Mid Season Jackets

In a year comes twice this period that could be called “bastard” during which alternating warm and cold, the rain and the weather. It’s mid-season it here, autumn, spring and including the dress headache they represent. Indeed, it is always difficult in these times, to appreciate the true nature of the weather. More briefly: you never know how to cover. For these purposes, fashion has recovered a whole mythical parts from various universe that one class in a category named “mid-season jackets” or simply “little jacket. We propose today to see what are the points to know to choose one worthy of the name by reviewing 7 styles of jackets:


How to Clean a Leather Jacket at Home

When you have dirty or stained garments generally decides to machine launder or wash them by hand. If the dirty heads are mild, such as a leather jacket that is used for years and never goes out of style you choose to take them to the laundry. In this case you leave in the hands of experienced people who know how to handle them. This, however, involves costs that are sometimes difficult to sustain. Reading the tutorial you can get some pointers on how to clean the head with the DIY method, with a few ingredients and in an economical way. (more…)

The History of the Leather Jacket

Since the 50’s to today, leather spans the years and knows how to reinvent itself each season to stay trendy accessory. Versatile, it fits both a sleek, contemporary, urban or trend. Moreover it is a living material, which like wine, gets better with time to blend completely with your image.

Major advantage of the dressing of the man and woman together discover the iconic models of leather that have marked the history.


How to Choose Spring Jackets

Spring jackets can easily let that trend but today we thought we rather focus on jackets for spring where material and shade fits particularly well with a lighter vårpalett. When the classical men’s fashion has an advantage in being quite timeless can a jacket be an investment over many years and instead to focus on the season’s colors, but rather find wearable options and materials that work to the rest of the wardrobe vårplagg.


How to Wear Long Coats

Each and every boutique brand low cost I will propose: the long coat to the ankle, directly from the years 80 and 90. We loved it and maybe we have also bought… but we know how to wear it? Here are some tips and 4 outfits proposals.

First keep in mind that the long coat, took well, it is not good at all. This does not mean we have to give it up, but only that we have to study the look with which to carry it in the most suitable way for our physical and our usual style.


Fashion Trend Denim Jacket

There are sometimes or I can’t seem to figure out the time in the United Kingdom. From one week to another, can be more than 10 ° C temperature difference. Last week, it was impossible to get out without scarf and gloves, then suddenly, it’s warm enough for a pull out. It’s true that we won’t complain about the weather. And now even the return of the cold. Today, I decided to propose an article on a timeless product that is the denim jacket.


White Coat Outfit

Today finally arrives as promised the outfit post in which I will show you wearing my new white coat, which I here have raved about. 🙂 Granted it fits weather technically not as good as it was, at least up to 27 ° C in many parts of Germany today, but it looks like, tells me the weather forecast for the coming days (apart from tomorrow) cooler, yet summery temperatures at.
Hopefully I can get my new achievement finally again tighten, because in the last few weeks I came to be honest, hardly so.  (more…)

Best Motorcycle Jacket Protection

A motorcycle jacket, it can be easily pass when gets on his favorite motorbike! This view is quickly swept away by the arguments that follow.

The Motorcycle Jacket, Major Asset Comfort to The Handlebars

Working out of the weather, one of the first vocations motorcycle jacket! They multiply ingenious solutions to prevent cooling in winter, overheating in summer, the incursion of moisture in the rain, etc. But the notion comfort does not stop there: a jacket specially designed for motorcycle also reduces beats due to the wind, and the wind resistance. When comfort delays fatigue, thus optimizing safety …


Mens Leather Bomber Jacket

Also known bomber, the bomber jacket is designed to withstand the elements. The most famous model is the pilot jacket type A2, created during the inter-war in 1931. Soon, he was praised by American pilots, especially during World War II and during the Vietnam War . If we find a lot of aviators jackets made of plastic, the original part is leather, a material capable of protecting members of the US Air Force during military operations.


Maternity: Beautiful and Fashionable even With Your Belly!

You know, men prefer thin women, fit and with few curves. They are increasingly rare in the boys who say they prefer the woman of flesh, shapely and well-placed. I am a supporter of the forms, the full and not empty.. the substance, in fact. And you? What you tell me about it? What is certain is that this is one of the great debates in the history of beauty. It is also certain that when we speak of roundness due to the state of an attractive woman, everything changes. And in this I must admit that men fail to appreciate a beautiful and potbellied woman. And God forbid, you say. Lately then I must say that it really seems there has been an ” epidemic ‘of pregnancies, I see them everywhere, in newspapers, on TV, co-workers and girlfriends pregnant. But it always happens more often hear questions like “and now what to wear?”.


Bison Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Skin buffalo has found wide application in modern fashion industry. Are produced from various models of shoes, clothes and accessories. But the most widely known are stylish leather jackets leather bison.

Features on the Material

Buffalo skin much prized designers and buyers for its high consumer qualities. First, buffalo – one of the largest animals in cattle, which means that it can obtain the large size of leather. Indeed, any skin can reach sizes 2-3 meters, which allows thereof patterns of different length and configuration. Secondly, this skin is very thick and dense, making it almost different disabilities. Third, it is resistant jackets made of such fur to serve their masters than one year and not one decade. And finally, despite greater thickness and space which can be felt to the touch, the skin buffalo has an elegant appearance and noble glitter jackets leather bison seem expensive and rich. Moreover, it should be remembered that the models made of this material are quite cheap compared to other forms of skin that allows each girl to buy this beautiful and elegant object of the closet.


Women’s Leather/Fur Winter Coats

Outside, there is already pretty damn cold, but I still would like to draw the middle of winter kamoja raised. I realized that there actually were listed all the things why I like recycled fur and what you can do about them. Genuine fur is gorgeous material. Unethical, regardless of origin, it is a piece of clothing, which well-maintained lasts up to four generations. Thermal insulation is at its peak, and the wind do not go through the fur. Fur is very resistant to rain and will keep you warm and dry even though winter is wet. Recycling sewing smaller parts of the coat may be utilized and recycled, so that its reuse is excellent.

All of these factors into account, I find the recycling of fur as an excellent alternative to clothing during the cold season. Below are a few ideas on how to yard sale found on the coats can be modified to better suit the present day. Turkey can be sewn and glued by hand yourself, but if you suspect that your skills enough to take the jacket furriers. With a little sewing operations as part of repairs are not expensive, but the bigger changes may be yes to shell out for a decent price. Fortunately, the fur coat is worth it. We are talking about garment, which can be used for decades. Remember that the fur should always be stored baggy, dry place, and plastic bags so that the bugs can not access them.


Lightweight Jackets to Face The Unexpected Rainy Days

By now we should have learned the lesson: never trust completely because of the weather, even in late summer, it is easy to come across sudden downpours, and water bombs!
In these cases, not to be taken by surprise and be ready for all eventualities, better always keep on hand the outerwear: not get rid of them at the first opportunity, may prove essential during the summer season!

Do not think that we are accustomed to classic jackets to wear at the end of winter, what we need are bomber, blazer, denim jackets and windproof jackets: all garments lightweight, space-saving and perfect to deal with jokes that the weather likes in store!

Ready to find out what not to miss in your summer wardrobe? Take note!


How to Choose a Leather Jacket

Outer clothing made of leather is always in high demand because of the convenience, beauty, reliable weather protection and practicality. Jackets leather is always up to date and easy to wear for several seasons, but few people know how to properly choose a leather jacket. Yes, gladly wear something a long time is necessary to allow sufficient time for shopping and to know that the first to be addressed.

Choice of Jackets: Manufacturer

Most importantly – this, of course, producer. Better jacket in the thedressexplorer, not the markets, then less chance of buying poor quality goods, then more and not find a seller.

Chinese production does not deserve attention after Korea and Turkey can not please leather quality at an affordable price. Country Pravets reliable manufacturers of leather products – this is Italy, Sweden, Finland, Canada, United Kingdom. The quality of the jackets of these countries will be at the required level.


Womens Leather and Suede Jackets

Suede not in vain called noble material. This is a natural tissue which is treated in a special way innermost layer of the skin of animals. Products made of suede inferior strength of the skin, but proper care is very practical and durable. Ladies suede jackets – is up to date at all times classic that attracts fashion is not only good looks but also for its flexibility. Suede jacket perfectly combines leather and also many kinds of clothes, successfully complement each image. This is an indispensable subject of outerwear in the autumn-spring period that protects in bad weather, rain and cold winds.


What to Wear with Women’s Leather Jacket

Today, the jacket is an integral part of the wardrobe of every modern woman. But this is not always the case. Initially, the jacket is considered exclusively male garment – for the first time to reconsider this view was in 1962, when Yves Saint Laurent show in jacket-clad woman.

Fashion is variable, and a place for experiments always there – during the 1962 women’s jacket combines various elements of clothes – jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, leggings. Click here for how to wear a jacket. Today once again jacket women at the peak of his popularity, and a woman in a shirt can be in the spotlight. If she will be sure to choose the right jacket, choose a worthy “frame” him.