Fashion – Trends 2015 Winter

Between sneakers immaculs, xxl, camel color and length 7/8 scarf, the 2015 winter man likes to mix sportswear and classicism. Review of the various dress codes and other pi these required adopt to flirt with dignity with the times…

Col roul port d roll neck sweater to get rid of any scarf (friend).

The shirt can be worn outside the trousers, condition of not too much d spend of the sweater (friend).

Fleece jogging down wearing the overcoat/pull end/shirt (Bally) trio, with a jacket (Balmain), or with a coat 3/4 blue marine (Marni).

White sneakers are essential slow v r (friend, Bally, Marc Jacobs).

Once e port with a vest collar chceintur high waist, the down jacket win l gance (Balmain).

So sophisticated a shearling jacket, we think to let go a long scarf pan (Burberry Prorsum).

Small jigs will not h siter (if the Charter aesthetic tick of their professional environment allows it) take a little volume by making pot a shirt open in their pants clips (we d will leave here the marcel in net for the benefit of a mod the United cotton).


Balances Winter 2015, Operating Instructions

In the period of balances, it is not uncommon to leave his good sense in the closet before discounts shown are succumbing products “fashionably p bad” s vou quickly end up on our site. In practice, we will try so to keep our cool focusing on IP these timeless, either displaying a DNA consistent with the trends of the moment and come. Small passage in the pi magazine these shopper without fear during the next winter sale…

A pi this sky blue

Port total look at Bottega Veneta or with black Dior, part of lighthouses of the 2014 t shades is sky blue. More chic than pink layette and softer than the marine nuances, it will sublimate the dyed h s l and will bring an in clat told the FT the denim. Think s d then afford a sky blue cropped top(associate high waist jeans), a long vest this m tint me(married to the skirt white khaki/marcel tube trio /funky white sneakers) or a blue bag fringes (mix a total look denim).


Coats – Trends Fall / Winter 2015-2016

The cloak to the generous volume shearling seventies through the outrageously retro coats and other coats longuissimes, overview of major trends “outwear” fall / winter 2015-2016 …

Caban XL

Classic of the classics, the pea coat was recently revisited by oversize fashion ( Isabel Marant , NLST). Slightly oversized, it will come and warm chunky knit cardigan and overlays / sub-pull without hindering those that try to, while giving them an undeniable comfort. Down mid-thigh, the pea coat XL appreciate being worn with boots with heels, but also with waders (which see their sexy quickdraw softened by casual aura of that reefer). To meet its pigments unisex, we will not hesitate to add a gold key (pin, shoes or hair-cuff). (more…)

Wanted: an Ocher Robe Coat

It is not uncommon that the arrival of autumn is synonymous with new desires, between hot chocolate orgy, battle leaves, scarf and winding XXL quest for the perfect trench. Regarding me, looking for a tan velvet coat eclipse this year all my other autumn whims…

When I saw for the first time this photo Hanne Gaby Odiele, his look called me especially. At first, I did not know what to make of this curious apparently unsuitable robe coat to life outdoors. Nevertheless, I felt strangely it would not take much for me as I falls madly in love (a feeling ambivalent approaching that which, in college, I could do “hate” a girl that would end a few weeks later by become my best friend…). (more…)

Trench Coat, Manual

Coat of excellence by mid-season, the trench coat is the epitome of the classic play totally timeless. That said, as timeless as it is, its dress code did not evolve less depending on the whims of creators. A good reason to make a point about the different ways to treat the trench coat in early autumn 2016…

If one believes Demna Gvasalia, the trench should be worn hanging from the belt or tipped back (to widely expose the shoulders). Poorly adapted to life everyday, these gimmicks should remain confined to the happy few operating in the high strata of the fashion sphere. (more…)

Street Style – Winter 2015

If the s wire d men are often rich in stylistic gimmicks steal the male species, their surroundings are either of interest. Passing in review of the looks and other details aper us at Tommy tone and others…

Pantyhose colors are trying to rebuild a virginit hype (see here and l).

Cap veil continues to reduce. We choose it in a sober style, in order to marry him funky accessories.

For the cold winter weather, the hot plate are in order. We think wear on the side in order to escape the “blanket” effect.

The jean jacket falls a handle of sequins tone on tone. (more…)

Trends Fall / Winter 2015-2016: the Silhouettes

Between seventies look uninhibited, sweet quickdraw, Victorian reminiscences, comfortable and unusual puzzle Jansenism clothes, women’s winter 2015 confirms certain trends and initiates other…

Seventies fusion

If she had hitherto merely flares jeans and fringed suede jackets, one that swears for several seasons as the suave charm of the seventies now allows all fantasies. And even if her outfits seem more intended for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Disneyland as urban pavements: it mocks in, sating with passion and greed his love for beads, fringes of all kinds, ponchos and officer jackets. However, it is only when it moves away from the caricature silhouettes in favor of retaining a certain subtlety that really reveals convincing. We think of the proposal that Dries Van Noten, bartering Native American aesthetics against the Mongolian style, offering a credible alternative to the ethnic aspirations of our addict seventies.
In everyday life, it likes to glide in long burgundy dresses and floral quilts to detail (Burberry Prorsum), warm up in the pit of military jackets, ponchos or even jackets in shearling, when not in love a marine blue officer’s jacket. (more…)

Essentials Winter Fashion 2016

Between military-inspired jacket, sweater in red brick, faux fur and funky pants, small review of “essential” parts to successfully infuse a trendy twist to their winter wardrobe…

A sub-pull

Having long played second fiddle, the sub-pull (see here and here) wins this season acclaim by winning as an essential part of the dress code 2016. Admittedly it – via its ultra side molding – is unparalleled to slip into the high waist skirts and pants at the time, to give a sweet seventies touch to blazers and pants ⅞ other or to allow half-buttoned shirts avoid colds . Can be declined in many shades, it also serves to punctuate the silhouette of a splash of welcome color. (more…)

The Perfect Navy Blue Duffle Coat

The good basics are the wardrobe of fashionistas that the organic market is the chef: indispensable. Impossible to imagine happening in the spine that is also indestructible that timeless these parts. On the menu: the perfect navy blue duffle coat…

Discovered at age 13, the film “Dead Poets Society” was born in me many obsessions: to cross one day the way a French teacher extraordinary, live 100% the famous “carpe diem “dear to Mr Keating or to slip in a duffle coat similar to those of the students of the academy of Welton.

Anatomy of a Bestseller # 1: the Teddy Saint Laurent

Overview in the countryside Saint Laurent spring / summer 2016, then on the back of many influencers such as Marc Jacobs, Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian or Keith Richards, the teddy “Black Palms At Sunset” is today out of stock. The opportunity to question the reasons for his insolent success…

A familiar casual model

Nothing like a classic to afford a bankable chair rail: by taking a known volume and an iconic style, Slimane ensures good readability in its seasonal creation.


The Khaki Jacket, Manual

If the military-inspired khaki jacket is more than ever in tune with the times, it remains a timeless that we can wear whatever the season or trends. Although with its organic and shade unisex look, it has the ability to participate brilliantly in many dress puzzles…

The moss green khaki dark through the olive and other colors mottled camouflage, khaki is unparalleled to infuse jackets combining spirit “military surplus” and pulls Saharan Africa.


Suede, Leather Again

After long reigned supreme over the dressing room of fashionistas, carbon leather baby rockers is now giving way to chamois suede pieces smelling the 70s…

More than ever in the times, the seventies are constantly inspire creative sex. For several seasons, designers do not hesitate to effect plebiscite volumes and materials cost to the decade of the three Charlie’s Angels. We especially think suede (also called “suede leather”), whose flexibility and softness at the time made the happiness of the creators and finds an echo noticed today in the fashionable collections.   (more…)

Mija Flatau, the Right Style

With her hair surfer and his taste for a comfortable and uncluttered fashion blogger Mija Flatau knew in a few seasons federate a large number of readers. Admittedly, his style – it calls “Bavarian-Californian” – displays a studied nonchalance quite irresistible…

Digging its “it” bags at Celine or Mansur Gavriel, his blazers at Isabel Marant and oversize jackets at Acne, Mija Flatau is one of those bloggers with deep pockets who handle must have and cozy-minimalist style with taste and “simplicity” . A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding the stylistic grammar – certainly not revolutionary, but nonetheless attractive enough – of the young woman.  (more…)

Jacket, Manual

Ungrateful friend of our trips to winter sports, the incarnation of a bad taste and parents despised the offer outerwear, the jacket is seen generally shunned by high fashion forums, which are struggling to see in his warm socks an aesthetic artifice worthy of the name. A posture that nevertheless sees shaken by the Balenciaga autumn parade / winter 2016-2017…

Despite the upmarket label Moncler, the presence at Fendi and Sacai upholstered models have recently marked the minds and the creative use of tubular padding by Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe is really just this winter in 2016 that jacket manages to escape his shackles “has been / hip hop / nineties” come to shine in the firmament of the hype. (more…)

The Essential Summer Fashion 2015

Between romantic blouse, black dress and converse, overview of items “essential” to successfully inject a little trendy twist to her summer wardrobe…

White converse

After an indigestion of Stan Smith, the fashionistas now rediscovering the charms of the white Converse (semi-cut or low). Level dress code, these are worn as their counterparts, namely both with a little sailor dress only shorts destroy or mom jeans. Their immaculate color marries well also with golden jewelry (see here and here), in the printed python or fawn color. (more…)

Hedi Slimane Left Dior?

Rumors swell, we don’t know what will happen to Hedi Slimane and his collaboration with the House of Dior. The contract of the young designer touches its end… Will he sign and develop a woman for LVMH, or create its own line claw?

In July 2002, the adventure, the young man leaves YSL starts to become the artistic director of the man of the House of Dior line.

Cultivating an aesthetic tick deep lying e influenced by rock and the underground, this self-taught 37 g, who also dressed well Pete Doherty as the youth edor on the Upper Side, has rnov in depth the world of the masculine clothing, with its narrow proportions and its nerve.

He created for Dior, a new mod the man, a kind of romantic, timeless heroes, or even asexu. A dandy rebel and nonetheless elegant. The difficult for Slimane is d laugh nothing, indeed Dior, until 2002, didn’t have a men’s line.

Therefore, it draws on the emotional brand pass with his client the and happen to d complete what image of Dior for men…

It installs so first studio of creation (street Fran ois – Ier) to ask things and give a genuine framework this new path of development of the brand, surrounds himself with people you trust and starts. The chance to Hedi Slimane: be extremely free.

Who did not follow a classic curriculum, it is above the dictates and the r otypes st. The bad taste for him has no sense, he d ends up as a total abstraction that exists in relation to arbitrary conventions. For him, the difference between men’s and women’s d e pass, since Woodstock the frontiers are managed are.

Everything is trompe l’oeil, the d to the creator thread of their scenes of men whose youth is used not to accentuate the ambiguous stylistic st, but communicate energy to the show.What is s r is that the creations of Hedi Slimane s deduce all edges and women appropriated his suits, jackets and shirts…

Like a creator as Karl Lagerfeld, it passes naturally fashion architecture, design d partitioning photography disciplines. So far feels everything was going very well between between LVMH and Slimane, but since June the creator wonders which way to go.

He d sire retain its freedom, may be creating its own brand and draw for women. He wants his contract to be the height of his rancid esp and it retains a great deal of freedom. It is likely that an agreement will be found, but the doubt seems to persist about his nature…

Hedi Slimane d sire initiate things and not suffer, so far feels he never have t brid in his creation. But when we created for a home and a group there that the relationships between the protagonists are excellent, in order to precisely preserve the space of each. D pit of this tense climate, last slightly Paris, Hedi Slimane has pr feel a collection bearing and more successful than ever.

Partly gr it him, Dior, m title that Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, is today part few couture houses have known itself, to renew itself and especially continue over the years. Hope so that negotiations between the two sides will find a happy ending…

Karla Deras, the Right Style

Since its launch in 2008, the blog “Karla’s Closet” of Karlas Deras is soon to be talked about. It must be said that between bomb body, bold look and style all its own, the young woman has something to attract attention. And if his style has since spent tomboy chic minimalist glamor, the young woman has never lost what is its strength: to know his body in value. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling the current dress code of the young woman…

Accentuate the sensuality of a shirt bearing the cross, unbuttoned and slipped into a low tall (see here). (more…)

Overlays/Associations of the Fall/Winter 2016-2017

If each season brings its share of “it” as desirable items and off prices, it also gives rise to moult new overlays – or associations – to sprinkle our wardrobes with an air of suspicion time. Be careful though to distinguish those that can be tested without fear and those we win to leave the Stakhanovists trend…

Mix based Victorian gown

With its funnel neck ruffle cuffs and sometimes with the same artifice, Victorian blouse is conducive to moult stylistic collisions to adapt its kind “19th” to the tastes of the moment. It is thus not hesitate to marry an Irish sweater, as the contrast between the rough mesh of the latter and the delicacy of that goth gown will prove delightful (Isabel Marant), but also in a sweatshirt, which may choose either monochrome or sophisticated (Burberry). (more…)

When People Draw Fashion…

We knew that H & M liked create commercial buzz by inviting renowned stylists in his wings… We remember the euphoria the collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld and then by that of Stella McCartney and finally breaking flash stock of wedding dress designed by Victor and Rolf… It’s nice that helps hold together the small budgets and big names in fashion… besides all parts regardless of the year were good and really interesting.

But here I have a little trouble understanding… because it’s Madonna who created this year a collection for the famous Swedish brand… Madonna is neither designer nor designer… but it’s a star and ” curiously, “it gives a certain legitimacy in style. Expected in March 2007, the style is already rated “timeless, unique and always glamorous…” (more…)

Check Coat, Manual

Tartan, Prince of Wales, grid this season, tiles fun of their nature tradi / preppy / chart from dress to dress coats male dared code. The question is how to translate the styling of grammar podiums ready-to-wear…


At Prada, the coat checkered Prince of Wales wants long and adorned with utility pockets. Its near a military nature fades in contact – unexpected – a loose lacing corset and a pair of long woolen gloves. The duo woolen tights / shoes with heels open ends to heat the hot and cold on this elegant silhouette emancipated. (more…)

Parades Man Winter 2016: What to Remember

Preamble ready-to-wear fashion shows, the menswear collections have awakened my appetite fashion. Small passage reviewed stylistic tricks, color harmonies, strong rooms and other details to borrow without delay to male parades to stimulate our own wardrobe…

Dries Van Noten

Associate sobrissime allure and fantasy detail Enhances one and appease the other (see here).
Seeming straight out of the locker room of Al Capone, the ultra wide pleated pants in the collection offers the concept of baggy acclaim (see here and here).
In half hidden under the skirt of a monochrome blazer, fancy details gaining portability (see here).
Navy blue, khaki and yellow tip blend perfectly (see here). (more…)

Street Style: the End of Illusions

If we had noticed that with the rise of street-style phenomenon actors “fashion circus” had gradually lost spontaneity, there was nevertheless no idea how the approaches to fashion-weeks were became the scene of a real business…

After conducting its investigation with photographers as well as “muses” street style, Daria Shapovalova – the organizer of the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days – us his findings in an article on our site, confirming what that was until tidibits, rumors, “told” and gossips.  (more…)

Jenny Walton, the Right Style

Talented fashion illustrator, American Jenny Walton does not hesitate to abandon the must have the benefit of vintage pieces patiently mottled. Over the years, Scott Schuman companion has thus constituted a wardrobe filling her feminine desires, romance, eccentricity and uniqueness. Not to mention the love of this talent as a colorist style of Peggy Guggenheim, which allows it to offer her outfits undeniably true soul. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding the dress code of the young woman…

Telescoping cappucino vintage fur coat and red hat mountain, the meeting between the elegant coat and size sportswear seventies bonnet creating a striking result (see here). (more…)

The 45 Commandments Summer Fashion 2016

Between test patterns, mix to plebiscite and stylistic gimmicks to adopt, passing in review some rules to follow – or not – to spend a summer fashionnement proper…

Of the potential arrival of Raf Simons at Calvin Klein you do not you rejoice. The idea that the former Dior DA can choose in full glory of escaping the world of fashion was indeed something seductive.

Kitschy tees collectibles you will continue (see here).

Under your jacket you a shirt glisseras ( Lauren Bastide ).

In homage to Brigitte Bardot your bikini you will choose (see here).

In your denim skirts a tee Supreme bilk you will do (see here). (more…)

Trend Seventies, Manual

While it is tempting to leave this season effluvia boho soak up its wardrobe and transform itself into a “Woodstock’s girl” time for a spring, it remains advisable to consume suede, fringed jackets and other flare jeans with discernment and moderation. A brief overview of the “do and do not” for seventies looks…


looks Ideas “seventies light”

To accompany a skirt in suede trapezoid (see here and here), do not hesitate to abandon the traditional immaculate romantic gown in favor of a white shirt, a sub-pull bordeaux, a sailor or plain denim shirt. Shoe level, we prefer to suede boots in a pair of shoes of the same color of the top selected. (more…)

Fall Winter 2007-2008 Fashion Shows in Milan

The parades autumn winter 2007-2008 begins this week in Paris, that means those of Milan just ended … It is time to make a little history on this week of Italian fashion. One might criticize some, like Prada, which was a little disappointing. But specifically analyze three parades in particular…

  • Just Cavalli

Start by Just Cavalli, who surprises us and seems to depart from its usual concept flashy outfits jetsetteuses… The show opens with ultra-feminine outfits, falsely sober, minimalist tubal the eye… (more…)

Debrief Fashion # 14

Versace between the White House, was Tilda Swinton, boom plus size industry, happening Kenzo, bombers and Xuly Bët snapchatées fashion series, passing in review the fashion news in recent days…

For his last state dinner, Michelle Obama chose a bold metallic sheath signed Atelier Versace. The opportunity to honor his Italian guests, but also to make an impression by mixing flamboyance, power and seduction.
View this season Chanel, Miu Miu or Sacai, the young Brazilian Ellen Rosa caught the attention of observers, who see it as a future top.  (more…)