Cases&Travel Nalgene Bottles, Perfect For Any Adventure

Best Travel Bottles

Nalgene accompanies you there where you go with their boxes and bottles of travel. You use them as you use them, you’ll be prepared for any adventure.Gone are the problems when carrying liquids and creams in your suitcase, you will no longer need to check the luggage by hand.

Jars That You Can Carry On The Plane

It is an issue that is troubling to many. Can I upload this liquid or this product? What is the size and precise measurement to let me getting on the plane the toothpaste? Travel bottlesNalgene comply with security measures for the transport of liquids in carry-on luggage of all airports in the European Union and the United States.

You can always take with you a sample of all your creams, gel and shampoo, pills… won’t have to give up any hygiene or beauty products under its weight. In addition, this way you make sure to equip yourself with the right and necessary for your trip, without charging extra and can use that space on other things that you prefer.

Cases And Very Safe Bottles

The closures of the Nalgene bottles are airtight, so not you take unpleasant surprises from tipping or spills on your clothes or documents.

Nalgene offers a wide variety of bottles and boxes to choose which fits most to your needs: medium and small travel bottles sets, the pre-formed boxes, which possess an inner foam that prevents the movement of vials, or light and water resistant cases.

And Don’t Forget The Nalgene Bottle

Your other great travel companion will be your Nalgene Bottle. You know that there are many different, variety is the spice, so stay with the bottle that most go with you and live the adventure of your life.

You decide!