Learn How To Use Heels

Maturity comes to us all in different ways, but through the wardrobe is the most common, simply becomes a day in which you know that you can not leave the House in Sweatshirt or may be you prefer to buy in the adult section of Zara instead of the TRF, however change your clothes start overwhelming at the beginning , What should I buy?, what styles?, in which color?, would don’t have a synodical indicating me to do?. (more…)

Where to Buy Handbags

Saturday those, left there the Sexton with my hair looking out from the beach (work of beautiful redhead Beatrice) and I was walking by the Padre Chagas waiting for Chico and Benedict pass by car to pick me up. I could not resist and walked in the gallery where the background, there is the wonderful world of Fatima Mello.

The wonderful world of Fatima Mello is a doom. I never get out of there empty-handed. What I find curious is that, every time I comment on the wonderful world of Fatima Mello with someone (and that someone was


How to Choose a Good Leather Wallet

Choose a Good Quality Leather Wallet

We know that leather portfolios have become quite normal for everyday use. They are mainly used to transport things important like money, ID, permits, invoices, etc.. Today they are not only a necessity, rather a fashion statement. Well, according to the requirements and personal preferences, you can choose among different types of portfolios in leather such as Bi-Fold wallets, Tri-Fold wallets, portfolios of leather, wallets leather check book travel, money clip wallets leather and many others. However, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account in the selection of the portfolio of good quality leather.


Hoka Running Shoes Reviews

This article answers a question from Lionel who hesitates between 2 Hoka running shoes. You will find fact sheets, photos and comments.

Regularly, through this blog, we receive many questions on sports nutrition, training or equipment. We often respond by mail, and if this benefits obviously to a person, we are a little frustrated that it does not benefit the largest number. So we decided to create a topic Q & a, questions / answers.


Summer Sling Bags

Are you looking for a right bag for this summer? Then you should not have doubts because the true must-have this season is only one: the shoulder bag!

Long, short, with chain or leather, big or small: is the ” shoulder bag” the real star of this P / E 2015. the beauty of this model is that, in addition to being very comfortable and practical, it is also a perfect bag to be used all day, from morning to night, without risking never to be out of place with the outfit you have chosen .


Love Moschino Bags 2016

Shopping for warm weather? Here’s the Love Moschino bags 2016, the collection for spring summer proposal by brand between fantasies, pastel colors, bright colors and lots of creativity.

Chicdetails, color, funny and ironic prints: Love Moschino collection spring summer 2016 will charm you at first glance! They are colorful and lively style typical of consistent maison and range from mini nappa leather bags to clutches in satin decorated, from shopping bags with handles and shoulder strap to ladylike handbag, passing by beautiful faux leather perforated buckets and matelassé. (more…)

Top 10 Beach Bags

For us women any excuse to do  shopping, right? Right. And when we speak of bags there is none for anybody! Some like the madness this accessory-that perhaps define that is an understatement – and he has a real collection that never stops growing. There are those who can be limited (lucky you!) And opts for something basic that can be exploited.


Forma Adventure Low Boots


Forma shortens its flagship model in the off-road category in order to make a model more suited to everyday life. Adventure Low boots keep however this particular look and features that should appeal to the owners of trails.
Typed boots off-road agree, inevitably, fine trails and maxi-trails. But when these run more often on the bitumen that in railways, such boots may be a little binding on a daily basis by their stiffness e.g. aesthetics become a little too extreme. Not to mention their stalks and many loops of clamping height. The Italian firm Forma fits so and reveals the Low Adventure, shorter and theoretically more civilized.


Flower Pattern Shoes

Spring is the tip of his nose and the colorful wildflowers invade gently landscapes. It’s time to get out his sunglasses and wear ornate clothing. Here are some tips to bring designs to flowers without looking like a player in the 1980s.

A shirt with small flowers to be chic

The size of the pattern is very important. So a shirt with many small flowers will be discreet and can easily be brought safely to a beach boys.


Primark Autumn Winter Shoes

Primark introduces the novelty of her collection of shoes fall/winter 2016-2017, a line where you can find all articles must have of the season at prices as always very, very competitive. The brand specializes in cheap clothing and accessories wanted cold weather creations to suit all tastes, boots, booties, shoes with heels elegant and sporty models perfect for complete with style every kind of look.


Adidas Shoes Review

Adidas is a German created in 1949 by Adolf Dassier brand. His nickname “Adi”, to which he added the first syllable of his name “Das” gives the brand name.

In 1924 the 2 brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started making sports shoes. Adolf took care of creation and Rudolf of the sale. After the war which separated the 2 brothers their first business is separated into 2. Adolf created Adidas and Rudolf creates… PUMA!