Costumes-Special: the Big Costume Trends

What would be a nice Wiesn Dirndl without matching accessories?

The right costume jewelery, the perfect handbag and the cool traditional hat make the new favorite dummies really only complete and contemporary!

So that this year at the Oktoberfest you will be able to show off in trendy costume fashion, I have put together the most fashionable Must-Haves 2014 for you – so perfectly styled you can be sure of envious looks! I wish you lots of fun! (more…)

How to Wear Cap in Style

An accessory that stands out in a man’s world is the cap, but this accessory is gaining “popularity”. Many women began to use in the world such as the artist singer Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne who use and the trend ends up inspiring more girls to wear. The caps can form a relaxing look, full of charm and not losing the femininity. (more…)

The Chiffon Dress and Accessories

Did you enjoy ever feel, to have found the perfect piece of clothing? I fortunately Yes. I have experienced this special moment with this → chiffon dress by Guido Maria Kretschmer by Heine .

How often did I me 5 vor 12 looking after outfits for the curvy. Because I knew that we were a day completely would be accompanied by → ZDF television team , each outfit had to sit, and of course I paid special attention to my outfit for an evening event: I wanted something special, but it should be at the same time simple. (more…)

Glasses or Lenses?

At other times, realize that you couldn’t see more what was written on the blackboard, or couldn’t see the number of the bus until he was very close, was a tremendous hassle and you see complaining about having to wear glasses and finish your look. But today this is no longer seen as a concern. The horn-rimmed glasses have become a fashion item super loved by women, many famous also adhere the look modern and leave it with that intellectual air.


How to Sunglasses

Before, we dared not necessarily wear sunglasses. It was too star, it was too “j’me tells it.” Today is truly an essential accessory. So, we can even see people wearing the night! Anyway, who says a must, said that should not be mistaken. Summer is approaching and you still do not have your pair of the season? We will help you choose the perfect sunglasses for your face…


Recycled Denim Purse

If you do not know where to store your favorite makeup or lost your purse, give you ideas for recycling clothes and create your own wallet, you can use you, sell it or give it to a friend doing this simple craft.


  • old skirt with zipper, closing etc.
  • Ttijeras
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Buttons, fabric scraps, etc. To decorate
  • Down


  1. Take the old skirt, looks tothe side where this closure will be where it will open and close the bag, low closing marks the form of a bag, you can help with another of a small size.
  1. Once marked, cut italong the marked lines.
  1. Sew the sides firmly.
  1. You can decorate sewing purse flowers, ribbons, fabric scraps or embroidering your name on one side.

This is a cute and sencillla craft that lets you recycle an old skirt you no longer use, can be denim or other fabric, but has close will save work.

What do you think this idea to recycle a skirt? Would you do one mondero like this?


Recycled Denim Keychains

This is one of the most creative and fun ideas for recycling clothes, can also take advantage and give away this February 14 to your friends, they are going to love, it is also one of the  crafts with fabric  nicer.


  • old jeans
  • Pieces of cloth of different colors and textures
  • Down
  • Buttons
  • decorative stones
  • Embroidery thread and needle
  • battens
  • Scissors
  • Metal rings


  1. Turn the jeans inside out.
  1. With the down marks the shape of a heart, star, circle, jeans, both the same size.
  1. Cut outthe figures and put them together.
  1. Sew the sides leaving the top open heart, can put stuffing inside and then sew the opening.
  1. Sew one end of a small one of the banks keychain rectangle surrounding the metal ring and sew the other end of the rectangle.
  1. Decorate with fabric, buttons etc.

This is a cute craft that can be very useful and also nice present with only pants can make many key chains.

Did you like this idea to make keychains with denim? Who would you regalarías these keyrings?

How to Tie a Scarf

One of this fall’s fashion is the scarf for men, scarf, we have always had, but before the cold really strikes, we’ll see a lot of scarves

The scarf is a recurring trend, some years ago, we saw lots of scarves for men, and now it is fashionable again. To get the scarf that remain are no problem, but the actual appearance differs greatly between different knots. Below is a simple infographic on how to tie a scarf on 4 classical way.


How to Wear a Scarf for Male

If you want to cover the neck, however, we recommend you make  a cross: put the scarf as in the only precedent that instead of twist it around around the neck, with the longest side take a little knot that goes from the inside out .This is the most classic way to all! If you want to play it safe with the coverage of your neck, then it is appropriate to  put the ring scarf: maybe, let him take a tour around your neck so that it is more in line! But the methods to put the scarf certainly do not end here ! We have the so-called  method heater stomach, you can do only with particularly long scarves! After putting on the neck scarf, crossed the two ends in the stomach and bind them behind his back with a knot: the effect is nothing short of comfortable!


Hats for the Summer

Among the essential accessories of the season there are the 2016 Summer hats, the more glam by to pack and to wear on vacation. From the classic Sweet colored caps & Gabbana panama to model, here are the essentials.

All ready for swimsuit season, and yet nobody has yet thought that for the first few days at the beach, as well as a brand new bathing suit, we will also need a hat to show off both the beach and when we venture in cities where we go on vacation. (more…)

Louis Vuitton Stoles and Shawls

The Christmas is now almost upon us and I bet many of you are already thinking about what to receive as a gift for the upcoming holiday season. If you are a fan of Louis Vuitton, but you do not want to receive the usual handbag, you can always take a look at the new collection of stoles and shawls fashion house. In winter, in fact, it is always good to cover up and maybe if you do not like wool because it is too rough, you can opt for a beautiful silk shawl, decorated with typical motifs of the Parisian fashion house. (more…)

Winter Hats

For those cold months berets are the most current and fashionable hats in all its models. Wearing them is free, there are no specific rules for their combination.

Barrett perfectly combine both elegant coats and shoes as well as clothes in casual style. The hat firmly adheres to the head and so will not only look good, and it will be warm in the cold outside.


Maternity Fashion Ideas for Winter

For all those that are already frozen but did not want to make a heart attack to their banker, here are five tips for the cold weather pregnant without breaking!
Tip 1: The overlay

Do you know that it is better to increase the layers of tissue rather than bundle up in a big jacket for the cold weather? Solution that will fix all those who at 1 month of childbirth, do not necessarily want to invest in a coat special maternity. Then we overlay! Sweater + leather jacket open and a big jacket oversize to keep bottle warm! (more…)