Tips to Dress up for a Wedding

Dressing for a wedding is more the planning and improvisation. The aim is to maintain a delicate balance: shine without shadow to the bride. Here, 5 tips to achieve this.

  • Adopt the dress code if there is a

Colors imposed, specified theme or dress explicit code: sometimes the bride and groom set a dress code-slot stated on the announcement. If this is your case, it is better to make them happy by paying you to the game, especially if you are a guest: witness, Maid of honor, Member of the family…


Stars in Wedding Dresses

This isn’t a secret: weddings of celebrities are often synonymous with Grand receptions, of prestigious guests and above all, gorgeous wedding dresses. Back on the most beautiful ceremonies of stars that have occurred this year.

When celebrities unite, it kinda all over the world who attend the ceremony. Wedding dresses look massively shared on Instagram or total discretion otherwise photos by all the girls on the planet, fairy frames or lavish decorations… Here’s a retrospective of the marriages of stars that have marked the year 2016.


Brown, Manual Chromatic

Stepchild of pr-t – porter, Brown is part of these colours that inspire generally little the gent creative. Often relegu in the leather goods Department, this color ranging from chocolate pigments and cappucino variations so rarely has the opportunity to shine on the catwalks. An observation that doesn’t apply nonetheless not this season, which has seen good number of cr creators are interested to close this organic hue…

Brown + Black

Long point the finger for its lack of shine, the duo brown + black out this season in the category “fashion faux pas”. ttention however not associate way harmless black carbon and greedy Brown, these two colors that can to tarnish each other. In order to avoid the homepage of the bland look, think thus inspired Christopher Kane and Hedi Slimane, who dop rent their contact with an iridescent dark brown.
In other words, to succeed make the most of the Black/Brown association, we don’t h site not mix textures and play on the opposition Matt/bright.


Maternity Fashion Tips

  1. What is the difference between leggings covering the belly and leggings below the belly?

Leggings covering the belly suits to be worn under a dress. As there is no edge elastic at the hips, legging it will not be visible through the dress. Leggings beneath the belly has an elasticated edge below the belly, providing some support to the belly; it is comfortable if you want to wear short layers on your belly.


How to Dress for 1950s Party

The 1950s featured fashion trends that reflect the sensibilities of post World War II the country and the changing attitudes of the late 1950s / early 1960s to the organizers, a “party 50 years on the theme requires research that some of the trends of the decade survive as pillars of the current mode. Like cultural figures such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley and Doris Day, 50-years time, people kept fashion-conscious cupboards filled with items ranging from skirts to form-fitting saddle shoes poodle.


Special Occasion Dresses

The irresistible new collection of special occasion dresses Luisa Spagnoli 2015, a perfect line for the invited who have no idea what to wear for a spring wedding. From the classic long dresses to colored minidress, there is an embarrassment of choice!

Wedding coming up and you have no idea what to wear? Then do not miss the new collection of special occasion dresses of Luisa Spagnoli. A line that adapts perfectly to any type of silhouette, with a variety of models ranging from the elegance of Classic dark pencil to more challenging solar clothes brush strokes. (more…)

Urban Outfitters Vintage Dress

The dress vintage fashion goddess of modern times

Perfect end to the summer, feminine look is inspired by the elegance of the Vestal Virgins. The Bardot neckline dress is accessorized with gold jewelry that illuminate the entire outfit. Side bag is placed on a bucket shape that is as practical as it is refined. On the feet is a pair of sandals – pretty spartan, obviously – that complements tastefully a silhouette as effective day and night.


How to Dress for Catholic Mass

Modesty is a reflection of the inner life of the Catholic and preserves any depravity.

A Catholic who attends Mass must dress modestly and appropriately. Avoid coming to Mass with a vain or too casual attire. We must be respectful and tasteful. One would spare no effort to dress before a cleric or a terrestrial high-ranking official. Why, then, would fall-on the level before the King of kings?


Dresses Autumn Winter 2016

The dresses are very feminine clothing and indispensable in all seasons, and autumn-winter is no exception; therefore we present trends in dresses for this season.

1. Coverall Print

Coveralls are the most used clothes in cold seasons because under them can wear sweaters or long-sleeved shirts under them. Remember that the winter season is ideal for use leggings under dresses and boots.

2. Type Baby Doll Dress

This style of dress is very comfortable and easy to use, especially if you accompany with open suéreres or waisted coats that give more shape to your body. You can also use a belt on them to mark your waist.

3. Prints Autumn

Straight dresses with billowing fabrics and cuttlefish or olive green colors are ideal for the start of this season when the cold is not yet established. The prints are usually autumnal motifs such as leaves or flowers and are generally small. Combine them with boots that reach below the knee.

4. Short in solid colors

Autumn is a season in which the cold is not so intense so short dresses are still an option, but, being the somewhat cool weather, the colors are carried darker and either with discrete prints or solid blocks as in this example. You can wear tights with dresses design under solid colors.

5. Printed Tunic

Cool colors like blue, violet and white, are perfect for the late fall and beginning of winter. If you want to wear a short dress like this, we recommend you to come with more winter accessories like mayones, boots and a wool cap.

6. Long Dress Asymmetrical

The asymmetrical design is perfect for any season, but long dresses are even more ideal in cold seasons like autumn and winter. Choose fabrics of a medium thickness and autumn colors like green, brown or orange.

7. Type Sweater Dress

This style of dress is the most comfortable and warm so it is convenient to use when the temperature is cold enough. Opt for dresses tissue and small that have an accessory at the waist to help you mark; also if you have any print, make sure it is discreet.

8. Wrap Dress Type

Dresses shaped coat are widely used in these seasons because of its comfort and warmth they bring; In addition, by having defined cuts, they will shape your body without effort. Remember that the colors should be combined with the season, do not use pastel colors.

9. Dress with Turtleneck

If the dress you want to wear this season is short but has a high neck or turtle will be perfect for this season, especially if the fabric is thick or woven. You can use them with thick socks and designs if your dress is smooth, smooth stockings or if you have any pattern.

10. Dress Cruzado

Wrap dresses are ideal for marking your figure, will emphasize your waist and neck V-shaped stylize your figure. This is a style of dress that can be used in any season, which will be noted in autumn color and accessories that combine.

These are algunso styles dresses with whom you never fail in this autumn-winter season. Remember that sepia colors, olive green and cool colors are adequate for this time of year.


Top 10 Long Dresses

The variety of dresses that you have to choose from is enough, which is why this season we bring you the top 10 of dresses that will suit the occasion to look very feminine and highlight your figure.

Night dresses

Evening dresses are ideal to express your personality and elegance on very special occasions as it can be a graduation, a wedding or a family event that requires it.

Gauze Long Dress

A dress that gives freshness and simplicity, very suitable for an informal party or a night out with friends, there are also transparent which will fill you with sensuality and freshness.

Long dress with long sleeves

A very elegant simple design, but you can take it with platform shoes, your figure will wear thin and very presence, all fem fatal.

Long Dress with Pattern

A dress with very dynamic, suitable for a sunny afternoon, the advantage is that it is suitable to wear with heels or simple sandals, the important thing is your comfort.

Long Black Dress

A dress that certainly can not miss in the closet of every woman, a black dress is suitable for many occasions, a dress very strongly that fill you with presence and elegance. Read Clothing Bit Translators for how to choose long dresses.

Dress with neckline

If what you want is to highlight your best features, this dress with cleavage is right for you, captivates looks with this V neckline that will steal glances.

Dress with lace

A classic design, but that does not stop going out of style, you can choose them with or without sleeves depending on the time that you require, undoubtedly highlight your femininity.

Red Dress

Like the black, red is a color very strongly, and not seeking discretion, on the contrary will make highlight by far with its captivating tones, is suitable for all occasions, you’ll feel of the place.

Long Dress with slit Leg

A dress daring and full of sensuality, a pronounced leg opening helps to look taller and with good heels your figure will be more stylized.

Long Dress Casual

A casual dress is ideal for a walk a quiet afternoon, are simple, fresh and spring-summer season have many designs to choose from, you can take them with some open platforms or sandals.


Remember to choose the dress according to the occasion and do not forget the accessories that are certainly more that helps your style attribute, always wearing the best of you.


Top 10 Dresses Vintage

The trend retro or vintage has become very fashionable in recent times, ranging from clothing to makeup and hairstyles, so we show what dresses with this trend should not miss in your closet are.

Dress with buttons

This dress is perfect for these hot days, it is light and very fresh, also it has a romantic touch with flowers and buttons decorate, it is ideal for use with a casual look.

Floral dress

A vintage dress that can not miss in your wardrobe is one with a floral print, this type of dresses are very fashionable for the season and will look for any occasion.

Dress Line

Moved to the age of 60 your wardrobe with this dress in section A, is elegant and very feminine, perfect for you to use it in a more formal occasion, his neck bow gives it a very cozy and romantic touch.

V Neck Dress

Based on A2Z Clothes Buying Guides, this vintage dress V neck is much more formal and sophisticated, a good choice for work or dinner, has 3/4 sleeves perfect slimming arms and with a retro touch bulging shoulders.

Lace Dress

Lace dresses are very fashionable this season as part of vintage fashion, are very romantic and feminine dresses that you can wear with a casual look or something more elegant.

Dress Holgado

If the word comfort is your thing, this dress is perfect for you, is a loose dress with bell sleeves and folds in the neck, perfect if you want to hide that pesky belly, you can give an elegant or casual touch, you decide.

Sleeveless dress bulging

The bulging sleeves return this season and can show them off in this vintage form-fitting dress is very appropriate to go to a party dress it is elegant and very sophisticated.

Dress with polka dots

One of the patterns that shone brightest in the 60s were the moon and do not be surprised they are back, so if you want to look modern and charming vintage dress, opt for a dress with polka dot print skirt in A and give it a feminine touch with a belt contrast.

Bobo Neck Dress

The bobo neck is one of the fashion trends this season, gives a gentle touch to your look modern but at the same time, this kind of dresses we see parading during the summer and is perfect for a casual look.

3/4 Sleeve Dress

If you are looking for an elegant but cozy dress, this dress is ideal, has skirt in A and is adhered to the top, is made of lace fabric which gives a romantic and feminine touch, is perfect to go a wedding.


Modern Day Dresses

This season day dresses are the protagonists of all look, whether casual, elegant or holiday, the trend is marked by floral prints, bright colors or bold textures, so we show some models in dresses of day you choose your favorite.

Plus Size Dress with Stripes

According to gametate, this plus size dress is perfect to wear on any occasion, going to the movies, a cocktail or for an appointment, their colors are ideal to wear this season, also you can combine with high heels, sandals or some flats to go more comfortable.

Smock dress

It is a very comfortable and cool for those hot days dress, usually very short for the more daring girls but if you want to wear this type of dress, you can combine it with some tights or leggings, this dress is perfect for all occasions.

Sailor dress

The combination of white and blue colors is very fashionable, especially in summer and can look at this sailor dress is perfect for showing off a weekend casual dress, you can wear casually or use some accessories to give a more formal touch.

Bicolor dress

The neon colors are very fashionable and this season and can combine with sober tone as black, an example is this dress bicolor, it can be ideal for a more formal look, as if to go to the office or an important meal.

Dressed in frilly

If you want a sober, modern and elegant for a party or meeting day dress, this dress with ruffles it is perfect, especially if you want to highlight your figure, so you can use for a day at the office but you can change the color for gray or navy.

White dress

Just as the black dress should never miss in your wardrobe, white dress can not be the exception, especially in this season, as it is a very cool color that can be combined with all colors, you can give a different touch using some belt or other accessory.

Flowered dress

They are short or long, flowery dresses perfect for daytime wear them, they are of great variety, from casual to elegant dresses others, but they are a basic that can not miss in your wardrobe this season.

Lace Dress

The elegance that gives texture lace dresses are very fashionable, so do not miss the opportunity to have a lace dress, you can wear casually or wear heels and stylish accessories for a more formal touch.

Dress with polka dots

Moles are part of the prints that will be present this summer and can look from a blouse to a dress, the ideal is to use, dressed in dark colors with light spots or vice versa can also combine them with accessories in neon shades.

Ethnic dress

They are comfortable, modern and fresh, are ideal to wear casually, to go for a walk, to the movies, or just see modern, this type of clothing is perfect to carry with sandals or if you like heels, also you can combine .

Dress Holgado

There is nothing more comfortable to wear a loose-fitting dress, the best of this kind of dresses is that you can give an elegant or casual touch according to accessories you use, hairstyle and shoes, and of course the occasion.

This spring summer season is perfect to show off dresses, if you have them stored in the closet it is time to release them. Remember that you do not have to look like a doll with them, you can give your personal touch and show off your style.


Dresses Casual Top 8

If you are one of the girls who like to wear casual dresses at all times as the night, the winter dresses or cocktail for more dressy occasions, here you will know what the best casual dresses this season are.

8.Bra Top Dress

These casual dresses are ideal for when we seek to highlight some attributes. Bring a push-up included with rods that prevent us carry inside attachments. Their colors are fresh and ideal for wet heat.

7. With Draped Front

If you are looking casual dresses with an elegant touch, draping the front will give you all the comfort you need, it keeps you cool, this dress is ideal for a relaxed appointment. It’s an amazing design!

6. Strapless Summery

When your courses are the beach, nothing better than casual strapless dresses to keep a perfect tan. The fabric allows the skin to breathe so it is a very light and cool model.

5. Crochet Sweater Dress

Its design is beautiful, so it stands out among the best casual dresses of the season. Crochet fabric gives a touch of sensuality. It is also ideal for any occasion.

4. Dress Type T

If you are looking for something to keep you cool, casual type shirt dresses are ideal for you. His court keeps you stylish and perfect for appointments, meetings with friends or casual outings at any time of day.

3. Lace Strapless

Casual dressed in flight have the advantage of freedom of movement. This is the case of this beautiful lace strapless dress that can be accompanied by accessories such as a belt to highlight the figure.

2. Dress with Macramé Detail on Back

If you like sexy but discreet details, the casual dresses with macramé back they are an excellent alternative. The soft colors make them very subtle and fresh, are ideal to wear on special occasions.

1. Kaftan Print

The last of the casual dresses is beautiful very light and fresh print kaftan made of fabric that becomes basic in the summer evenings. Do not forget to combine it with your favorite sandals or heels.

Now that you know the options seasonal casual dresses, be sure to experiment combining with accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, bags or belts. Create your summer look with these amazing casual dresses.


Top 10 Red Dress

The dresses reds are very attractive because they attract attention and combined with any skin tone; also they exist in all styles for every body type.

10. With opening leg

This dress is very sexy and flattering, as it will make your legs look longer and thinner, you also will not show as much skin as a short dress but also will keep you all covered.

9. Empire Court

Dresses with this type of cut is very flattering for women with bulging abdomen or low waist, as it emphasizes the thinnest part of your body and conceal the parts you wanted to hide.

8. Short-sleeved

These dresses are very attractive and modern, and are ideal if you do not want to show too much skin or if your top is wider than the bottom. You’ll stand out your legs and your back and shoulders disimularás still look sexy.

7. Notching

If you like to show your figure and your body is slim and curvy, the waisted and long dresses are what you will attract more attention. Just be sure to use the proper size and underwear lovely to see you.

6. Ornaments on the neck

The sweetheart neckline increase attention to your neckline, which can befriend if it is a part of your body that you like to stand out; In addition, if your top is more discreet than the bottom, a dress with ornaments at the top, will balance your figure.

5. Epaulettes

This type of dress is very modern and stylish. If you are very thin and your back is tight, this kind of dresses will help to create the illusion of being less tiny. If you also that dress is short and fitted, you will surely feel where you go.

4. Ornaments on shoulders

A dress with straps and embellishments on the shoulders, will help emphasize your neck, it will look longer retention and attract all the top of your body. With this type of jewelry you do not need clothes because the dress already includes enough ornaments.

3. Mermaid Court

A dress like this it favors women with long thin legs, but if you complement with a belt or some ornament just below the bust, then you will create the illusion of having very slender legs. It is a very trendy style that will make you look elegant.

2. Short pleated

Short dresses are a little less formal than long, but you can use them in day events or if you are very young. If the dress is short and has folds, that will give more volume to the body part that has and will attract more attention to that area.

1. Long frilly

This dress is very dramatic and daring, and could only use it in events of great elegance. Le favors almost any woman and cloaking hips and abdomen, and highlights the neckline, neck and arms. You’ll feel like a princess in this dress.


Remember that there are thousands of styles you can use, and your personality is what should define the dress you use to make you feel safe and can avaialble with attitude and elegance.