Casual Shirt Style Advice

Casual Shirts: Opus Oxford Shirt Test

Casual shirts are a bit like the creator of the brand: with a somewhat facetious side that diverts the codes, but does it well.
I am the first to say that a striped shirt is necessarily formal, and on paper combine these patterns with an apparent throat, a chest pocket and a buttoned collar is rather risky and can easily turn to flawless taste.

Yet this is what Giotho has done very well here, playing on the one hand on matter: one thus has oxford (logical with this type of finish) which brings more consistency to these motifs. On the other hand, these stripes are rather thick piles and of a blue clear enough to escape the formal register of fine stripes navy blue.

The buttons are not really horn, but we still have a nice horn effect that lends itself particularly well to the registry of an oxford shirt with buttoned collar is the kind of details quite often neglected on this Kind of shirts.

The Matter

The challenge is precisely to propose a casual striped oxford, without it being too dark but without falling into very thick thick stripes that would make too pajamas.

The compromise has thus been achieved on this model


Careful finishes with swallows in the end quite discrete on which the patterns are rather well aligned.

We have English seams tightly tied over the entire shirt. (With 6 points per cm according to

The Cup

Unfortunately, I have not really had the opportunity to test it since the size 36/37 was too big for me and I would rather have the 35.

There is a lot of play at the collar once closed, and especially the length of 36/37 does not allow at all a casual wearing out of the pants (which is possible for me at around 65cm max). It would be portable in the state returned in the trousers with two open buttons but one would pass next to one of the main interests of the shirt and the register in which one is supposed to carry it.

In short, with my current size I can not yet judge the size of Giotho shirts, but this part will be updated as soon as I have a size 35

Style Advice

Since you could not really show it worn out of the pants, the style proposed is with tucked-in shirt but with ultra casual pieces: the wise rock side of the jacket accompanies the preppy side of the shirt, Reinforces with the raw jeans the suede leather belt Atelier Particulier (only reproach, I find it a little thick and we see it suddenly when you wear a light mesh over it) and brogues Jacques and Demeter.

The belt would have gained to be slightly finer (but at the same time hard to make suede leather on one side and wool on the other on a thin belt).

Besides the perforated finishes, the cognac color and the overflowing of the sole play a lot in the register gentleman farmer of these shoes.

The collar of the jacket A2 is ideal to accompany a shirt collar buttoned: it is quite casual and structured. Beware of the leather jackets with the collar soft and falling which is not made at all to accompany a shirt

Here, whether the neck of the shirt is open or completely closed, one is in a coherent geometric logic.