Hoka Running Shoes Reviews

This article answers a question from Lionel who hesitates between 2 Hoka running shoes. You will find fact sheets, photos and comments.

Regularly, through this blog, we receive many questions on sports nutrition, training or equipment. We often respond by mail, and if this benefits obviously to a person, we are a little frustrated that it does not benefit the largest number. So we decided to create a topic Q & a, questions / answers.


Flower Pattern Shoes

Spring is the tip of his nose and the colorful wildflowers invade gently landscapes. It’s time to get out his sunglasses and wear ornate clothing. Here are some tips to bring designs to flowers without looking like a player in the 1980s.

A shirt with small flowers to be chic

The size of the pattern is very important. So a shirt with many small flowers will be discreet and can easily be brought safely to a beach boys.


Primark Autumn Winter Shoes

Primark introduces the novelty of her collection of shoes fall/winter 2016-2017, a line where you can find all articles must have of the season at prices as always very, very competitive. The brand specializes in cheap clothing and accessories wanted cold weather creations to suit all tastes, boots, booties, shoes with heels elegant and sporty models perfect for complete with style every kind of look.


Adidas Shoes Review

Adidas is a German created in 1949 by Adolf Dassier brand. His nickname “Adi”, to which he added the first syllable of his name “Das” gives the brand name.

In 1924 the 2 brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started making sports shoes. Adolf took care of creation and Rudolf of the sale. After the war which separated the 2 brothers their first business is separated into 2. Adolf created Adidas and Rudolf creates… PUMA!


Patent Leather Shoes in Winter

They are a classic that never goes out of style and this year can not miss in our wardrobe. The patent leather shoes, the glossy finish and brilliant, are the trend shoe of this season and win the autumn-winter 2014-2015 collections. They are a must have no time and are ideal for people who like to show off refined and elegant outfits. Dancers, but also men’s lace neckline and boots to show off on rainy days: are many models proposed for this season by the various brands that have focused on dark and intense colors like black, red, burgundy and forest green. Are you curious to know the trends for this fall and winter ? Let’s find out together!


Birkenstock Sandals Trend

Why actually only at home with comfortable shoes running around? The question Heidi Klum already years ago turned and collection brought out so their own Birkenstock sandals and missed a new, stylish touch to the Birkenstock brand. She has Birkenstock trend technically pretty “revamped”. Other celebrities such as Tom Cruise or Madonna wear Birkenstock.

But the Birkenstock-look hot or not?

Birkenstock sandal: Healthy shoe and at the same time cool

Long it took until the “Gesundheitslatsche” could claim. Of course, we are on cool design, brilliant pebbles, great, trendy colors and fashionable buckles or straps. Long time not more about is to wear trendy shoes. We want it convenient and relaxing. (more…)

Jumpsuit and Silver Shoes

Yesterday we took advantage of some sunshine to shoot new outfits with Astrid blog Fringinto. And even if the sun did not stay very long, the temperature difference was a bit brutal haha. To me the heat is only in swimsuit and the pool, otherwise it’s just not possible! The feet that swell the hair that stick, sweating BRIEF not thank you and I had not planned the proper attire (I might have to blow the shorts finally) but for once I was quite small new to show you!


How to Choose Baby Shoes

Real machine to walk, the baby’s foot is a very fragile but well-oiled COG.That’s why choose your baby shoes is important. The slightest disturbance, a single gene can cause imbalances, or even deformities. 33 joints, 26 bones, 19 muscles and a huge network of tendons and ligaments are necessary for our Walker apprentice to its weight or twice its weight when it is balanced on one foot. Here is a small guide to know the basics of his little feet and how to choose the shoes.


Top Platform Shoes

Fashion is now in favor of comfort, if you are a women who loves heels but also wants comfort, then the platform shoes are your thing, as it gives up, slims legs and can wear it with pants, dresses or skirts, you’ll look very fashionable. And here we show some tendency to wear these shoes, boots and sandals.

Boots with platforms

It goes with everything, heel height will always be your choice, it is a fashion model and very worn by the famous, you can take it in tight jeans or a sexy skirt, your legs will look very good.

Wooden platforms

If you think you are heavy, you’re wrong, they are much lighter than before, you can choose whether want to open or closed and are super good with the spring season, a charming dress and your look is complete with Halloween costume shoes of the blog.


Tips for Using Heels

The first few times we walk with shoes heels we may feel insecure and tired quickly. However, learning to use them is a skill that is acquired with some practice and follow some tips as you are going to present vintage pumps.

Start small

If at first you try to walk with very tall and thin heels, you probably get tired fast and want to quit. Start with low and wide heels; gradually sees progress in height until you reach the one you like. Be patient!

Maintain good posture

If you keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed can walk in heels with greater ease and agility; also you will not get tired so fast and will project your whole personality.

Walk straight

Draw an imaginary line on the ground and walk on it, with this get better balance and, therefore, can walk a long time without getting tired.

Lean on your toes

You must imagine that the heel of the shoe does not exist, your weight will have to fall on the instep of your feet. So you never lose your balance, even when the heel is really thin.

Try them well

If you buy a new pair of high heels, you must first try them well in the shoe store. If the height you chose is right for you, you can lift your toes while you use them; if you can not buy them and probably your weight will fall on his knees, and it could hurt deslucirías walking.

Your feet will adapt gradually

If your feet hurt after walking or standing for a while, sit a moment and lift the upper soil. Take your heels only cause more pain because when you do, your feet swell a bit, so to wear them again, they will be tighter.


8 Roman Sandals

If you’re a fan of open shoes and you love to show off the latest in footwear, then you should check these outfits Roman sandals, they are incredible. Combine them with short skirts and casual dresses and you’ll look very nice.

8. Planas Classic

For more conventional girls are sports sandals Whichever Shoes, they are very comfortable and look good with everything, jeans, skirts, shorts etc.

7. Open to Back

You are looking to be the center of attention? then choose this style of Roman sandals, bare back, look very sexy.

6. Flats with Fringes

If you are looking for a charming and trendy style, choose this type of Roman sandals, shorts and skirts combine them with jeans, a cute printed blouse and you will be very nice.

5. Color Planas

The colors give a different style to Roman sandals, make her look super young, cute and fashion. Put them to stand out at a party or outing with friends and sure draw attention.

4. Planas Style Booty

One of the most feminine and flirtatious Roman sandals, are a favorite of many girls for its resemblance to the flat boots.

3. Heeled sandal

If you’re short and you usually wear high shoes, then heeled Roman sandals are the best option for you stylize the figure and make you look beautiful in a trice.

2. Open Boot Style

There is nothing more than a Roman sandals fashion style boots, just look fabulous, combine them with some print dress and you’ll look amazing.

1. Style Boot Closed

Definitely no more representative than these Roman sandals, are almost identical to those used by the Romans, except that they are much more feminine and modern, if you want to attract all eyes, you wear them with shorts skirts or short dresses.

Roman sandals are a staple in the wardrobe of any woman in any of its versions, are very comfortable shoes that can always count on the hot season.


Top 10 Models Sandals

Among the fashionable shoes always we find styles that adapt to ours, such as shoes botin style or flats shoes. According to Iamhigher, sandals models are not at all an exception. They are extremely versatile types of shoes that accommodate many women.

Gladiator sandals

If you like to be fashionable and daring models sandals, we recommend the gladiator type. They are generally very comfortable and combine well with any outfit, from skirts, capri, long, dress pants, etc.


If you prefer more female models sandals, espadrilles always be an option, as they are cool and comfortable and are perfectly suited to many seasons and climate variations. They are especially comfortable in summer.

Wedge sandals

Another type of sandals that are being used a lot, are the Wedge models, are easy to carry and combine well especially with casual attire. There are a variety of colors and styles within Wedge sandals sure you accommodate.


If there is a kind of very famous sandals, is the sandal type, usually are widely used in hot climates, on the beach, etc. But that does not stop you can combine them with urbanites outfits.Whenever you choose well your style, they can be of much help.

Wedge sandals

Another way to never lose the feminine style that characterizes you is sandals with wedge type models, these are especially convenient if you plan to walk long walks. They adapt perfectly to every lifestyle and always look very modern.

Strappy sandals

One of the principles of all models of sandals, is that they are always fresh. And one of the best meets this requirement is the model strips, because although covering the entire foot, allowing the passage of air, which makes it a kind of very cool and ideal for hot weather shoe.

Mini Wedge

If the Wedge models are your favorite, but do not you dare to wear high heels, we suggest you try mini Wedge models, as they are much easier to carry and less tired in case you need to stand long.

Low Alpargatas

This principle of “less heel” also applies to the espadrilles that while models are very cute, sometimes are impractical to go out and take long walks. Fortunately, there is the option of reducing its platform and carry a much more comfortable shoe.

Swedish type sandals

If instead you like modern high heels with outrageous models, Swedish type sandals can fill your expectations. They are equally fresh and with a very rustic feel mainly cater to beachgoers styles.

Houndstooth Sandals

Finally sandals models that can not miss are the houndstooth. They are renowned for their comfort and flexibility of your style, allowing them to combine with any casual or formal attire with which they can combine.


In fact, the great advantage of sandals is the variety that exists to adapt to either style and especially to feel always comfortable.


Basic Shoes for Spring

Meet the fashionable shoes this spring will be different styles, colors, textures and patterns. Choose your favorite you’re comfortable but fashionable this season.

Patterned platform

One of the strongest trends are platforms with different designs, especially in animal print patterns or flowers. Most of these shoes see in heels sandals but may also have different models.

Sandals wide heel

The wide heel and medium will be very present especially in Roman type sandals with wide heels or shoes, but for this hot season ideal is to find a sandal in black or nude tone that matches everything.

Plastic running shoes

Plastic sandals either with heels or flats type will be a must for this spring, the colors vary from pastels, black and some models with glitter. They are comfortable shoes for running, ideal for shopping or go to the Clothing Categories.

D’Orsay Flats

Weevils and shoes are back and the flats are no exception, we have a very particular style with the D’Orsay, pointy flats with simple heels and a back heel, they are comfortable but very elegant shoes.


Espadrilles are here to stay, are shoes regularly used in beach or hot weather because they are very comfortable and combinable, the volumes brought back these shoes there now in flats type and even sneakers are very comfortable and cool shoes.

Metallic sandals

The metal is a color that will be present in the hot season especially in sandals, gold and silver are present even mixing different models such as gel or sandals Roman sandals. Choose your favorite model.

White high heel shoes

White is one of the ideal colors for this season especially in clothing and accessories, shoes do not escape and will be a strong tendency especially in heels.

Oxford Platform

The trend in autumn were oxford but for this season yet again especially oxford platforms in beige, mint, pink and gold.

Roman sandals

Roman sandals had had the time but this spring again become the center of attention vary models and colors can be worn with or without heel and the length of the strips depends on the taste.


Minimal Sandals

It is time to heat and this season have come the trekking sandals, a simple option from Harvard Shoes, feminine but very stylish for this summer season. Meet some models and some other advice to be combined.


If you do not know walk in high heels, this is a good choice for you. Besides the colors neutral or nude are ideal for this season, and combined with all your wardrobe.


Shoes in black is essential and is never out of fashion or season. You can combine these sandals with a pair of baggy or straight pants, they will be fine either way.


Sandals with thin strap on the ankle are a classic. They are ideal for those with thin legs, as they add more volume to the legs, especially if you use skirt.

Ultra Minimal

With this pair of sandals thin straps , do not require any other accessory to look elegant. You can use it with a loose dress or a short skirt, perfectly will complement your outfit.


In spring – summer can not miss the flowers in all the clothes, sandals are no exception, sandals stamped can use with all smooth clothes you have, no loses.


For the most risky are those with skin texture snake . Besides originals are wooden heel, something that many designers have bet this season. They can use them with a smooth monkey.


They are very beautiful and the most comfortable. Sandals with platform you can use them with a maxi dress or a long skirt.

Patent leather

If you think a night out, a bit of brightness will make you stand out from others. If you have a little black dress, you are ready to start the party.


Choose colors alive, with a pair of jeans boyfriends you can look good to go out in the afternoon or a drink with your friends.

For work

Opt for shoes on edge when you go to work. They are much more discreet and appropriate to go to the office.

Summer is here, so do not miss the opportunity to use any kind of minimal sandals, you’ll be the envy of all.


Top 8 Tennis Shoes

Keep your casual look with accessories favorite fashion and sneakers, but without losing the glamor. These courts include a heel that the naked eye can not see but that will give sensuality necessary even with a casual look.

8. Metal Tennis

Bet the metallic shades, silver, gold, copper, bronze and add to your look a little shine with these sensational metallic heeled tennis. Ideal for use at night.

7. Tennis Basics

The basic colors you can use in tennis to match all your outfits, looking black, white, beige and red and choose your favorite.


6. Tennis Fashion

With a sleeker look we are the fashion tennis, come in a range of more sober and neutral colors and represent the classic tennis booty but with heels.

5. Colorful Tennis

If you are looking for a bolder look try a combination in your colorful tennis, you can find live as pink, orange, purple or something more serious like green, gray and beige.

4. Skin Tennis

Choose leather sneakers for casual looks, usually you could use it with outfits with boots but if you want to be more comfortable opt for these tennis skin especially for the cold season.

3. Tennis with Platform

Other courts that are fashionable are the leading platform, if you do not like the heel but still want a little more glamor test tennis, are very comfortable and combine with everything.

2. Tennis with Glitter

Test shine with these sensational tennis glitter, the silver are the staple of the season but you can also find them in black and gold.

1. Tennis Shoe

If you want a court with visible heel, you can also find. It has all the way tennis except for the part of the heel, they are original and unique.

If you want to be comfortable and at the same time fashion, these spectacular tennis wears heels are the latest trend in fashion.


How to Choose the Right Summer Shoes

Want to make new flip flops or slippers, you would have used more or sandals are looking at high heels, wedges or platform? Do not wait, then shoot them! Right now they are available at a great price!

Are you one of those women who love shoes? If you’ve recently seen a few where you felt like a modern-day Cinderella story, but eventually you have denied him because of the price, now trading for him to return peacefully. It had come roughly in half.

How to choose the right

Whether you have a clear idea on what shoes you go to the store, or just peek keep in mind the selection rules.