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How to Choose a Good Leather Wallet

Choose a Good Quality Leather Wallet

We know that leather portfolios have become quite normal for everyday use. They are mainly used to transport things important like money, ID, permits, invoices, etc.. Today they are not only a necessity, rather a fashion statement. Well, according to the requirements and personal preferences, you can choose among different types of portfolios in leather such as Bi-Fold wallets, Tri-Fold wallets, portfolios of leather, wallets leather check book travel, money clip wallets leather and many others. However, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account in the selection of the portfolio of good quality leather.


Summer Sling Bags

Are you looking for a right bag for this summer? Then you should not have doubts because the true must-have this season is only one: the shoulder bag!

Long, short, with chain or leather, big or small: is the ” shoulder bag” the real star of this P / E 2015. the beauty of this model is that, in addition to being very comfortable and practical, it is also a perfect bag to be used all day, from morning to night, without risking never to be out of place with the outfit you have chosen .


Love Moschino Bags 2016

Shopping for warm weather? Here’s the Love Moschino bags 2016, the collection for spring summer proposal by brand between fantasies, pastel colors, bright colors and lots of creativity.

Chicdetails, color, funny and ironic prints: Love Moschino collection spring summer 2016 will charm you at first glance! They are colorful and lively style typical of consistent maison and range from mini nappa leather bags to clutches in satin decorated, from shopping bags with handles and shoulder strap to ladylike handbag, passing by beautiful faux leather perforated buckets and matelassé. (more…)

Top 10 Beach Bags

For us women any excuse to do  shopping, right? Right. And when we speak of bags there is none for anybody! Some like the madness this accessory-that perhaps define that is an understatement – and he has a real collection that never stops growing. There are those who can be limited (lucky you!) And opts for something basic that can be exploited.


4 Tips on How to Choose a Purse

Handbag is not just a fashion accessory, it’s a necessity, without which we women can not do. Leave the house without her purse? Even by mistake! But how do you choose the right one that will serve us in all directions?

They are produced in different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. It is not enough to have one, the ideal is to have several of them that can rotate depending on the situation. However you choose it is not always the easiest task. It would perform some basic functions.


Choosing The Roller Backpack

If travel backpacks already enjoying great success on the market, many travelers are still hesitant about the model to be adopted. Some prefer large volumes to properly equip, while others opt instead for the number of compartments to be well organized. In any case, there is always a model of bag that can meet every expectation. The roller backpack presents particular advantages and may well become an ally of travel. But the main concern is always the choice of model. So what backpack with wheels choose? Here is the guide.


Hobo Bags Women

Some women wallets, the seasons and collections on Our site:

The wallet is a little in the world of bags, the universal format, ancestral, bag for all-trades. But what may seem pejorative quickly erased when you see what the creators are a simple line-out. That is the talent! We present on this page a little lookbook of the most interesting and unusual wallets models, those which, in any case, most often collected the votes of our customers. Please note, however, many of these models will not be more available at the time of reading; a link will take you, or not, to the shop. They will gradually be our most beautiful pages of archives as a tribute to those who created them and fun for all lovers of women bags. You do not know the brands that we present? Take a look HERE.


Mini Bags Miu Miu

Say hello hello with the hand to the large bags! Yes, our beloved big bags, those in which we can put everything from sweater if you think you can get cold, umbrella, to fight boredom magazine, to the water 1 liter and a half to do so plinplin for summer .. Well, lovers of big bags, forget all that, there’s the micro bag. I actually a bit ‘I have already got used to it: this winter I’m preferring clutch bags by day and the contents of my bags, inevitably, it is very much reduced. No more portfolios with four doors but a coin holder and a card holder. A lipstick, cell phone and sunglasses. End. The tissues leads them my boyfriend because I have no space!Uncomfortable? Yes, but for micro bag this and more!


Leather Handbag and Charles Charlus

Charles and Charlus, leather handbag made in France, timeless elegance.

The French leather goods brand Charles and Charlus offers last forty years of leather handbags high quality, manufactured in their Tarn workshop by skilled craftsmen. Theseoriginal creations or classic or trendy, but whose inspiration is nourished together the best models of great creators and original lines imagined by designer Jean-Loup house Chartier, occupy a special place in the leather goods present, deliberately evading codes seasonal patterns imposed by the major players of the fashion market.


Louis Vuitton Clutch Bags

This clutch bag shoulder Louis Vuitton has many shades: pink poppy, red cherry, red grapes, white ivory and black.

More and Saint Germain, with with initials PM, we find this other variant, beautiful and valuable. Clutch bag embossed cowhide embossed leather, double chain silver color adjustable, this pouch is perfect both day and night, being a bit ‘larger than the others (€ 2,370).


Felt Bag

A bag can be a good gift for our daughters to look very coquettish, also can serve as a lunchbox or backpack to carry supplies. It is a craft simple that allows us to customize the bags used in our daughters.


  • Colored felt
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • pipe cleaners
  • plastic gems
  • Pompons
  • Thread
  • Needle


The Most Beautiful Backpacks for Spring

The most beautiful backpacks for spring 2016: here are those not to be missed! Comfortable, flexible, backpacks are among the trendiest fashion accessories for this spring and summer. The backpack, in fact, once again being an accessory passepartout perfect for all, because sports and casual outfit that fits both to all other types of looks. But what are the models of the most glamorous backpacks to splurge this holiday season?

The backpacks for spring summer 2016 are many and all missed: from Classic fabric backpacks to ones with leather or faux lace up to the simplest models in denim or leather with fringes. In particular, it is the pastel shades, fancy prints and mini sizes to characterize all backpacks for spring summer 2016. However there are plenty of models of backpack from bright colors and those characterized by stylish details, such as fringe, studs and zip. (more…)

12 Bags as Beach Accessories

For beach vacation it is always good to have a bag to match our outfits and also be useful to carry everything we need on the beach. Choose your favorite beach bag depending on your style.


The denim bag is the bag for more combinable and comfortable beach, they will all kinds of outfits, is also very wide and will have no problem on the beach because the sand will resist heat well.


To be fashionable nothing like a neon bag, you will be modern and it is ideal not to lose sight when you’re on the beach. Choose coral orange glow, green, or yellow.


To continue the beach theme you can choose a sailor style bag, with horizontal or vertical stripes; also it combines well with everything and is ideal for going on holiday.


For those who love boho style plus a bag crochet type either crossbody or handbag is an ideal choice, tones are most sought camel, brown and green, but also could opt for a navy blue or beige.


Beach bags for everybody wears are those of straw, not go out of fashion, they look sensational on the beach and even in the city, ideal for summer times and you can reuse the other years.


For those who prefer to be more comfortable crossbody the bags hippie style are ideal, they are made of scraps of fabric with different color combinations and look different.


This season is very fashionable transparent bag for the beach according to Equzhou would be ideal to find everything quickly in the bag, plus most of these bags small bags bring color to save what you do not want it to be so visible. With everything.


This canvas bag is for charging many things on the beach, it is durable, versatile and comfortable, you can also use it in any season, without doubt the best options.

Animal Print

The animal print you can take to the beach with this type of bags, there are different materials from plastic, canvas, fabric, to straw. You choose the style.


This bag bamboo is easier to load it weighs nothing but resists much besides gives a different touch to your look.


The flowers are always in fashion and this season is no exception, models, colors and shapes vary widely, you can opt for a black and white tone to match everything.

Polka Dot

For those who love the retro style on the beach this polka dot bag is ideal, you can find it in white with black, dark red with black and even white.


These are some bags for beach that you can use on your next trip. Remember to choose the best suited in size and material to your tastes and needs, and you can always have more than one to combine.


Top 15 School Backpacks

The bags and school bags are a very important issue for all students because that is where they take their books and personal belongings throughout the school year. Here we show you the different designs in the world.

15. Large Backpack

If you’re looking for is a school backpack with more space, this is a great option as it can save all the material you require in school and even other accessories like an umbrella.

14. Crusade

This is one of the most modern school bags recommended by Handbag Picks, and many also have a special compartment for cell, although it is an option for those who do not require the use of many books.

13. Cartoon

The cartoons never go out of fashion and what better way to encourage your child to go to school with a school bag with your favorite cartoon that will surely be very happy.

12. Ergonomics

If you’re worried about your child’s health there are also a new ergonomic school backpacks, caring your child’s back pains to avoid as much weight load.

11. Suitcase Style

The style suitcase schoolbags besides being a great help, also retain a slightly more classic style and come in sober colors for those schools that are a little stricter.

10. Military Style

If you are concerned that your child is reputed to be very good at taking care not your personal belongings, these military style school bags are the perfect choice, because bear at least the school year.

9. Style Portfolio

Some people looking for a little more sophistication when choosing their school bags, and they are also the portfolio style that give a slightly more professional air.

8. Style Traveler

This is one of the best school bags, because it not only serves during the school year, there are many that are so resistant that also serve to travel with children on vacation.

7. Expandable

Expandable school bags are ideal for those seeking versatility, as you can adapt it to the size you want depending on the variants of each day.

6. Mini Backpack

The great advantage of such school bags mini backpack is that not hurt your back, although not highly recommended for those who need to carry many things, because as its name implies is small.

5. For girls

There are many school bags that focus on the tastes of girls and they love that because they can afford to choose from a myriad of backpacks with characters like the Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, among others.

4. For children

There are also a variety of school bags for children who are happy to choose the character that will accompany them in their daily trip to school, either a superhero or some fantastic being.

3. Porta laptop

If you want a school bags that are practical and also help you to save on back to school, the porta laptop is ideal because it can save both books and laptop on it.

2. Rolling

The rolling schoolbags are a classic and are very useful for smaller as they fall to their height and allow them to upload their objects easily.

1. A shoulder

If you’re looking for is a school backpacks with a different style, one shoulder is ideal but you sure do not put much weight on it, because it can bring back problems.


The boys have very different tastes and that is why here we show you a top 15 school backpacks that insurance will suit everyone and make you feel better in this back to school.


Best Back to School Backpacks

If there is a good reason to love the back to school, is to buy one of the nicest backpacks for fall 2015. Absolute must have the school year 2015-2016 is the backpack of Frozen, but also the new Invicta rucksacks, Eastpak, Seven and, for boys, to official website. We see them all.

Here they are, all the most beautiful 2015 backpacks for back to school this autumn! From classic backpacks and always popular Invicta or Seven and Eastpak to newcomers with the Minions and Frozen. (more…)

How to Wear Backpacks

Fashion launches and re-launches trends, but let’s face it, are not always comfortable as they are beautiful. I do not know, I think of those weird shoes with high wedges without the heel with which practically has to go around on tiptoe. And I always wondered how that had not tumbled to the ground.


Each, however, so much the fashion you remember that comfort is important and therefore allows us to wear beautiful things but beautifully comfortable, like travel backpacks. That way, it immediately comes to mind school, backpacks and seven eastpak, long gone (at least for me), instead of the backpack is more relevant than ever and wear it will be a real feast for the eyes.


The Bags That Light up Inside

We women are a force of nature: we can do a thousand things at once, we face our daily tasks with great energy and nothing scares us, but if there’s one thing that we just can not do, is to open our bag and find the first try what we’re looking for.

We are capable of spending hours in a desperate search of car keys or mobile phone that keeps ringing, but there is little you can do: you can not succeed on the first try.
Today, fortunately, we they think the bags with LED light to solve what is one of the most common problems of us women.

What is it? Of bags equipped with a beam of light that illuminates the inside and so facilitates the search of the objects. Many models have also a charger that allows you to charge your phone and other electronic devices at any time and this makes them the ideal handbags that any woman would want to have!

Let’s find out some of the most interesting from PhysicsCat.com!


Trendy Handbags 2016

What are currently the rage in handbags? What colors and patterns to choose for the current year 2016? With certainty we can say that certainly you have to choose from. So if you want to impress your new surroundings handbag, read on act-test-centers.

Outfit every woman and girl would obviously incomplete without fashionable handbags, which greatly complements your individuality. Trends, however, as in all other areas of high speed changes, so it is good to be always ready. What handbags are ‘in’ in 2016? Even before one can say that you can select from various color combinations and patterns, both in leather and handbags ballroom.


Coccinelle Handbags Review

Here comes the collection of Coccinelle bags for autumn winter 2016 2017! The Emilian brand is back with a line bags in perfect Coccinelle style, always accessible luxury brand, dedicated to young women, in a target age ranging from 25 to 45 years.

The Coccinelle bags for the cold season in 2017 have clean lines, suitable for daytime look for women who work, but that does not disfigure the most mundane evenings. For students and the most sporty women, Coccinelle also proposes backpacks glamor, in line with the colors and fabrics of the season trend.

A collection in which the modern is cleverly mixed with classic and formal, without becoming too demanding.


Bags: the Stars Prefer Big

If front of the camera or on the Red Carpet the star of Hollywood prefer clutch and clutch of luxury covered with rhinestones and often unique pieces made to measure for them, in everyday life it seems that the trend is different and reflects a bit ‘tastes and needs of us mere mortals. Immortalized on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, London, the celebrity without their outfits from the cover, in addition to very common look and above all comfortable, sometimes purposely chosen to go unnoticed, bags feature oversized, capacious and ultracomode, but always designer.