Pink Knit Cardigan

A soft and light pink cardigan made of cotton yarn and knitted realized using a simple procedure and of easy realization. Required materials: 300g of pink cotton yarn, needles and a button # 5 (diameter = 1 cm).Employees points: shaved straight knitting; decrease fantasy right: 1st row: 2 m. dir., crossed over 1, 1 YO, 1 acc. 2nd iron and irons equal: lav.sts. as they arise. 3 ° row: repeat from 1st row; d iminuzione imagination left: 1st row: 2 m. tog., 1 YO., 2 m. together dir., 1 YO., 2 m.together dir., 2 m. dir. 2nd iron and irons equal: work sts. as they arise. 3 ° row: repeat from 1st row.


Short Bathrobe

The scent of violet candles, flickering light and romantic on the walls, a bath full of foam and essential oils and then there’s him: the short robe, ready to welcome you in a warm embrace! A useful and functional accessory but that gives a nod to aesthetics and style. Find out more about Dalani and registratevigratuitamente to receive daily many proposals of designer furniture and accessories! (more…)

How to Wear Flared Skirts

The flared skirt 50 years is one of the perfect complement to create delicious and feminine look, but how to wear it? Easy to match, the skirts go well with most garments easy as shirts and t-shirts. What matters, when you are composing the look, you create the right silhouette, so pay close attention to the shapes, cuts and clothes to the curves of your body.


Costumes-Special: the Big Costume Trends

What would be a nice Wiesn Dirndl without matching accessories?

The right costume jewelery, the perfect handbag and the cool traditional hat make the new favorite dummies really only complete and contemporary!

So that this year at the Oktoberfest you will be able to show off in trendy costume fashion, I have put together the most fashionable Must-Haves 2014 for you – so perfectly styled you can be sure of envious looks! I wish you lots of fun! (more…)

Multi Colored Cardigan Sweaters

Here for you a new leader to add to your collection of knitting. It is acardigan worked grilled with multicolor cotton yarn. The end result is much effect as you can see in the photo. Materials needed: 500 grams of multicolor cotton yarn, the needles number 6 and a metal hook closure. Make a sample of 14 mesh and 18 rows in stockinette stitch using the knife number 6 and should risultarvi a portion of 10 cm square.Here is how to work.


Leather Jacket: A Century of Rebellion

·         Its first forty years lived in total marginality, associated with the needs of aviation in war and gangs of bikers who lived on the fringes of the law. But his indomitable spirit captivated the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, who became the undisputed star of the collection you created for the House of Dior in 1960. Today, at the edge of the hundred years, shining, once again, on the catwalks of the world as a cultural icon of eternal youth.


Plus Size Black Dress With Patches Xica Vain

I know that you are feeling a lack of posts and especially the looks. My MBA has just begun, has 1000 work stuff going on and unfortunately there just left pro blog. We ask only that have a little bit of patience in this new phase of adaptation, but it will all enter the shaft! To kill the homesickness of you the looks, today I show one of the releases of Xica Vain: plus size black dress with patches. He is super cute, fun and jovial because it has the tendency of fun patches on it. I don’t need to tell you how much I’m loving this trend, huh? The child who dwells in me is all happy!


Down Coat for Cold Weather

The icy minus degrees make especially difficult the step on the own doorstep in this weather, or?And the annoying: every morning one stands before the Cabinet and all the time the same question arises: “What I should wear just at these temperatures?” It should be warm after all – and look good! But the answer may be quite simple.
Who wants to give the onion look and does not want on many layers of clothing just takes your favorite outfit and pulls his down coat in. Because with a padded down jacket man does everything right in this cold weather. So one looks not only super, but comes with borrowed plumes also warm through the cold days. (more…)

How to Wear Cap in Style

An accessory that stands out in a man’s world is the cap, but this accessory is gaining “popularity”. Many women began to use in the world such as the artist singer Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne who use and the trend ends up inspiring more girls to wear. The caps can form a relaxing look, full of charm and not losing the femininity. (more…)

Casual Shirt Style Advice

Casual Shirts: Opus Oxford Shirt Test

Casual shirts are a bit like the creator of the brand: with a somewhat facetious side that diverts the codes, but does it well.
I am the first to say that a striped shirt is necessarily formal, and on paper combine these patterns with an apparent throat, a chest pocket and a buttoned collar is rather risky and can easily turn to flawless taste. (more…)

The Chiffon Dress and Accessories

Did you enjoy ever feel, to have found the perfect piece of clothing? I fortunately Yes. I have experienced this special moment with this → chiffon dress by Guido Maria Kretschmer by Heine .

How often did I me 5 vor 12 looking after outfits for the curvy. Because I knew that we were a day completely would be accompanied by → ZDF television team , each outfit had to sit, and of course I paid special attention to my outfit for an evening event: I wanted something special, but it should be at the same time simple. (more…)