Look of Carnival with Lingerie: Yes You Can

The Carnival is coming, with promise of revelry, fun and lots of samba in the foot. The relaxation of the time allows you to dare in the visual. It is worth passing glitter on the face, show the skin, put on a costume and even wear lingerie on display in broad daylight. Doubt? So check out these inspirations that will convince you that a carnival look with lingerie is cool! (more…)

Collection Malbec Duloren: Strength and Security in Your Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes all we need is a little security to get back on your feet, right? And there is something more delicious than wear something that makes us feel good, strong and sensual, as if we could conquer the world?

The collection Malbec from Duloren came to you feel exactly like that, wonderful! With Bras perfect for combining with deep necklines that let the breasts in evidence and briefs with lace work and dental floss on the back to let anyone jaw dropped, come see! Oh, all the parts wear plus size. (more…)

How Long Uses Your Bra?

In this article we will share with you the ideal period to wear a bra! In addition, learn how time uses this piece can influence your health!

These days, practically every woman wears a bra and know breast comfort and support it provides. It helps you feel better with your outer clothing and safeguards your breasts from exposure and environmental aggressions. More, this prop is also associated with episodes of seduction in your intimate life. (more…)

The Many Lingerie Appearances of: Carrie

Continuing the subject of the end of the week… We talk about the success of Norminha’s novel 8, we saw examples of how to show lingerie without doing perigueti. But I could not stop talking about one of the most iconic characters on TV when it comes to lingerie from the outside: our dear Carrie Bradshaw. Guys, you have no idea how many pictures I found. Apparently, it’s strange for her to leave the lingerie hidden. (more…)

K &K Piratebusiness: Fashion, Accessories, & Corsets from Fire Hoses

Kai Rudat (36) and Kerstin Klockow (37) are studied designer and have been self employed with the company of PirateBusiness. The two design fashion, accessories & corsets from fire hoses. While this trend exists already since some time ago and also competitors such as Feuerwear to stimulate the market, PirateBusiness is the only provider of corsets, which are also made from used fire hose so far. (more…)

Panties and Thongs – How to Choose the Right Cut?

Choice of panties should any woman be given the same attention as when choosing a bra. Figure out what you must give yourself when buying panties and thong beware!

If you have honestly say that you devote more time to choose a bra or panties, she would surely won bra. In doing so properly chosen cut pants can do wonders with the lady’s background. Do you know which cut fits you?