Gorgeous Microfiber Party Dresses

You can bet on beautiful models of microfiber party dresses, as this is one more trend in the market that comes to make it easier for you to be beautiful woman at any occasion.

The models are quite varied and you will see models adjusted to the body, models in the style tubinho, straight, with skirts round and waist marked, style A, princess style, anyway, options in cuts are not lacking. (more…)

Models of Women’s Shoes with Sheat and Dress (Modern Looks)

For you woman the Puma women’s sneaker offers not only beauty and modern design, but also much comfort and convenience for your day to day activities.

A brand that is already known and recognized in many countries around the world, offers everything that women need good shoes to withstand strong impacts, offering models that appeal to different tastes and styles. (more…)

Prom Dress

The big day has arrived!

After years of study, fun, the time has come long-awaited maturation: graduation.

It’s our day, wanting to appear natural and protrude on the other guests. For the students is allowed almost anything and at the moment of choice of prom dress, we can’t stop thinking about anything and choose the one that makes us feel good, that highlight our strengths and leave us with self esteem. (more…)

Trend: Shift Dress

Hi guys, okay? This is Sandy from Girls in fashion, and today I bring you another super retro trend that’s booming, the Shift Dress.
It is impossible to think of a tube dress without come to mind the classic model immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the film breakfast at Tiffany’s in the years 60. And it is on this model that is back in the closet with some modifications that you will learn more in today’s post.

Navy Blue Evening Dresses

Whenever you invite us to a party at night, this means to choose a right dress it. As we all know, if it’s a party that will be held in the evening, you should choose dresses in dark colors and glitters. If you have been invited to this kind of party do not miss throughout the article. So here i’ll show you several pictures of dresses in navy blue for different parties at night, so you don’t see them.

First of all i want to know the dresses in this shade of blue to combine very well with shoes silver, nude, blue, black, red and gold.


Plus Size Black Dress With Patches Xica Vain

I know that you are feeling a lack of posts and especially the looks. My MBA has just begun, has 1000 work stuff going on and unfortunately there just left pro blog. We ask only that have a little bit of patience in this new phase of adaptation, but it will all enter the shaft! To kill the homesickness of you the looks, today I show one of the releases of Xica Vain: plus size black dress with patches. He is super cute, fun and jovial because it has the tendency of fun patches on it. I don’t need to tell you how much I’m loving this trend, huh? The child who dwells in me is all happy!


The Chiffon Dress and Accessories

Did you enjoy ever feel, to have found the perfect piece of clothing? I fortunately Yes. I have experienced this special moment with this → chiffon dress by Guido Maria Kretschmer by Heine .

How often did I me 5 vor 12 looking after outfits for the curvy. Because I knew that we were a day completely would be accompanied by → ZDF television team , each outfit had to sit, and of course I paid special attention to my outfit for an evening event: I wanted something special, but it should be at the same time simple. (more…)

Shopping Tips For Wrap Dresses

An wrap dress is a timeless, comfortable fashion classicthat almost every woman. But the classic wrap dress from the 70s has evolved in the meantime: today, there are the classics in a variety of different shapes, colors, patterns and materials. Even though you pretty much know what you want – if so you’re like me, you have to try to probably still many wrap dresses, before you find a suitable specimen. Because a future part of basic in your perfect wardrobe, everything must be just: the details of the cut should flatter your figure. The color, the pattern and the appearance of the dress should fit on your style type and the events to which you want to wear it. And the material should meet your needs on portability, convenience, and ease of care. These are many needs that must satisfy a wrap dress. (more…)

Bridal Gown Buying Tips

Brides beware 2016! Today, there are wedding dress buying tips from the pros from the owners of the beautiful wedding dress gate Crusz in Berlin! But for now Sandra tells a bit what you about their great store!

“We have a great evening and bridal store in the heart of Berlin.” We all started more than 10 years ago with a tiny shop in the August road midway between galleries. At that time, we sold only evening dresses. At some point, the customer question came up, so we would sell no wedding dresses. And in fact, this step was us much closer than you think. We advise clients has always been around dresses for those very special occasions in life: the crucial business meeting, the exciting date with dinner at the Italian, the long reach long-awaited prom, the great opera.There are many occasions where women glamorous, gorgeous and stunning would feel.Also the right outfit is essential. Who feel comfortable in his skin and his dress is confident. We ensure this appearance. And what moment in a woman’s life is greater than the moment in which the own future she sees in a wedding dress. This moment, in which for the bride and groom and the wedding guests is the world. So we have gone into the wedding business and have not regretted it to this day!” (more…)

Tips to Dress up for a Wedding

Dressing for a wedding is more the planning and improvisation. The aim is to maintain a delicate balance: shine without shadow to the bride. Here, 5 tips to achieve this.

  • Adopt the dress code if there is a

Colors imposed, specified theme or dress explicit code: sometimes the bride and groom set a dress code-slot stated on the announcement. If this is your case, it is better to make them happy by paying you to the game, especially if you are a guest: witness, Maid of honor, Member of the family…