal then to give a touch of irony to a dress that has always meant biting elegance.


Best Support Sports Bra

Support sports bra Sensik

The Jiwokeuses enjoy running, cycling, walking… They love sport what!

But as I often reminded, women (and men for that matter) must be well-equipped during their training sessions to avoid cause pain to see injuries to their bodies.

So obviously, you have to have good shoes, the textile suitable (see compression garments) depending on the weather ( cold, hot, rain) and the time of day (especially at night). (more…)

Victoria’s Secret, the Lingerie Collection Christmas 2015

Victoria’s Secret presents the new collection of lingerie 2015 designed to celebrate so sexy and cheeky Christmas. A Christmas line that focuses on cult highlighted by a themed color palette where they couldn’t come with neither red nor black. Between body, pajamas and balconette there is an embarrassment of choice.

Christmas is a special occasion to prepare something good, to beautify home and to do some shopping and renew your wardrobe by buying just something to wear on Christmas Eve. And a new suit certainly needs brand new lingerie that is perfectly in keeping with the Christmas spirit, that’s why today we have decided to show you the lingerie collection launched by Victoria’s Secret on the occasion of Christmas 2015. Between petticoats, pajamas, bodysuits, balconette and slip by very specific cuts there is an embarrassment of choice. (more…)

La Perla Underwear Spring Summer

La Perla fashion label also wanted to give us great emotions in these days of fashion shows of Milan fashion week for next spring-summer 2012. Today we closed the new edition of Milan fashion week, which suggested the trend of warmer weather to come. There are many fashion brands who have thought about our beauty, filling the wardrobe of clothing and accessories to be missed. Obviously also the beachwear and lingerie are well represented, also from La Perla fashion brand.

During Milan fashion week for spring/summer 2012, the fashion brand La Perla has paraded in via Clerici, with its collection of women’s fashion for the warm weather to come. We intimate garments but also fashionable beachwear to dress in style for every occasion imaginable. In this frame was also presented the new Couture line of Pearl for Jean Paul Gaultier. (more…)

Matching Bra and Underwear Sets Cheap

You’re in luck, because fashion designers are ready with summer offers stylish, sophisticated, provocative and very different from what underwear, which you encountered so far. Are you ready to get into the recesses of the elegant and sophisticated female erotic vision? Look proposals for erotic lingerie and let’s begin:

✔ Bras

Modern bras category erotic lingerie are not just cut. Incisions are of innovative and interesting, as the cup already is neither round nor flared diagonally. You will be able to enjoy the unique offerings in the form of heart on bridzhitka with plunging neckline, and even with parallel arranged cups, of which slightly will submit nipples. The double and triple straps are definite hit, as the most attractive designs with pandas, butterflies and even whole ornaments made of beads and sequins. Satin and tyulat remain the most preferred materials, but if you shake harder, you can find genuine leather bras, and even velvet sports bra.


5 Ways to be Perfect in Jumpsuit

Among the trends for next season figure  the whole suit or jumpsuit revisited in style also by the designers on the catwalk.

A must-have spring summer 2016: Military or jeans, bon ton, floral, total black or sporty, very many different models between them, not only for the imagination, but also to the form, with tight trousers, flared, pants or building with openings on the sides. The entire suit is a strong piece, we can wear with ease throughout the year, both day and night.If you want to have one in the wardrobe, but do not know how to match it, here are 5 ways to be perfect with the suit:


How to Choose the Right Sports Bra?

If you think this sport seriously, you should have besides special shoes and functional clothes also get a proper sports bra. Your charms deserve it!

How to choose the right one, and why is the difference between classic bras for everyday use and that we use for sports, we asked Ing. Dany Jirásková, owner of shops Bra Expert.

Choosing the right bra for every woman is very important. What parameters are essential in the selection?

The first place belongs to the right size, because only ensure the comfort and support he needs to bust. Bra the correct size woman does not bother to knock her shoulders, breasts are firmly in košíčkách sufficiently supported, nothing nezařezává not neplandá. Immediately follows the correct material strong enough, with a good life, who does not come out after a few washes or longer wear, but also friendly. Bra remains not only beautiful but also functional for months to years. Followed by a cut suitable for the type of character or below a certain type of clothing or seasons. Until finally I joined, although women still important, color and design.


Advice on Buying Maternity Clothes

Future mommies to the earliest months, this post is dedicated to all of you. I’ll tell you when my tummy started to rise and I found myself struggling with a pleasant date: maternity shopping!

When it comes to expecting mothers, you’ll have it looked at you, advertising, newspapers and shop windows we offer hundreds of articles. Panties, bras, sweaters, dresses, coats, tracksuits …

My advice is: go there with caution, because in many cases what you already have in your closet can take you up to the ninth month, or you can buy just a little larger, without resorting to maternity wear that in my experience costs more “normal” leaders and often has lower quality.


Jumpsuits Are Back in Vogue

Are you among women who prefer a somewhat unusual attire? To stand out from the crowd and go with fashion? Everyone wants to look their best, on the other hand it is true that, as befits a beautiful and slim models a us ‘mortals’ simply not fit.

Surely you’ve noticed an interesting piece of clothing that you know as “ladies overalls.” At first glance it may seem a little strange, but it is a fashion hit, which is back in vogue. And flatters virtually every figure. Let us then say to actually wear overalls?

No clothing or playsuit!

When she expresses “jumpsuit” the first thing I think of, as baby bootees or coveralls, or those related to pajamas for adults, which looks a bit ridiculous. Women overalls, however, account for a much more interesting part of the wardrobe that would be a great shame leavening.


Tezenis: Costumes and Bras

I show you the pictures of the collection Tezenis lingerie and beachwear spring / summer 2011, a very interesting line in which the sponsors of the telecast brand “Friends” offers us his ideas for the hot season, ranging between models lingerie that embrace both the most passionate demands, is the most romantic, and models swimsuits, all made in two pieces, colors and more fashionable fantasies of this year, including floral motifs and lines.

We are moving already shown the ideas of other brands in terms of underwear and also the innovations introduced by Tezenis in its line for Valentine’s Day.


Victoria’s Secret Bras Reviews

Victoria’s Secret introduces its new collection of underwear for the cold season autumn winter 2013-2014, a very seductive line that offers coordinated extremely feminine in many bright colors. The Victoria’s Secret Angels wear in the catalog images more lovely items in the line, starting with the Dream Angels bra that this year will join the other collections of the brand of the world’s most famous underwear.

Articles made by Victoria’s Secret are the most loved by fashionistas worldwide, lingerie items always the first choice of the stars.