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As of today, you will realize that male purse, besides being very elegant, can greatly enhance your appearance. Many of the best brands of male clothing have introduced this accessory to compose their collections and so a lot of options and models of male handbags are available to complete their style. Even so, the biggest difficulties for the current man to use men’s handbags are:


Leather Backpack: Meet Models

The leather backpacks add elegance and modernity to the casual look feminine, they serve both to go for courses, colleges and schools like to go traveling if not taking a lot of luggage, of course.
Within these bags fits a lot so in addition to not forget anything you can take a woman to another place after the course because they are practical, but also beautiful and won’t let your unkempt appearance.
Some models besides being super spacious inside have several compartments and pockets on the outside, so you can take books and pens, but also lipstick and eyeliner.  (more…)

Capricho Backpacks

Capricho products are well known for offering quality and also annually the company always comes with new availability in the market, we recommend that you consult information about the novelties in which they are painting in the year 2011 in relation to the company, here we will offer some information about The news of scholarships available in the market today. (more…)

See Tips for the Proper Use of School Bags

Weight must not exceed 10% of the weight of the child.
Incorrect use may harm the physical development of students.

Overweight backpacks worries parents and school students at the beginning of school year. Books, books, dictionaries, folders, cases filled with pencils and pens end up causing “excess baggage” in backpacks and, consequently, can affect the health of children and adolescents.


Where to Buy Handbags

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How to Choose a Good Leather Wallet

Choose a Good Quality Leather Wallet

We know that leather portfolios have become quite normal for everyday use. They are mainly used to transport things important like money, ID, permits, invoices, etc.. Today they are not only a necessity, rather a fashion statement. Well, according to the requirements and personal preferences, you can choose among different types of portfolios in leather such as Bi-Fold wallets, Tri-Fold wallets, portfolios of leather, wallets leather check book travel, money clip wallets leather and many others. However, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account in the selection of the portfolio of good quality leather.


Summer Sling Bags

Are you looking for a right bag for this summer? Then you should not have doubts because the true must-have this season is only one: the shoulder bag!

Long, short, with chain or leather, big or small: is the ” shoulder bag” the real star of this P / E 2015. the beauty of this model is that, in addition to being very comfortable and practical, it is also a perfect bag to be used all day, from morning to night, without risking never to be out of place with the outfit you have chosen .


Love Moschino Bags 2016

Shopping for warm weather? Here’s the Love Moschino bags 2016, the collection for spring summer proposal by brand between fantasies, pastel colors, bright colors and lots of creativity.

Chicdetails, color, funny and ironic prints: Love Moschino collection spring summer 2016 will charm you at first glance! They are colorful and lively style typical of consistent maison and range from mini nappa leather bags to clutches in satin decorated, from shopping bags with handles and shoulder strap to ladylike handbag, passing by beautiful faux leather perforated buckets and matelassé. (more…)

Top 10 Beach Bags

For us women any excuse to do  shopping, right? Right. And when we speak of bags there is none for anybody! Some like the madness this accessory-that perhaps define that is an understatement – and he has a real collection that never stops growing. There are those who can be limited (lucky you!) And opts for something basic that can be exploited.


4 Tips on How to Choose a Purse

Handbag is not just a fashion accessory, it’s a necessity, without which we women can not do. Leave the house without her purse? Even by mistake! But how do you choose the right one that will serve us in all directions?

They are produced in different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. It is not enough to have one, the ideal is to have several of them that can rotate depending on the situation. However you choose it is not always the easiest task. It would perform some basic functions.


Choosing The Roller Backpack

If travel backpacks already enjoying great success on the market, many travelers are still hesitant about the model to be adopted. Some prefer large volumes to properly equip, while others opt instead for the number of compartments to be well organized. In any case, there is always a model of bag that can meet every expectation. The roller backpack presents particular advantages and may well become an ally of travel. But the main concern is always the choice of model. So what backpack with wheels choose? Here is the guide.


Hobo Bags Women

Some women wallets, the seasons and collections on Our site:

The wallet is a little in the world of bags, the universal format, ancestral, bag for all-trades. But what may seem pejorative quickly erased when you see what the creators are a simple line-out. That is the talent! We present on this page a little lookbook of the most interesting and unusual wallets models, those which, in any case, most often collected the votes of our customers. Please note, however, many of these models will not be more available at the time of reading; a link will take you, or not, to the shop. They will gradually be our most beautiful pages of archives as a tribute to those who created them and fun for all lovers of women bags. You do not know the brands that we present? Take a look HERE.