Mid Season Jackets

In a year comes twice this period that could be called “bastard” during which alternating warm and cold, the rain and the weather. It’s mid-season it here, autumn, spring and including the dress headache they represent. Indeed, it is always difficult in these times, to appreciate the true nature of the weather. More briefly: you never know how to cover. For these purposes, fashion has recovered a whole mythical parts from various universe that one class in a category named “mid-season jackets” or simply “little jacket. We propose today to see what are the points to know to choose one worthy of the name by reviewing 7 styles of jackets:


Angels of Victoria’s Secret Diet

When I read the declaration of Adriana Lima it has accapponata my skin. Sure, having a physical all brawn and no fat can certainly not be only about mother nature, even if the hand can actually have put it as a base. But from now on, when the models nth interview will declare that they eat what they want, snub the gym and it’s all about the fast metabolism, I will have a laugh and I will continue to eat me my chocolate. Ready to read the diet, Adriana Lima, he has decided to confess and disclose? Yeah right that diet and the sports program which make it the marble statue parading along with the other angels for Victoria’s Secret and that makes us women rosicare and makes glittering eyes of men!


Nobody Jeans Quality

With Melbourne, Australia as a base, the finest Japanese Selvage denim like material and hands as tools manufactures Nobody high quality jeans. The business started in 1999 with the goal of making the world’s finest denim. Today sell Nobody jeans worldwide, in countries as Japan, England and Denmark. Manolo has been talking with Wesley Hartwell, creative director at Nobody.


How to Wear Knotted Shirt

Are back knotted shirts front, from the 50’s pin up to the time it is not the rai, it seemed they would never come back. But how to wear them in 00 years?
knotted shirt: instructions for use
Certain fashions thought we do not see them anymore, and instead, cyclically back and above all, after a few moments of reticence, not do without to want to wear!
This is the case of the shirt knotted at the waist, a real trend of the current season. We had left it tied, it is appropriate to say, to the 90 and then look lolita that filled our screens with the cult program in those years, not the rai, where everything was a flaunting of navels. (more…)

Polyester Pants Static Cling

It is frustrating to put on a pair of clean pants of polyester, only to find the fabric is glued together and your legs. Static electricity is the result of friction created between the materials. It is common for static to happen in winter, when there is low humidity and when dry you your clothes in a dryer. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, are particularly prone to static electricity.Removal of static electricity in your pants of polyester can be done, even after the pants have already been washed and dried.


How to Measure Waistline for Pants

AF ter a gastronomic stay a little too full, you know really what size pants wear. You may loosen the belt, get your meat, nothing helps: your little chino will not exceed the fat thighs. So what to do? Drag your extra pounds and your highlights rolls up to the shop around the corner looking for the right size or stick to your old jogging to elastic? We can assure you: neither one nor the other.


Best Fabrics to Stay Cool

It’s been Scipio, arrived Charon … imaginary names and imagined by those who wanted to warn us and help us find a defense to these temperatures that are really able to arrostirci all! The air conditioning is turned on everywhere, and so, if I’m on the street to do some errands, within in almost all stores to “take a look” at new collections…… actually within mainly to cool, of course! Other remedies to survive the heat? Drink lots of water, tie your hair and wear clothes that let your skin breathe. About this last point today I want to suggest a bit ‘of fabrics to choose for your look-to-warm-super-sultry-impossible. The best choice would (of course) to walk around with a big air conditioner that there refreshments, but in the absence (alas) of this we can move to alternative solutions.


How to Choose a Skirt for Your Body Type

Whether you are round, small, small, or very slender, here are some tips to avoid mistakes of skirt.

Because it remains a must for sunny days but also an inexhaustible source of complex, the skirt ended not to talk about it. Short, ultra-long, pencil or Tulip version: the choices are many and are sometimes hazardous. Focus on four morphologies types and their variations related to never err:


How to Measure Men’s Pants

The port of pants that fit makes all the difference in how you look and feel. Pants that are too big can seem unprofessional and make you look bigger, then you are. Pants that are too small can cause friction, irritation of the skin and it is difficult to be comfortable when you sit. Boys and men of measurement for the right pants size is simple, and will allow you to walk in most any store and find a pair of pants that seems good and feels comfortable.


How to Match Cropped Pants

The cropped pants are a real must-haves of the season: discover how to combine for an impeccable outfit.
The fashion of cropped pants, also known as culottes pants , has spread in the last spring and has landed unscathed to the winter season.

The cropped pants are cousins of the famous breeches also known as harem pants or harem pants, which a few years ago conquered fashionistas and not.


Fashion Camp di Milano

Arrival in Milan on Thursday, a day before the Fashion Camp for a ride in this city for me and still new to be discovered. As a good tourist vague around the streets of the center, jumping from one tram to another, with Ylenia, my friend and colleague trusted trips looking around curiously. Then in the afternoon I had a chance to make a first turn at the steam factory while they were going on the final preparations for the event … we were a bit ‘snuck in truth, but I could immediately understand that the next day there would be Fashion Camp was a really fantastic: the preparations were almost complete but already fabulous.