How to Prepare the Engagement Party?

Got engaged? Learn how to organize a charming, simple and delicate engagement party step by step!

The engagement is a moment always surrounded by a lot of emotion for the couple and their families. It is the confirmation of commitment, love and marks the beginning of a new life cycle. In this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about it. Come with us and learn how to turn that date into a magical day! (more…)

Female Shorts of Fashion

Before we talk about women’s shorts, let’s just pause to remember that men already used to show their legs back in the Middle Ages, and women took much longer to win this right, and that was in the 1930s.

And you know how this piece came to the women’s wardrobe?Believe it or not, it was when tennis star Alice Marble, determined to leave the chill of social pants to play tennis, simply took off half of the legs of the pants, leaving her at the height of the thighs. (more…)

Gorgeous Microfiber Party Dresses

You can bet on beautiful models of microfiber party dresses, as this is one more trend in the market that comes to make it easier for you to be beautiful woman at any occasion.

The models are quite varied and you will see models adjusted to the body, models in the style tubinho, straight, with skirts round and waist marked, style A, princess style, anyway, options in cuts are not lacking. (more…)

Gym Clothes Overalls, Leggings, Blouses and Shorts

Always bringing news the numerous brands of clothes for the gym leave you a huge choice. Of course, fashion chooses the one that best suits your physical type, your style and your way of being. And not everything that is fashionable is usable.

With lively colors and very relaxed the pieces arrive in several models, and you can bet on shorts, overalls, leggings, sweaters and other pieces that bring comfort and convenience to your physical exercises. (more…)

Models of Women’s Shoes with Sheat and Dress (Modern Looks)

For you woman the Puma women’s sneaker offers not only beauty and modern design, but also much comfort and convenience for your day to day activities.

A brand that is already known and recognized in many countries around the world, offers everything that women need good shoes to withstand strong impacts, offering models that appeal to different tastes and styles. (more…)

4 Tips for Fixing Necklaces

Dealing with entangled necklaces can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are many creative and simple ways to keep the necklaces organized and free from us. Instead of storing the necklaces in boxes, at the risk of getting tangled and trapped in each other, you can always hang them in a place of simple access. Inspire yourself here in some simple solutions to organize your favourite necklaces. (more…)

Jenner Jeans Guide: How To Wear Shorts and Other Parts

CH helps you discover the secrets of the sisters to assemble perfect looks with jeans!

When we think of street style seal looks, two names come straight to the head: Kendall and Kylie Jenner! For fashionistas and trendy inspirations, bet on Kendall. Already for a visu street Megadescolado and sexy, go from Kylie! And what do they have in common? They can both wear jeans in incredible ways! To help you unravel the style secrets of the sisters, we set up a Jenners Jeans guide with various models and parts in the tissue: (more…)

Vintage vs Fripes

While among experts, this question does not deserve to be raised so the answer is obvious (the pure vintage and hard not flirts with impunity “fripaille”), for the uninitiated and the general public, the distinction may deserve explanation to clear up misunderstandings. Faced with the enthusiasm generated for the vintage, it is common to find that the labels are mixed in the most joyous disorder: retro, second hand, tat, vintage, neo-retro, etc., the proliferation of designations involved in confusion . Not easy to navigate when the backlight means a form of joyous nostalgia for the past, the second hand the state of used objects (whether current or former), the Thrift used clothing, and a vintage accessory or garment remarkable by its quality, especially in reference to an age or a decade.


Daughter of Giovanna Ewbank, Títi Likes to Get Out of Pajamas

Bruno Gagliasso’s wife also said that the girl already chooses the clothes she wants to wear

Títi, daughter of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso, lives giving style show. Mother owl, the actress said that the heiress, in love with the drawing”The Little Fowl”, already shows the clothes that want to use and loves to leave the house in the pajamas of Peppa Pig. (more…)